NPS moves West Rocks administrator to Roton on ‘special assignment’

West Rocks Middle School Governance Council member David Young speaks June 19 at a rally in front of City Hall, in support of WRMS Principal Lynne Moore. “We need all parents to stand up and fight for making a difference and not accept these bullying tactics,” Young said in a Saturday email.

NORWALK, Conn. – West Rocks Middle School Vice Principal Joe DeVellis is being transferred to Roton Middle School to work in the guidance department.

A Norwalk Public Schools spokesperson characterized the transfer as taking advantage of available talent to conduct a study.  Critics slammed the move as “vindictive” and “based on a fake premise.”

Brenda Wilcox Williams, Chief Communications Officer for Norwalk Public Schools, explained DeVellis’s transfer in an evening e-mail:

“In addition to his role as an assistant principal, Mr. Devellis is an experienced, certified guidance counselor. Roton has a vacancy in guidance, so he will serve in a special assignment administrator role there during the 2018-19 school year, while a study of guidance roles, responsibilities and ratios is completed. (We have talked about this guidance study repeatedly over the past months.) When we have the results of that research and analysis, we expect to hire qualified staff to fill any guidance vacancies. In the meantime, Mr. Devellis’s experience in this area will support Roton through this transition phase,”

“We followed the same process this past school year during the redesign of the Gifted and Talented program (the former Academically Talented program). Once the study was complete, we were able to put qualified teachers in place to implement the new program,” Wilcox Williams wrote.

The move won’t have any impact on existing Roton staff, she said, explaining that NPS human resources will formalize the details of DeVellis’ transfer in the coming days, including telling him his start date at Roton.

Embattled West Rocks Principal Lynne Moore attended a pre-termination hearing last week, which continues Aug. 3 and then “they decide if she’ll be terminated,” Norwalk Association of School Administrators (NASA) Vice President Tony Ditrio said.

Moore has been principal at WRMS since 1998.  The state Department of Education website lists DeVellis as Assistant Principal since 2009.


Transfer draws criticism from union leader, parents

Ditrio, a longtime critic of Superintendent Stephen Adamowski and the Board of Education, slammed DeVellis’s transfer, calling it “a fake premise in order to do something negative to a hardworking and caring administrator. It is hard for me to accept that such corrupt individuals can get away with doing bad things to good people.”

“Interesting that Roton, by far the smallest Middle School, will have 2 Assistant Principals,” Ditrio wrote Monday. “This is just a cover up for a vindictive move that has no basis in the needs of West Rocks or the Norwalk Public Schools.”

WRMS Parent and School Governance Council Member David Young expressed outrage regarding DeVellis’s transfer.

“This is to separate Dr. Moore and Mr. Devellis.  Who suffers?  The parents and most importantly the students!  Whoever replaces him will be a spy for Central Office, getting dirt and working around Dr. Moore,” Young wrote in an e-mail to NancyOnNorwalk.

“This whole thing just weeks before school begins is awful and sets up WRMS to start the year on very bad footing,” Young wrote. “We need the press to be more involved, we need everyone to be outraged by this.”

Board of Education Chairman Mike Barbis did not reply to emails asking for responses to the parents’ comments. Neither did Wilcox Williams.

On Monday Barbis posted a comment on NancyOnNorwalk regarding a story which mentioned DeVellis’s possible transfer:

“Administrators regularly get re-assigned … just last year the Assistant Principal at Roton was moved as was the AP at Ponus Ridge — in addition, the Principal from Briggs was moved to BMHS … these transfers occur regularly and they occur during the summer. That’s the nature of public school administration.  Ditrio knows better…” Barbis wrote.


Parents share concerns with Mayor

Four West Rocks parents met Monday with Mayor Harry Rilling in City Hall, with plans to rally for DeVellis afterwards.  Of the meeting in the Mayor’s office, Young said Rilling listened to the parents’ “points of view and ever growing grievances over not only the Board of Ed’s vendetta against Dr. Moore but Dr. Adamowski’s nefarious and divisive tactics of pushing forth their combined pointless agendas.”

Rilling was cordial Monday in the 45-minute Monday meeting, Young said.

