Opinion: Norwalk ACTS director’s weekly shout outs

Shout Out to Fairfield County’s Pride in the Park 2018, produced by the Triangle Community Center (TCC). (Bob Welsh)

Anthony Allison

Anthony Allison is the executive director of Norwalk ACTs. 

Shout Out to all of the soon to be – 2018 Norwalk Public Schools High School Graduates! Congratulations to each and every one of you and we wish you all the best as you move on into the next phase of your life, whether it be college or career. Enjoy it and always remember that – You Matter!

Below is a list of the Norwalk High School students who have received scholarships in support of their post-secondary education:

  • Kevin M. Eidt Memorial Scholarship: Katerina Karaiskos
  • Greenfield Every Day Heroes: Ni’ar Brown, Elise Sullivan
  • Sean Lilime Sullivan Essence of Life Scholarship: Trevor Boyrer, Katherine Fallon, Soleil Londono, Kevin Vega
  • Naramake Scholarship: Lucas Araujo, Erin Aymerich, Tina Boyian, Emma Daignault, Kelly Halloran, Clara Lazaro, Soleil Londono, Justin Lowenbein, Alexis Morelli, Rachel O’Brien, Bianca Randazzo, Sophia Theodoridis, Alexander Theoklitos, Matthew Vaccaro, Scott Whalen
  • Scholar Award: Varun Thakkar
  • Naramake PTO Scholarship: Colin Baker
  • Richard N. Fuller, Sr. Memorial Scholarship: Katrell Clay, Ajsa Vega
  • Alonzo Virgil Memorial Scholarship: Jalen Elliott, Diana Acosta-Rincon
  • Elijah Gilmore Memorial Scholarship: Sahmra Sawyer
  • Bulkley Scholarship Fund: Serena Jankovic, Dan Gutierrez
  • The Wilkerson Scholarship: Ajsa Vega, Gabrielle Nunez, Izaac Ballard, Isabel Herrera
  • NHS Class of 1947 Scholarship: Hannah Parks
  • Helen C. Devine Memorial Scholarship: Rachel O’Brien
  • Kelly Devine Memorial Scholarship: Victoria Morin
  • Michael P. and Ellen O’Brien Dunne Scholarship: Salomon Zapata
  • The Emig Foundation Scholarship: Jazmine Manning
  • The Columbus Memorial Scholarship: Maria Bonaddio
  • The Ari Tsingerliotis Memorial Scholarship: Lucas Araujo
  • The Doug Laughton Memorial Scholarship: Cole Judkins
  • NAACP Scholarship: Katrell Clay, Shelsie Dupervil, Ryann Fletcher
  • NHS Alumni Association Class of 1947 Gail Roy Scholarship: Amanda Kenner
  • NHS Class of 1949 Salvatore Nuzzo Scholarship: John Dufort
  • NHS Alumni Association Dr. Edward Steinlauf Memorial Scholarship: Lauren Muldowney
  • NHS Alumni Association Ralph A. Nuzzo & Fay Castagno Memorial Scholarship: Ryan Stelly
  • NHS Alumni Association “The Fellas” Scholarship In Memory Of Richard Sutton, Jr. Class of 1977: Carolyn Cormier
  • NHS Alumni Association: Ann A’mato Aretell Scholarship: Raven Matthews
  • NHS Alumni Association: Tina Boyian
  • NHS Alumni Association Class of 1984: Justin Lowenbein, Marisa Swanson
  • NHS Alumni Association Craig Breny Memorial Scholarship: Brian Denke
  • NHS Alumni Association Chris & Karen Fraser Memorial Scholarship: Rafael Helisch
  • The Big Four Construction Trades Scholarship: Vishva Patel
  • NHS Alumni Association Richard Madey Science Award: Chaz Bethel-Brescia
  • NHS Alumni Association Robert Iannaccone Memorial Scholarship: Serena Jankovic
  • NHS Alumni Association Dorothy Spinola Bondi Memorial Scholarship: Skyler Suda
  • NHS Alumni Association Michael Errico Scholarship: John Dufort
  • NHS Alumni Association Ralph Bloom Teaching Scholarship: Sophia Theodoridis
  • NHS Alumni Association Ed O’Shaughnessy Memorial Scholarship: Mark Jeune, Emma Daignault
  • Norwalk Firefighters Association: Joseph Somma
  • The Thomas Spinola Memorial Scholarship: Nathan Brenn, Emma Guilbault
  • NHS Class of 2007 Scholarship: Wictoria Piktel
  • John (Dolo) Ragin Memorial Scholarship: Essence Jones Smith, Chy’nna Blakes
  • Cynthia Green Memorial Scholarship: Marlon Brown, Zariya Paige
  • American Legion Frank C. Godfrey Scholarship: Raul Gonzalez
  • Specialist Wilfredo Perez Memorial Scholarship: John Kruy
  • NHS African American Parent Outreach Group Scholarship: Nikayla Ashley, Izaac Ballard, Katrell Clay, Ryann Fletcher, Emeka Toney
