Duleep’s artwork showcased in NYC

A painting by Ganga Duleep.

NORWALK, Conn. – This is a press release, presented in the format in which it was sent:


The Whitney Gallery in Chelsea, NYC, proudly presents the “Salute to the Stars” exhibition, featuring Silvermine artist Ganga K. Duleep of Norwalk, CT. 


Champagne Reception Soiree (invitation only): May 12, 2018

3pm – 5pm

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery

531 West 25th St, Ground Floor, Chelsea, New York, NY 10001


Exhibition runs May 5, 2018 through June 14, 2018





“SYNERGY of the STARS”                                                                      MAY 5-JUNE 14, 2018

John Sloan stated “Art is the response of the living to life. It is therefore the record left behind by civilization.”  With New York City as her Muse, cosmopolitan artist Ganga Duleep captures the dynamism and spirit of a pulsating Manhattan.  Offering a compelling personal record of the thriving metropolis of “The Big Apple,” Ms. Duleep’s luminous urban city landscapes paint the nexus of New York City’s prismatic high rise sky scrapers with elan and vibrancy.  Visually documenting city life, her urban cityscape oeuvre encapsulates not only the iconic landmarks and famous architecture of Manhattan, but is also skillfully rendered to represent important visual cultural touchstones. These optical panoramas  are not necessarily illustrated with map-like accuracy, rather the cosmopolite artist succeeds in expressionistically reflecting  the essence of New York City.

Glittering lights shine on huge and small building, which collide in a mélange of shadow and geometry, as tiny vehicles bustle along tangled lines of street. By creating twisting threads of light which are intertwined together, they form the magnificent composition known as Manhattan.  Broken down into visual elements of chromatic color, texture, and line, the soaring forms are illuminated by a golden glow and assume a spiritual, organic quality as Ganga Duleep’s urban architecture delights all four senses. Tantalizing her viewers’ sense of variegated sight, taste, smell, sound, and feeling, her exaggerated architectural perspectives and vertical formats galvanize the electric quality of her rendition of a majestic Manhattan. Rich in architectural detail and sparse in detail of inhabitants or nature, Ms. Duleep incorporates elements of Expressionism, and Abstract Expressionism, as she translates her wordily version of metropolitan urban reality, the magnetism of space and fragments, intermingled with incandescent color.

Drawing inspiration for her cosmopolitan pastiches of New York City streets, metropolite Ganga Duleep’s towering cityscape dioramas are a testament to her obvious talent. Ganga Duleep’s grid pattern format boasts the dynamics and splendors of the ascending architecture which emblazons the unforgettable New York City skyline.  Deft workmanship and a keen sense of light render the slick city streets which blur the buildings and the crowds. High drama and vivid light effects characterize her urban landscapes’ sweeping compositions with skillful manipulation of color and light which provide an augmented presence to each environment. This dramatic sense of heightened reality illustrates sublime tableaux at the intersection of pulsating movement and electricity of New York City.

With spirit and sophistication, the cosmopolitan Ganga Duleep’s panoramas reflect a personal vision sensitive to the urban world, as she emblematizes the unique essence of NYC as the “Big Apple.”  Also globally widely acclaimed for her incandescent nature landscape paintings, international citizen of the world, Ganga Duleep was born in India and resides in Connecticut. Internationally exhibited in Europe and Asia featuring important solo and group shows, Ms. Duleep has also extensively exhibited throughout Connecticut and New York. Treasured in both public and private collections throughout the world, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery is delighted to showcase the works of this exciting, global rising star!



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Sue Haynie May 12, 2018 at 3:02 am

Ganga Duleep’s “panoramas reflect a personal vision sensitive to the urban world”.

How ironic. I wonder if the Whitney Gallery curators in NYC have visited Duleep’s one-woman reality show on urban blight. It’s been showcasing in Norwalk for the last 8 years.

Rick May 12, 2018 at 1:57 pm

Its odd how some think of art as the art of Bull Sh! by city hall as well. They too promote blight look around the city.

Maybe if the city looks at what goes on on wall st as a crime as well there will be progress.

The comments also shows what respect the Silvermine artist’s get.

You all may want to look into how the city of Norwalk parking authority pushes drinking and what that does to a blighted area of the city as well.

some humor, this is taxpayers money spent well


Silvermine studio congrats you were in the spot light this week not by Norwalkers of course. lETS TRASH ALL ARTISTS IN NORWALK LETS START WITH THAT WALL ON WEST AVE.

Not much is said about the fire depts role in the investigation of the fire anymore is there?

this was found in archives with no credits by any reporter but listed in minutes of a Norwalk board.