“There is not much that the Mayor can do as his hands are tied; the BOE are voted in and not appointed,” Young wrote. “The Mayor is meeting on a more regular basis with Dr. Adamowski since {a rally in support of Moore which} took place in June.  … He asked if we had met with Dr. Adamowksi to which we replied we had been denied on two prior occasions and that we were going to continue to demand to meet with him.”

Rilling did not reply to Monday evening emails asking if this was an accurate description of the meeting.

WRMS SGC member Dan Koppel also attended the meeting and blasted the Board of Education.

“One glaring point was the Mayor was informed by Dr. Adamowsky {sic} that West Rocks was the worst performing middle school.  We were shocked since the numbers show that West Rocks was the highest performing middle school.  This only points to the nefarious actions of the BOE where facts do not matter but are manipulated to fit their agenda,” Koppel wrote.

The 2016-17 Next Generation Assessments, the most recent school performance results that are available, give WRMS an overall accountability rating of 70.3, up from 64.1 in 2015-16.  Among Norwalk’s four middle schools, that rating is second only to Roton Middle School’s overall accountability rating of 73.2, up from 67 in 2015-16.

{T}he Mayor encouraged us to ramp up our interaction with the media and ‘demand’ a meeting with Dr. Adamowsky {sic} since he is a servant to the community not the other way around.  A meeting which the Mayor said he would attend,” Koppel wrote. “The town hired Dr.  Adamowsky {sic} for a purpose and his bonus depends on him meeting those goals.”


DeVellis, Ditrio meet Costanzo

Also Monday, DeVellis was set to meet with NPS Chief of School Operations Frank Costanzo to discuss his 2018-19 assignment.

“Mr. Devellis was informed just prior to our meeting with the Mayor that his meeting location was being changed to WRMS instead of Town Hall.  Why?  To avoid us and the protestors who had been planning for a week to be there to support Mr. Devellis,” Young wrote in a late Monday email.

Ditrio attended the meeting with DeVellis, as his union representative. Moore is union President.

Ditrio’s disenchantment with the Board of Education goes way back, with then-BoE Chairman Mike Lyons in 2015 calling him one of the “four horsemen” who was holding back reform efforts. Ditrio has accused Lyons and others of ethics violations and charged that Norwalk Superintendent of Schools Steven Adamowski, who Lyons in 2015 called the “certified ball-buster” needed to clean up the school system, is not concerned with education or children and is unprofessionally harassing school stuff.

Moore’s labor issues with NPS also go way back, including four letters of reprimand between 2009 and 2016.

“It is not common to get letters in your file from four Superintendents,” Ditrio said in a June 19 email. “With that said it is also true that Dr. Moore’s outspoken opinions on funding for school budgets and criticism of then mayor Moccia {sic}, did make her a target.  I was there for each of those letters and none were used for discipline until Dr. Adamowski.  They were merely the documentation of a difference of opinion.”

Adamowski received a bonus of more than $7,000 in August after scoring 82.7 out of a possible 100 on an evaluation done by the BoE.

Devellis wasn’t told if he’d be able to return to West Rocks, Young said.



Elisabeth B July 24, 2018 at 8:01 am

Central Office is not being honest. This was not an existing position at the smallest school in Norwalk. Rather it was created for this one time only purpose. It was made very clear that this is a one year only “special position” and no position is offered to Mr. DeVellis after the one year is over. Mr. DeVellis will keep his Vice Principal salary and benefits, for one year only. Common sense should tell you that in a year of more budget cuts as well as cutting guidance staff there is NO way a new role is needed at Roton at a VP salary.

It is clear this is a move to break up Dr. Moore and Mr. DeVellis at West Rocks.

Why should this concern you? Quite simply, it shows you the games Central Office is willing to play. How they will bend the rules to benefit them, and not the students. This isn’t a matter of who you like and don’t like, the way they are coming after Dr. Moore and taking it out on Mr. DeVellis should concern all of us. It can happen you (if you work for NPS) or at your school.

Patrick Cooper July 24, 2018 at 9:15 am

NoN –

Come on. There are at least 4 quotations within the body of this story that had I wrote them in the comments section – they would be edited for violating the “comment’s policy”.

Edited to remove salacious references to public official’s integrity and undocumented criminal behavior. Written to throw red meat to the ginned up West Rock’s militia.

Your better than this.