  • Norwalk Mentor Scholarships: Chy’nna Blakes, Leonardo Bonanno, Ni’ar Brown, Montanna Cawley, Sajal Das, Izunique Dorcinville, Jamie Edwards, Ashley Hernandez, Jeremy Jiminez, Akber Khan, Erica Latimer, Jennifer Mandujano, Jason Milord, Mario Ramirez, Serenity Wright
  • Lewis E. Dunlap Scholarship Norwalk High School Peer Outreach Award: Chaz Bethel-Brescia
  • Lewis E. Dunlap Scholarship: Nikayla Ashley
  • Maria Skenderis Isola Memorial Scholarship: Diana Acosta-Rincon
  • Norwalk Seaport Association Scholarship: Dale Donovan
  • Kiwanis Club Scholarship: Izaac Ballard, Kelsey Cuellar
  • Poinsettia Ball Scholarship: Shelsie Dupervil, Isabel Lopez, Daina Jacques
  • Ilias Kementzidis Music Scholarship: Soleil Londono, Alec Parker
  • Natalia Rodriguez ELL Scholarship: Oscar Cortez, Ashley Hernandez
  • Stew Leonard In Memory Of Anna S. Leonard and Paul Guthman: Evelin Gonzalez, Prasant Subedi
  • The Principal’s Scholarship Award: Emma Guilbault, Ryann Fletcher
  • Booth Financial Associates Scholarship: Michael Mallozzi
  • Mid-Fairfield County Association of Realtors, Inc.: Apollonia Longo, Helena Morenberg
  • Fairfield County’s Community Foundation Frederick A. Deluca Memorial Scholarship: Varun Thakkar
  • Fairfield County’s Community Foundation The Joseph and Marion Fullin Trust Scholarship: Colin Baker, James Roberts
  • Fairfield County’s Community Foundation Charlotte Aquino Nursing Scholarship: Cassidy Nieves, Shannon Mceveny
  • Fairfield County’s Community Foundation Charles A. and Eleanor Naylor Dana Cultural Scholarship: Zachary Anderson
  • Fairfield County’s Community Foundation Excellence in Education Scholarship: Juan Arenas
  • Norwalk Association of School Administrators Scholarship: Alyssa Berardino
  • Jeannine Brady Memorial Scholarship: Carla Flores, Gabrielle Nunez, Tairra Paul
  • NHS Ambassador Award Scholarship Joseph Benincasa, Dan Gutierrez, Elise Sullivan, Kevin Vega
  • Norwalk Federation of Teachers Teachers’ Scholarship: Erin Aymerich, Quint Bartush, Mariah Baskin, Emma Daignault, Abigail Lewis Marco Montiero, Ryan Stelly, Skyler Suda
  • Gerald Steinberg Memorial Scholarship: Ryan Byrne
  • Spirit Award Scholarship: Zachary Anderson, Trevor Boyrer, Apollonia Longo, Olivia Opalinski, Visva Patel, James Roberts, Brynn Spielman, Marisa Swanson
  • William Israel Scholarship: Shannon Mceveny
  • Ike and Alberta Kern Memorial Award Presented by Norwalk Old Timers: Alton Hall
  • Thomas C. O’Connor Scholarship Presented by Norwalk Old Timers: Katherine Sciglimpaglia
  • Willard Williams Scholarship Presented by Norwalk Old Timers: Katrell Clay
  • T. Vanderbilt Company Scholarship: Emma Guibault
  • Norwalk High School Integrity Award: Dori Bartush, Amanda Kenner, Gabriela Nunez
  • West Rocks PTSA Scholarship: Victoria Chiappetta
  • Arthur J. Perschino Scholarship: Caroline Abrams, Nikayla Ashley, Derek Engel, Amanda Kenner, Abigail Lewis Raven Mathews
  • Norwalk High School Leadership Award: Trevor Dalton, John Hogan, Jenna Smeriglio, Afreen Vahora
  • Jerry Courville, Sr. Memorial Scholarship: Barry Belardinelli
  • Jack A. Quell Memorial Scholarship: Dori Bartush
  • Norwalk High School Music Department Scholarship: Lilliana Portillo
  • Tracey School Mary Conlin Scholarship: Annastasia Tsahirides
  • The League of Women Voters of Norwalk: Grace Godeski
  • NHS B.E.A.R. Scholarship: Carina Deblasi, Derek Engel, Amelia Navarro
  • NHS Scholastic Scholarship: Erin Aymerich, Quint Bartush, Hannah Keyes,
  • Pastime Athletic Club Scholarship: Amina Chowdry
  • Norwalk Education Foundation Scholarship: Nikayla Ashley
  • The Fred Foldeak Memorial Scholarship: Trevor Boyrer
  • The Media Horizons Scholarship: Sarah Arena
  • Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Scholarship: Katrell Clay, Kevin Cayo
  • Southern Fairfield County Retired Teachers’ Association Award: Hannah Keyes
  • The Jae Lin Memorial Scholarship: Caroline Abrams, Zachary Anderson, Chaz Bethel-Brescia, Annastasia Tsahirides, Afreen Vahora
  • Dr. Joseph Rudder Memorial Scholarship: Alex Theoklitos
  • Ed Cerulli Scholarship Award: Kelly Halloran


