Norwalk upgrades 911 call handling

NORWALK, Conn. – This is a press release, presented in the format in which it was sent:

Norwalk Police Upgrade 911 Call Handling

911 callers now benefit from streamlined public safety call handling thanks to the Norwalk Police Department’s (Norwalk, CT) new Total Response solution.

Total Response includes training and Computer-Aided Call Handling software (CACH) with structured protocols. These protocols support 911 dispatchers from call pick-up to providing responders with timely information and issuing pre-arrival instructions to callers as needed.

The Norwalk Police Department is using Total Response’s CACH Lite software. CACH Lite offers many advantages over printed protocols making it easier to use and a better fit within Norwalk’s existing workflow.

CACH Lite’s cut-and-paste option helps to transmit information to Norwalk’s Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) software, providing responders with uniformly formatted information prior to their arrival on scene.

Training Coordinator Stacey LaRiccia explains that this compatibility, “works better for our responding units, to have everything shared in the CAD system. Especially the paramedics who are very pleased with how it works. It is definitely more beneficial for them to have an idea what they are going to.”

Additional advantages include a faster path to dispatch, improved support for dispatchers during questioning, reduced chance of human error, and greater call-handling consistency.

Flexible navigation is another major benefit for Norwalk’s emergency call handlers. LaRiccia explains how immediate access to life-saving procedures like CPR improve their dispatch performance, “The navigation is the best. Having procedures right there at your fingertips, whereas before we had to flip through everything.” LaRiccia points to several incidents where Total Response made a difference including childbirth and choking calls, and several cardiac arrest calls where CPR had to be hands on.

All of Norwalk’s 911 dispatchers have completed Total Response two-year certifications in both Emergency Medical Dispatch and in Law Enforcement Dispatch. Certification training courses and protocols meet or exceed industry guidelines and set a high standard for public safety call handling. Total Response uses integrated protocols that support the entirety of each incident’s call.

About PowerPhone:

PowerPhone is a champion of innovation and career development in public safety communication. PowerPhone’s Total Response solution ensures consistent call handling and focuses on YOUR agency’s standard of care. As the first organization to develop integrated protocols for police, fire, and emergency medical dispatch, PowerPhone has helped raise standards for public safety call-handling throughout the world. 


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