Norwalk Teacher July 24, 2018 at 9:24 am

Elisabeth, I respect your opinion, but I really wish you would survery the parents, teachers and students that have been emotionally damaged by her leadership (or lack of) including myself. The numbers will astonish you and will be much more than the 30 or few that show up to support her. There is a reason Central Office is doing what they are doing and, trust me, there is more than what meets the eye. There is a reason why Lynne chose the group of parents that she did to start a rally in support of her. I plead you to trust the process and CO knows what they are doing. Again, this is not to insult anyone who supports her, but rather look at what she has done to others. It goes beyond the normal. Way beyond. And what you read in past papers is only the icing on the cake. West Rocks needs a fresh start.

Teacher July 24, 2018 at 9:27 am

These games are played at various levels of Central Office. Many speakers on many different topics have pointed this out throughout Dr. Adamoski’s reign. Comments from parents, students and staff largely go ignored by Dr. Adamoski and his majority controlled BOE. Ideas comments and suggestions are ignored when they differ from his master plan. One can only scream for so long…
My hope is that this is the issue that wakes up Norwalk to some of behaviors of our elected officials and their attitudes toward teachers, paras, administrators and other staff members.

Bob Welsh July 24, 2018 at 10:29 am


You wonder if quotes in this story would pass muster in the comments section. You might be right that some are borderline or worse.

From time to time quotes from public officials, or individuals involved in public business, may violate the policy and nevertheless be deemed newsworthy. For a prior example, see some of the Jason Milligan’s insults directed at Mayor Rilling.

NoN derives no pleasure from quoting insults or aspersions. Unfortunately it’s sometimes necessary to fully and faithfully report the public’s business.

Thanks for your comment.

Elisabeth B July 24, 2018 at 11:47 am

Norwalk Teacher,

You missed the point of my comment. It’s more about the backhanded way they are going about this. “Reassigning” Mr. DeVellis for a new position at a school that doesn’t need it during a year of major cutbacks (he is going to work with guidance counselors at the smallest middle school when other guidance counselors are being cut), is clearly an attempt to get someone else at West Rocks to get info on Dr. Moore. Those kinds of decisions HAVE to stop. Central Office needs to stop playing dirty, they aren’t projecting Norwalk as a real contender to attract quality talent for our schools.

This goes beyond Dr. Moore and Mr. DeVellis in my book. This is clearly the way Central Office wants to treat our teachers, students, faculty, and staff, and it’s not ok.

Nancy Chapman July 24, 2018 at 1:42 pm

The comments section is different from the news section. I have no problem including these comments in my story.

As a journalist, I report on what people say. However, the comments policy rules are designed to encourage a civil discourse among ordinary citizens. As an example, insults are therefore not allowed.

The theory behind the NoN comments policy is partially that some people will shy away if they know they’ll be insulted for expressing an opinion. Obviously, the news section is designed to inform… If I, as a journalist, didn’t report on what was said by participants in a public issue, I’d be exercising censorship.

Again, the comments section is a different universe than the news section. We want commenters to play nice. In the other world, I report on news, trying to give both sides of an issue a fair airing. In this case, the Board of Education largely cannot comment but was given a chance, as is journalistic procedure.

I think we can all see via Facebook what happens when there is no “comments policy.”

There is no world in which I would apply a “comments policy” to a news story.

John S July 24, 2018 at 2:23 pm

“If” there was a clear-cut way to evaluate Administrators based on their performance we might not be in the situation. The Unions have protected inefficient teachers and administrators for years.

In the private sector, many of these employees would have been terminated. The fact that a Principal can have 4 documented cased of insubordination by Superintendents and still be working is insane.

To take it a step even further… how did Dr. Moore even get hired? Wasn’t she terminated from 2 other school districts for the same reasons?

When an imposter can be hired with no/fake credentials (Susan Fensore) I would question every hire that NPS has made in the past 20-30 years.

You can bad mouth the BOE members and Superintendent all you want but they have to tip toe around the Union contracts. Once you’re hired by NPS its almost impossible to get fired.

Our kids and taxpayers deserve better than this. It’s a shame that it’s come this far.

