Norwalk Republicans endorse Cafero, Page and Flynn for public office

Frank Page speaks to Norwalk Republicans on Thursday in the Norwalk Inn.

NORWALK, Conn. — Three Norwalk Republicans received endorsements Thursday in their quest for elected office.

Veteran politico Larry Cafero was endorsed to run for Judge of Probate, while newcomers Frank Page and John Flynn were endorsed to run for State Representative.

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Page will take on State Rep. Chris Perone (D-137), who was won the Democratic caucus Thursday with no opponents, and Flynn will run in District 140, which is being vacated by long-time incumbent State Rep. Bruce Morris (D). Common Council member Travis Simms (D-District B) won Thursday’s District 140 caucus, with opponent Colin Hosten promising to get signatures to force a primary.

Former State Rep. Larry Cafero (R-142), left, enjoys a laugh with Cesar Ramirez on Thursday in the Norwalk Inn.

Cafero, a former State Representative, also has two Democrats seeking to oppose him, Darnell Crosland and Council member Doug Stern (D-At Large).

“The office of Judge of Probate is not about philosophies, it’s about fairness. It is not about politics or partisanship, it is about people,” Cafero said, accepting the endorsement.

Cafero said a Probate Judge must have competence, experience, compassion and common sense and his 28 years in public service has taught him about human behavior.

He’s been an attorney for 35 years, working in corporate law, criminal law, estate law and real estate law, he said, asserting that as an expulsion hearing officer for Norwalk Public Schools, he’s seen some of the “ugly stuff that goes on out in the world” and worked to consider the needs of the children in front of him as he also protected the school system.

Republicans announced that Flynn was the nominee for the 140th, without comment.

Page received enthusiastic support, with his sister declaring that he has always been a problem solver with the fortitude to get things done.

“I have known him to be an honest man of integrity, very committed to the community and to Norwalk. He has the time and the energy and I think he would be an excellent candidate,” Liz Lyons said.

Mark Preston said he’s been best friends with Page ever since they were neighbors as children and, “I am proud to say that I am as close to him now at 59 as I was at 9, and I consider myself very fortunate in that regard.”

“He has always been remarkably intelligent and always keen to learn more,” Preston said. “As kids, when the rest of us were reading comic books he was reading the Wall Street Journal. He certainly wasn’t shy about voicing his opinion. He has never shied away from listening to others and considering viewpoints that ran contrary to his own. He is a doer, he is a decision maker, he is the kind of guy who makes things happen.”

A press release describes the candidate thusly:

“Frank Page was born, raised, and educated in Norwalk, and is deeply attached to the city of his birth. Drawing on his BS in Management from Fairfield University and his MBA from the University of New Haven, he had a long and successful career in business, serving as Vice President of Sales at a privately held manufacturing company and General Manager of a division of a Fortune 200 company. Frank is the father of two grown children who have all attended college at Connecticut schools. He is active in many Norwalk organizations, and in particular has kept close ties with former players and their parents in his role as coach for Pop Warner football, Babe Ruth Baseball, and the Norwalk American Legion Post 12 baseball team.”


Preston said Page “is driven by results, which brought him a great deal of success as a businessman.”

“He is a good and thoughtful man at a time when politics, all politics could sorely use more good and thoughtful people,” Preston said. “We live in a state in crisis. Every month Connecticut is losing more jobs, more businesses and more people. There is an exodus from this state the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Moses was directing traffic at the Red Sea.”

Page said he looks forward to talking to District 137 voters.

“People tell me how concerned they are about the state going forward,” Page said. “I have children that are still in Connecticut and … I love this town, I love the state of Connecticut. I just look forward to listening to the people of the 137th as we go through this 160-some odd days before Nov. 6. I look forward to making a difference and I look forward to representing all of you up in Hartford.”

The press release states:

“Page pointed to prioritizing transportation funding as among his top priorities should he be elected to the state legislature, declaring his opposition to installing tolls on Connecticut’s highways. He also vowed to advocate for East Norwalk families and businesses who are concerned about the impact of the state’s project to replace the Walk Bridge over the Norwalk River.”


Isabelle Hargrove May 25, 2018 at 9:51 am

This was a wonderful evening for Norwalk Republicans with hope for a bright future for Norwalk.

No one is better qualified than Larry Cafero to replace Judge DePanfilis. Norwalk and Wilton have been blessed with a well-run probate court under a judge who personifies compassion and fairness for the most vulnerable people in their most dire moments. It is comforting to know that we have someone of the same caliber to continue Judge DePanfilis’ legacy.

It is also exciting to see a full slate of candidates ready to tackle Hartford and advocate for Norwalk. We need to send to the capitol people with new ideas for fixing the state’s financial crisis and allegiance to Norwalkers, not party or political aspirations.

There is now a great team of people coming to knock on your door in the coming months. Share your thoughts and listen to their ideas, together we can restore prosperity to Connecticut and bring Norwalk the relief it deserves.

PIBerman May 25, 2018 at 1:35 pm

Attorney Larry Cafero has long set the “Gold Standard” for Public Service in Norwalk. He has both the character and sensitivity needed to serve the public outstandingly as Provbat Judge. For this critical position serving the public City politics ought be set aside.

Donna Smirniotopoulos May 25, 2018 at 2:24 pm

@Isabelle Hargrove, after listening to the introductions and to Larry Cafero himself last night, I agree completely that Mr. Cafero brings the perfect combination of jurisprudence, humanity, compassion, fairness and above all experience needed to serve capably as Judge of Probate. There actually is no other reasonable choice in the field, especially since Mr. Crosland was ousted by his own party in favor of a youngster a few nights ago. Hard to imagine what the dems were thinking aside from, “what can we do to make sure we lose this seat in November?” No disrespect to Doug Stern. I’m sure he’s a fine person, and that in time—perhaps 20 years give or take—he will make a fine probate judge. Very surprised that Brenda Penn-Williams did not come to bat for Darnell Crosland, her predecessor on the NAACP. Then again, unlike the orderly, efficient convention held last night by the Republicans, the Democratic convention sounded like more of a raree. Wonder who we’d rather put in charge of our wallets!

Debora Goldstein May 26, 2018 at 6:03 pm

The 137th and East Norwalk are already well represented by Rep. Chris Perone, who already holds a seat on the Transportation Committee and is the transportation person on the Appropriations committee.

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