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Manny Langella. (Contributed)

Editor’s note: District B Democrats will meet May 7 to discuss recommending a new Council member, not vote, District B Chairman Bobby Burgess said.

Fellow Norwalkers,

My name is Manny Langella and I am writing to inform the Community that I have expressed my candidacy as a replacement for Councilwoman Bowman. For those of you who may not be aware, she is relocating and will vacate her position in June 2018. We all thank her for her years of public service and I personally thank her as well.

For many reading this I have shook hands with you and for those whom I have not had the opportunity to meet, I’d like to. Norwalk is my home. Politics is the avenue in which I feel I can help improve not only my home, but everyone’s home.

I am a Political Science Major and work as a Global Strategist for Indeed.com. I specialize in improving efficiencies and implementing processes that are scalable and sustainable across global markets. Politically, I currently sit as an elected member of the Norwalk Town Committee, District B Committee, and also as Treasurer. I sit on the Norwalk Fair Rent Committee and sit as a Community Advisor to The Open Door Shelter.

Our District needs to move forward. We need to work together with our peers on the Council for ALL of South Norwalk. Our District is a cornerstone of Norwalk and has a proud voice, and we need to be able to put this “seat at the table” to good use. Our representation needs to be able to put differences aside and effectively negotiate. We need to work together in a bipartisan manner and rally others to our cause! We need to communicate downstream and be able to create new innovative ways to keep our Community informed. We need to be proactive. If we fail to do this, our District will continue to be reactive.

Our Councilwoman has recommended a handpicked replacement. This type of process is not Democratic and not fair to our Community. This fosters a political climate that Norwalkers, and many in this Country, are fiercely battling. In the spirit of transparency and as an executive member of Norwalk’s District B Committee, I simply cannot let that happen. I suggested we have a vote for all candidates to speak in the public eye just as they would have to do should they express their candidacy during a campaign. I have ran twice in these past two cycles in the public eye and owe it to everyone who has cast their vote for my candidacy previously to inform them of this.

I urge my District B neighbors to come to our District B meeting on Monday, May 7th at 7:30PM at The Smilow Life Center in Norwalk and cast your vote. Do not let our next Councilperson be decided for you.

Your Vote is your Voice for Democracy!

Manny Langella


[email protected]


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