TONY DITRIO July 24, 2018 at 3:06 pm

I would just like to clear up some misinformation from Mr. Barbis. In two articles Mr. Barbis says:
” Administrators regularly get re-assigned … just last year the Assistant Principal at Roton was moved as was the AP at Ponus Ridge — in addition, the Principal from Briggs was moved to BMHS … these transfers occur regularly and they occur during the summer. That’s the nature of public school administration. Ditrio knows better…”

This is misleading at best. The transfer of administrators rarely ever happened before Dr. Adamowski came to Norwalk. It has become a summer practice under his administration. Last summer the Assistant Principal from Ponus was moved to fill a vacant position at Roton. This vacancy was created when they transferred the Roton Assistant to Jefferson in order to give him experience to be an Elementary Principal, a significant promotion. This is how Dr. Adamowski operates. He chooses who to promote and who to punish. The moving of the Principal from Briggs was necessitated when they cut her position at Briggs.
Mr. Devellis is being transferred simply as a form of punishment and intimidation. In all of these moves no parents are ever involved in what happens in their schools. Dr. Adamowski creates Governance Councils but does not ask their opinion on important school matters.
Barbis knows better.

Tony Ditrio July 24, 2018 at 5:47 pm

John S:
Stacey Lore was hired by Central Office. Human Resources failed to do a background check. The real problems have always been at the top. If it weren’t for Principals things would be a lot worse.

Tony Ditrio July 24, 2018 at 5:51 pm

The union does not hire anyone and we do not protect administrators that are not doing a good job. Once again ask Central Office. All members are evaluated annually with the State approved evaluation plan. Not so sure how the Superintendent and his Chiefs are being evaluated.

Norwalk Teacher July 24, 2018 at 5:54 pm

Tony, FYI, Dr Moore does NOT consult her SGC on important school matters so you may want to check the principals your are defending to be sure they are following protocol before you slam others for supposedly not following protocols. I am chuckling at every one of your statements because what you accuse Dr Adamowski and BOE of doing, Dr Moore has done exactly what you complain about and even much worse!

John S, well said! Previous CO staff and BOE did not do their jobs. Shame on them all for allowing a principal with a scary history lead a school for as long as she has! 20 years, I think!

And if I have to hear one more time about how she is Administrator of the Year, I will puke. The Principals Union run by Tony Ditrio and Dr Moore administer that award and ironically this is the first year of giving it out. Hummmm…..amazingly good timing for Lynne!!! As far as I am concerned, that Administrator of the Year award is a JOKE!

Patrick Cooper July 24, 2018 at 6:05 pm

@Tony Ditrio – that is some bold-face statement there. “The union does …. not protect administrators that are not doing a good job”.

Name one you have helped remove from Norwalk in the past 20 years.

Tony – you seem panicked. I get it. What will you do when there is a new President of NASA, and they decide a different course? May I recommend Greeley Colorado – you’d fit right in.

Mitch Adis July 24, 2018 at 7:53 pm

City hall is shady. Not just at the BOE but elsewhere. I have specific examples and proof too. As the saying goes “The fish rots from the head”.

Take note and then vote!

MarjorieM July 24, 2018 at 9:27 pm

In the same way students complain about not liking a tough, but effective teacher, some teachers complain about a tough, but effective principal. No doubt you will hear from teachers who have had run-ins with Lynn, but Lynn has held these teachers accountable. Isn’t that precisely what parents have wanted these last several years? Accountability? I do not personally like Lynn Moore, but I do admire her “children first” values. The school’s test scores reflect her passion for excellence, and for that she needs to be congratulated. Lynn is a very intelligent, strong woman, and boy does that rub some people the wrong way! ( And… No, I am definitely not Lynn Moore, as some think)

Concerned NPS Citizen July 24, 2018 at 9:28 pm

Norwalk Teacher,
I don’t doubt what you said about the way teachers have been/are being treated. Your point actually leads me to question what is also going on with the way the new Chief of Specialized Learning treats teachers, administrators, and (from my understanding) most NPS employees she comes in contact with? Is the Superintendent taking a closer look at her as well? I have heard that at least two of the Special Education administrators have quit along with her secretarial staff and other Special Education staff members are trying to get out of there as well. This is a major concern for me and my family. I know others feel the same way.