Shout Out to Fairfield County’s Pride in the Park 2018, produced by the Triangle Community Center (TCC). According to Anthony Crisci – TCC Executive Director – this year’s event, held on June 9th, was the largest Pride event ever held in Fairfield County attracting a crowd of close to 4,000 guests! TCC has prioritized using the event as an outreach opportunity for its own programs and services as well as an opportunity to promote the services its partner organizations can offer to members of Fairfield County’s LGBTQ community.

The event’s presenting sponsor for the fifth straight year was Circle Care Center and the event also included more than 70 exhibitors including agencies such as Kids in Crisis, Trans Lifeline, Access Health CT, Open Doors Shelter, True Colors, AARP, Center for Family Justice, Stamford Cares, Boys and Girls Village, YWCA Greenwich, Planned Parenthood, the Workplace, PAWS, and the Center for Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling and Education.

TCC, located at  650 West Avenue, has a new drop-in space, which offers a safe and affirming location in Norwalk for all young adults (18-25 years old) to receive social support and case management services including housing, employment, support with name-change documents, crisis intervention, and referrals.

For questions, contact Claude at [email protected] or 203-853-0600 x 104.


Susan Wallerstein June 17, 2018 at 7:01 am

Delighted to see four of the Arts Commission’s first WPA student docents (2014) among the NHS scholarship winners. Congratulations to Emeka, Katrell, Wiktoria, and Hannah and thanks to the generous scholarship donors. #livelovenorwalk

Rick June 17, 2018 at 12:48 pm

Congratulations to all of the recipients

Thank you Anthony, Susan, Bob Welsh and Nancy for the coverage and support given, Norwalk shines because of you and others like you.

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