Opinion: Norwalk ACTS director’s weekly shout outs

Anthony Allison

Shout Out to Helene Becker – Norwalk Public Schools Instructional Specialist – on her contribution to a newly published book called “The 6 Principles For Exemplary Teaching Of English Learners.”

The book focuses on guidelines drawn from decades of research in language, and is a resource for teachers to get to know their learners as a whole when planning instruction. To learn more about the book visit the6principles.org
Shout Out to all of the 2018 – soon to be  – Norwalk Public Schools High School Graduates! Congratulations to each and everyone of you and we wish you all the best as you move on into the next phase of your life, whether it be college or career. Enjoy it and always remember that You Matter.

Below is a list of the Brien McMahon High School students who have received scholarships in support of their post-secondary education. Next week we will list the Norwalk High School recipients.


  • Kathleen Marie Flynn Award: Amanda Degeorge
  • Eliza Oliver Memorial Scholarship: Schuyler Luthy
  • Rowayton School Alumni Award: Madison Froelich
  • Brookside PTO Alumni Scholarship: Alison Coutts
  • Norwalk Exchange Club Scholarship: Alessandra Cruz, Kora Makarska
  • Robert Caste Scholarship: Jessica Nguyen, Leigh Young-Lawler
  • Poinsettia Ball Scholarship: Ashley Orellana, Olivia Cintron, Shannel Jackson
  • Norwalk Kiwanis Foundation Scholarship: Pooja Parikh, Emily Pedraza
  • The Chelsea Cohen Memorial Scholarship: Savannah Buzzeo
  • Norwalk Mentor Scholarship: Justin Paul, Sebastian Cunningham, Vistoria Casolo, Maria Millan Centeno
  • League of Women Voters of Norwalk Scholarship: Erika Folgar
  • Tommy Spinola Memorial Scholarship: Cameron Kelly, Taylor Morton
  • Norwalk Branch NAACP Scholarship: Cameron Kelly, Trinity McFadden
  • BMHS School Counseling Dept. Scholarship: Marie Vernet
  • NEF Award for Service to the Community: Sean Walters
  • Rowayton Civic Association Scholarship: Schuyler Luthy
  • Class of 1967 Scholarship: Dianna Muteba
  • Arthur J. Perschino Scholarship: Darren Battle, April Gall, Ashley Orellana, Sophia Lindsay, Sophia Valiante, Sean Walters
  • Norwalk Firefighters Association Local 830 Scholarship: Arianna Fleuriot, Thomas Knowles
  • Drama Club: Gavin McGee, Olivia Lipson
  • Jake Noble Memorial Scholarship: Thomas Knowles
  • Tri-M Music Education Award: Catherine Colmenares
  • Choral Award: Grace DeLoe
  • Suzanne Koroshetz Scholarship: Anna Garcia-Flores
  • Norwalk Rotary Club Scholarship: Pooja Parikh
  • The Melanie Gist Varandas Butterfly Fund: Erika Folgar
  • Norwalk Association of School Administrators Scholarship: Valentina Zuleta
  • Norwalk Seaport Association: Nyomi Brown
  • BMHS Parents Club Scholarship: Savannah Buzzeo
  • Army ROTC Four Year Scholarship (National): Madeleine Gordon
  • Appointment to the US Naval Academy: Tatiana Arias
  • Navy ROTC Four Year Scholarship (National): Robert Kovach
  • Myles M. Beringer Foundation Scholarship: Anna Bean, Angelica De Los Santos, Tes Dejaeger, Jazmin Bien-Aime, Diana Muteba, Adam Kiraly, Gavin McGee, Grace DeLoe, John Grasso, Jack Cocchia, Bryn Claybourne, Shaniya Francis, Calen Razor, Angelika Kyrkos
  • Norwalk Lions Club Scholarship: Trinity McFadden
  • American Legion Auxiliary Unit 12 Education Grant: Bryn Claybourne
  • Marilyn Spence Memorial Scholarship: Darren Battle, Kassandra Scott, John Piro
  • Greenfield Everyday Heroes Award: Trinity McFadden
  • Greenfield Courage Award: Angelica De Los Santos
  • Ilias Kementzidis Music Scholarship Fund: Catherine Colmenares
  • The Emig Foundation Scholarship: Lee Nicoloro
  • Pastime Athletic Club Scholarship: Katelan Heslop
  • Frederick A. Deluca Scholarship: Tes Dejaeger
  • FCCF Excellence in Education Scholarship: April Gall
  • R.T. Vanderbilt Scholarship: Schuyler Luthy
  • Media Horizons Marketing Scholarship: Casey Keenan
  • BMHS Alumni Association Scholarship: Alissa Pena, Madison Froelich, Taylor Livingstone, Trinity McFadden, Daija Brunson, Skyler Keelips
  • FCCF Charles A. Dana Cultural Scholarship: Julius Nicoloro
  • Norwalk Old Timers Association Scholarship – Jack Casangrande: Christopher Druin
  • Norwalk Old Timers Association Scholarship – Thomas O’Conner: Taylor Morton
  • Norwalk Old Timers Association Scholarship – Williard R. Williams: Nicholas Marsan
  • New England Red Sox Service Scholarship: Sean Walters
  • Rowayton Gardeners Club Scholarship: Kristen Carrano
  • Wilkerson Scholarship: Sean Walters, Kenniece Coker, Gabriella Duran, Marissa Howlett
  • Natalia Rodriguez ELL Scholarship: Emily Granja, Allison Romero, Karla Santos
  • Love More Than Ever Scholarship: Jake Zampa, Emily Granja, Anna Garcia-Flores
  • Norwalk Federation of Teachers Scholarship: Thomas Wood, Olivia Cintron, Alessandra Cruz, Jarya Dorsey, Hannah Endri, Agron Gemajli, Ashley Orellana, Sean Walters
  • BMHS Class Award 1: Thomas Knowles
  • BMHS Class Award 2: Alison Coutts
  • BMHS Class Award 3: Nemia Icoy
  • BMHS Class Award 4: Albert Fernandez
  • BMHS Class Award 5: Lillie Dehaemer
  • BMHS Class Award 6: Johana Elvir
  • BMHS Class Award 7: Francesca Yalong
  • Frank H. James Scholarship: Erika Folgar
  • Karen Rysz Memorial Scholarship: Emma Hargrove
  • MBI, Inc. Scholarship: Kora Makarska
  • Jaffe Holden Acoustics Inc. Scholarship: Grace DeLoe
  • Diane C. Wilson Memorial Scholarship: Emily Pedraza
  • BMHS Class of 1965 Scholarship: Amy Chen

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