Norwalk Teacher July 25, 2018 at 3:41 am

@MajorieM- Lynne does NOT hold the right teachers accountable. She is tough but not effective. I could share stories on how she picks and chooses who she effectively or ineffectively disciplines but I do not think that is allowed on here. I truly wonder how many of those who defend her actually spend some quality time with her in the school to see how she really runs it and how she bullies/ has bullied some of the best teachers in that building the last 20 years. Before Devellis, how many APs have left because of her reign. How about how many teachers left because of her reign. Maybe ask the students what really goes on in that building, how many are truly happy and not the 10 that show up at the rallies. A truly effective leader does not bully when running a school. But rather is supportive to help teachers become better; they don’t pick and choose who the discipline but rather have good intentions when “supporting” teachers. Principal and teachers should work as a team. Teachers should not feel bullied or demeaned by their leader.

veteranteacher July 25, 2018 at 8:23 am

There are several principals that bully their teachers, the only difference between them and Dr. Moore is that they are Dr. A’s minions and she is not. CO administration has demonstrated total disrespect for teachers and parents over and over, and now have principals in several buildings going along with them. I can’t say I blame them when you see what happens if you don’t go along.

TONY DITRIO July 25, 2018 at 9:16 am

Patrick Cooper:
You know I can not name administrators that NASA has helped remove. Before Dr. Adamowski came to Norwalk we could work with the Superintendent when an administrator or teacher needed to be removed. You should also know that NASA plays no role in hiring. In essence, we were helping to fix a problem that the Central Office created. I can personally attest to three administrators that I assisted in getting out of Norwalk. I can also attest to helping move administrators into positions better suited to their skill sets. NASA does not want unfit administrators or teachers in Norwalk. What is happening now is not about unfit administrators. Each of the 2 administrators have excellent evaluations. This is not about job performance but rather about free speech and leadership. If you read the letters in Dr. Moore’s file you would see that none of the complaints are about her effectiveness as a Principal.

Teacher July 25, 2018 at 9:51 am

@VeteranTeacher you are 100% correct. The parents need to realize that this administration may have good intentions but manner in which we achieve these intentions is not very becoming.

A side note- the name bashing and personal attacks by individuals in the comment section is the wrong the message to be sending our students and community. Several people have their ax to grind and attack others with the same tired logic over and over is getting old. If you don’t like Norwalk… move.

Claire Schoen July 25, 2018 at 11:24 am

@Tony – Transfers of teachers and other staff happen all the time — and summer is generally when this is possible since the new fiscal year starts on July 1. Kind of misleading to make it sound like this is an unusual or back-handed practice — and why is it OK to reassign staff but not administrators? I reserve judgment as to what’s really going on here, since I don’t know what Dr. Moore has been accused of — but the actual practice of moving people around during the summer isn’t new.

TONY DITRIO July 25, 2018 at 4:14 pm

Claire- First hello. You are correct that many times teacher movement happens in the summer. This is mainly due to elimination of classes in one school and addition in another. While this is true for teachers it is not for administrators. The practice for administrators is that unless there is a problem administrative staff is chosen thorough a building based interview process. As I stated in my comment, the moving around of administrators is new to the Adamowski regime. If you remember back far enough when Dr. Sloan tried to move Principals he was not supported by the Board or the Common Council. It even led to his leaving Norwalk.

MarjorieM July 25, 2018 at 8:03 pm

Tony Ditrio is absolutely correct. Administrators have not typically been moved over the summer. This is a new practice instituted by Adamowski. Mr. Ditrio is also correct that the administrators’ union has counseled certain administrators to move on and some to move up. Parents, in the past, have actively challenged the superintendent’s decision regarding administrators in their buildings. Parents had much more of an influence in those days.
Whatever you think of Tony Ditrio, he is honest. He also knows the real history of many past administrators in Norwalk.

NPS educator July 26, 2018 at 9:13 am

I became a teacher wanting to prepare young people with the tools and skills they would need in order to be successful adults. Now I find myself at the mercy of politics. Teachers are not pawns on a chessboard to be moved around and ignored.

What the people of Norwalk should be asking themselves is what the motives of Dr. A and his BOE are? The Middle School redesign has removed teachers from their jobs. The MSR has made the class enrollment of science and social studies classes grow with numbers of 28 in the class being the norm. The MSR scheduling has required both science and social studies classes to meet ever other day. The block scheduling in middle school is difficult for this age group. Students at this age group lose focus, tire easily, and do NOT learn more. I find that reviewing what was taught the prior class takes time. So again I ask what are the motives? Could it be the bottom line?

Teachers did not choose this profession because of the money, vacation, or any of the other statements that I often here. We want to teach your children.

