Republican D’Amelio opens HQ in bid to unseat Duff

NORWALK, Conn. – Republican State Senate candidate Marc D’Amelio opened his campaign headquarters in SoNo on Saturday, sharply criticizing longtime District 25 incumbent Bob Duff.

“He is in charge. He walked step by step, side by side with Dan Malloy and all we know is that this state is not doing well,” D’Amelio said to supporters gathered at 132 Washington St.

Voters are ready for a change, D’Amelio said to NancyOnNorwalk videographer Harold Cobin, explaining that the headquarters is in close proximity to the Walk Bridge because he feels the $700 million state plan to rebuild the aged railroad bridge hasn’t been properly vetted and he won’t stand for it.

D’Amelio said he’s a business person who can’t be bought, and, “I am an action guy.”

Duff, a Democrat, has been District 25 State Senator since 2004 and is Majority Leader. D’Amelio is an apparel industry entrepreneur and resident of Norwalk for more than 40 years.

Republican State Senate candidate Marc D’Amelio opens his campaign headquarters Saturday in SoNo. (Harold Cobin)


PIBerman July 2, 2018 at 8:46 am

Democrats have held their ship tightly together during the Malloy years. Problem is our Ship of Stae is floundering. And Democrats don’t quite seem to understand that in the contest between their public Union supporters around the State and the taxpayers eventually the taxpayers will eventually figure out how the game is played. Meanwhile we can boast of employment currently equal only to 2000 levels and a growing Exodus from CT with property values eroding throughout the Gold Coast and beyond. CT is not going down the yellow brick road. And our larger welfare dependent cities are in desperate straights. So change is rather desperately needed.

John S July 2, 2018 at 4:17 pm

There’s still time for the RTC to find a real candidate to challenge Bob Duff. You should have stuck to your script.

I agree that Bob Duff has not done enough and I’m 100% open to casting a vote for another candidate, regardless of party affiliation but I’m not going to throw my vote to someone that has yet to say anything about what he’ll do in Hartford. We all know Connecticut is in trouble, we all know there are lots of issues facing Norwalk with the Walk Bridge etc. (issues facing Darien?) but what are you going to do to fix it?

If you’re serious about getting my vote, spend less time talking about what Bob Duff isn’t/hasn’t done and more time talking (in detail) about what you’ll do in Hartford.

I wish you the best of luck but you really need to step up your game if you think you’ll have a chance against Bob Duff next election cycle.

Democrats are going to come out in force and blindly vote blue.

You need to prove that you’re the change we need.

Piberman July 5, 2018 at 9:28 am

John S
Your thoughtful comments can be applied to the entire GOP field of candidates in CT. We don’t have any similar experience of a State similar to CT that has stagnated economically for decades while subject to truly punitive local and State taxes. None of the candidates have a clear cut program for restoring CT over the next decade or longer. And that’s also true of most serious analysts of CTs economy and fiscal affairs. So the argument for change is the old fashioned one – “those who get you in serious long term trouble and unlikely to get you out”. The argument for replacing Sen. Duff is that his vote has always belonged to his Party and he has no significant legislation bearing his name while in office over a decade.

Those satisfied with Democrats will certainly choose Sen. Duff. Those wanting better than to continue in th nation’s poorest performing State with unprecedented fiscal problems do have an alternative. What we do know for certain is that our local and State public Unions will beat the drums to continue our current governance so they can remain among the very highest paid in the entire nation. Our elections come down to “Democrats and public Unions” versus CT taxpayers.

We can also be quite certain that a Democratic victory in CT will cause an unprecedented exodus of residents, jobs and firms. Especially the wealthy residents who pay a disproportionate share of CT revenues. Prices of high valued homes in the Gold Coast are falling faster than anytime in recent memories. The “smart monies” understand what’s in store for CT under continued Democrat/Union rule.

So we have a choice: same old or new blood. As goes Norwalk maybe as goes CT itself.

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