The fire department last month determined that gasoline was used to ignite the fire, and police and fire officials had identified a “person of interest.” At this point, police continue to investigate the case, and no charges have been filed, according to Police Chief Harry W. Rilling.

“The investigative team is still working on it. There was a person of interest,” Rilling said. “As of now, no charges are filed, and I’m not sure that there’s any plans to file charges in the immediate future. I don’t have any information to indicate otherwise.”

Who was arrested for this crime?

yep always so much to say but very little in the way of fact.

Thank you GANGA DULEEP Norwalk is back looking good again, Wall st will have its moment of shame soon the weekend is not over.

Now this Winfield accident last night needs some attention who can we blame on this one? The dpw that put the white lines in? If there is no sidewalk lets blame East Norwalk.

Hugh Sling May 12, 2018 at 3:31 pm

Is this a joke?
Abetted by Norwalk’s non-enforcement of code, this woman ruined the lives of the tenants who had to jump from an upper floor of her burning tenement (Norwalk settled the resulting civil suit for an “undisclosed amount”), and is perpetually blighting Norwalk’s hollowed-out downtown.

Rick May 13, 2018 at 1:52 pm

How many taxpayers does it take to equal a wall st business owner? ( I know they come in both brands)

Wall st is based on profit and how much support the city gives them, not like that in South Norwalk unless you a builder amd your RICH and own in SONO .

We see all kinds of money behind the scenes in supporting Wall st


$100,000 parking program line item in its 2017 operating budget and another $100,000 in its 2018 budget the Redevelopment Agency will sponsor an additional $50,000) and $200,000 in its 2019 budget.

for the above link, are you serious?

This also has a pay in and match by the city program up to $7,000

This is why Stepping stones Mathews and others are not listed, only the drink as you go crowd gets the money.No freebees here.

The city is bleeding money into wall st behind the scenes, maybe its time to come clean and tell the taxpayers how your money is spent.

Id like to think Im wrong about this one ,it really puts the noses of hard working taxpayers in it.

Here is a link I must of misunderstood not like the neighborhood associations could use some money screw them.

We sat in a meeting where nickels and dimes were counted on Ryan park and you read something like this and wonder who is a priority in the city kids or underage drinkers?


But lets go after Duleep and question NON and screw all artists that come out of Norwalk.

I think the trigger was invitation only Sid money cant buy class in Norwalk.

Sid Welker May 13, 2018 at 10:59 pm

Great rant Rick. But if your going to post an article here boasting your art work and the beauty it holds you should really know your crowd prior to posting it. This isnt the place for Duleep to gloat her art when most of Norwalkers want her to fix her 8 year eye sore Wall St has had to look at while she paints away. Her property has been a hot topic for the last year or so especially over the past couple of months. There are literally 5 or 6 other publications she could have chosen to print this in. This is the equivalent of the Mayor of Flint Michigan telling the town that they will not supply them with bottled water anymore as he washed his dog with fresh case of poland springs water.

Rick May 14, 2018 at 2:23 pm

Thank you Sid, and I do agree with you in part, it was my chance to clear the air with the free lunch program on wall st , taxpayers need other things Wall st can take a number.

For a place non political Duff and others did a number on Wall st yet still serve the voters , its time Norwalk looks out for Norwalk and not hand pick your fights based on Geographics

One thing was you said made me think, who reads the other publications like here. Others may not see all the comments from our postings we get them via email from friends.

The other note is the blight fees. Nancy just posted some facts that are astounding on blight and zoning a outstanding half a million plus owed to the city, so as I do agree Duleep owns her own problems there are others that are hurting the city by the figures given in her last article, something you don’t read in other publications as news breaking.

Its a great article Nancy shows laws are made and unless owners are made responsible the city hurts.

But once Duleeps hot topic goes away there should.t be a rush to find another seems there is plenty to put on the burner now including the partially built wall st eyesore.

This west ave illegal rock crushing proved my point where was the wall st gang? Surely it was a quality of life issue for the same people who are to suppose to have voices. The city picks and chooses where money is thrown support to residents should be non political and with speed.

have a great day Sid, unless im wrong this is the only publication you can exchange thoughts and pass out thank you’s .

Thanks Nancy.

Rick May 16, 2018 at 4:09 pm

Wall st association you just lost the NY bakery after 66 years ,lets hear how Duleep did this one.

Bakery says parking among other things, if Duleep was open be less parking or is that a stretch , maybe it was no train station maybe it was just Norwalk a dying city.

Not politics what is it?

Now Buddy the baker you know Carlos bakery can go in the mall from NJ or has that been confirmed by GGP?

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