The current administration does not want to hear our concerns. We are pushed aside. The current administration does not want to hear that only supplying some subjects with classroom sets of text books is not adequate for the students of Norwalk. Many families cannot keep up internet in their homes for their children to access the books on line.

As for Joe Devellis, he is a good man. He works long hours and never complains. It is disgraceful that such an honorable and respected man is being treated this way. Again, I ask you to question why is he being moved? Is it to punish him for his loyalty to Lynne Moore? Why create a special assignment? Could it be that the special assignment is just a way to figure out how to do away with guidance counselors in the future?

I hope the parents of Norwalk fight for their children. I just want to teach.

Teacher July 26, 2018 at 11:39 am

@ NPSEducator, you nailed it perfectly. As a teacher I have seen what middle school redesign has done to my fellow teachers. Moral is low, despite what central office says.
MSR was designed to “gut” the middle school and shift positions to the high school. Middle school is paying the price for the mistakes of the BOE and their lack of planning. Several members of this board where on the board and actually in charge when high school graduation credit requirements changed, and did little to nothing to address this over several years.
Instead they lash out at teachers, ignore parents and feedback and demand more and more from the city’s rainy day fund regardless of the consequences it will create for the bonding of roads, and their own purposed school construction projects.
Who are we, just the teachers tasked with making their poor plans work, while CO receives thousands in bonuses. Interesting…

MarjorieM July 26, 2018 at 1:53 pm

FINALLY we have teachers speaking out and speaking the truth! Thank you to the teachers who are being honest. Teachers need to be heard, not stifled by central office. Scare tactics do not create results. This year’s test results will be Adamowski’s measure of success. We need to measure his progress starting now!

Norwalk Teacher July 26, 2018 at 4:30 pm

@MarjorieM- I find your statement to be insulting. Just because my opinion is different from yours, does not mean I am dishonest, nor I am “stifled” by central office. I can say the same about the Dr. Moore parent supporters, (that they are liars for supporting her) but they have a right to their opinions. For whatever reason, they are happy with the results she does or does not produce. There are two sides to every story and just because you do not agreee with CO does not mean you are the “truth”. And have any of us really heard exactly what the reasons are yet for Lynne Moore having all these meetings? Several are supporting her without even knowing the facts. Until I hear from the horse’s mouth, I am trusting the process. West Rocks certainly cannot get any worse with some fresh blood!

Jalna Jaeger July 26, 2018 at 8:33 pm

Dr. Moore should retire.
It is WAY past time that she did. She has done enough damage at West Rocks, and I could tell her, retirement is not so bad!!

Dolores C August 5, 2018 at 10:34 pm

Joe De Vellus is one of the hardest working assistant principals I know. No job is too small or too big for Joe. I had the pleasure of working with Joe at West Rocks. We both were Guidance Counselirs together and eventually Joe moved up the ranks to Assistant Principal. He has been Dr. Moore’s right hand man for a number of years and he has been the go to person for the staff at West Rocks along with the parents and especially the students. Joe ALWAYS makes the time to listen to the concerns of all. And how has the Suoerintendent rewarded Joe for being an exemplary assistant principal, not promote him to Principal in the event of Dr. Moore’s termination but to send him to Roton Middle School with the smallest school population and assign him to a bogus feasibility study on guidance. Absolutely ridiculous since the guidance secretaries have been cut along with guidance counselor positions and no longer any guidance departmentt chairs. Shame on you, Dr. Adamowski, do you think the people of Norwalk actually believe that this is why Joe DeVellis was reassigned. If that was the case, why would the guidance departments in all schools have a reduction in force BEFORE the feasibility study. It doesn’t make any sense at all. This is another way to retaliate against Dr. Moore but to make Joe DeVellis a scapegoat in this process is unconscionable. Parents of students at West Rocks, please band together and let your Board of Education know and Dr. Adamowski know that your children and the staff at West Rocks need Jor DeVellis to be reinstated. And by the way, Mr. Mayor, all of this bad press about the Norwalk Public Schools again and our taxes are paying for quality education? I don’t think so. Everytime a home in my neighborhood goes on market, it is bought by a couple with grown children. What happened to the days when Norwalk Public Schools was about Quality Education instead of sheer politics! We need to get back to what is really important in education: the children.

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