Hosten qualifies for Citizens’ Election Program

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Colin Hosten.

After registering his candidacy for State Representative in Connecticut’s 140th District on April 10, 2018, South Norwalk resident Colin Hosten reports that his campaign has now reached the threshold for public financing. The Citizens’ Election Program (CEP) requires candidates to raise at least $5,100 from a minimum of 150 residents who live in district municipalities.

“The outpouring of support has been positively overwhelming,” Hosten said. “I’m so grateful to the many people who chipped in five dollars to help us reach this threshold.”

One of those people is Jud Aley, a resident in the 140th District, and board member of the Norwalk Parking Authority. “I’m proud to donate to Colin’s campaign,” he said. “He is extremely qualified, and he’s genuinely a good guy. He’ll be a great representative for our district.”

Campaign treasurer, Esther Murillo, said that reaching the fundraising threshold so quickly shows that Norwalk is ready for a “dynamic, new voice” in Hartford. “I knew we would raise the money, but I had no idea it would be so fast,” she said. “We received an impressive number of small, individual contributions. A lot of people are behind this campaign!”

Hosten’s campaign has gained an increasingly high profile, with many Democrats hailing him as a refreshing candidate for State Representative. Former Mayor Bill Collins noted that Hosten has grown “to be a great asset for Norwalk.”

“As a college teacher and community leader, he provides a kind of leadership that has too often been lacking in the 140th District,” Collins said. “I expect that his energy and initiative will offer a real surprise to the party bigwigs in Hartford when he gets there.” In addition to being a former mayor, Bill Collins was the State Representative for the 140th District for two terms.

Running against the heavily-favored Councilman Travis Simms, Hosten earned almost 40% of the vote for the Democratic endorsement at Thursday night’s caucus. Hosten has vowed to petition for a primary vote.

“I expect a vigorous election season leading up to the primary,” Hosten said, “and there’s already a lot of strong momentum behind my campaign—I can’t wait to welcome more and more folks on board!”



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