Insights offered on ‘tolls, taxes and transportation’

Jim Cameron

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Wednesday, May 2nd — 7 to 8 pm Darien Library Community Room 1441 Post Road, Darien CT


Long‐time commuter advocate and newspaper commentator JIM CAMERON offers a lively presentation and Q&A on Connecticut’s transportation crisis:

  • Fare hikes on our trains and buses
  • Cuts in train service on the New Canaan, Danbury, Waterbury and Shore Line East lines
  • A freeze on $4.3 billion in transportation projects

How did this happen?             Who will be affected?             What can be done to stop these draconian cuts? Cameron explores the options in an engaging, thought‐ provoking one‐hour talk.  https://www.darienlibrary.org/event/2124

A former NBC News anchor, JIM CAMERON is recipient of the George Foster Peabody Award. A Connecticut resident for over 25 years, he served on the Metro-North Commuter Council and authors a weekly newspaper column, “Getting There” which runs in the six Hearst daily papers every Monday.

CONTACT: 203-952-5758 or

[email protected]




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PIBerman April 28, 2018 at 10:50 am

Sad reality is that Fairfield County Legisltors have not been successful advocates for transportation. Given the endemic billion dollar CT Budget Deficits we know our future. Our Gold Coast serves CT.

Rick April 28, 2018 at 2:19 pm

Jim is a good guy we use to sit in on his meetings in Stamford. His solutions to problems can sometimes be worse than the problems themselves.

Maybe he has changed , calling out politicians would be a suggestion ,not for them the state may not be in the red all the time.

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