August 16: Second day of Woodstock Festival! And in 2018 — Nancy’s Night Out

Nancy’s Night Out: August 16, 6:30, Ripka’s @ Calf Pasture Beach. You’re invited.

Why?  NancyOnNorwalk is, and needs to be, one sure source of local news; Nancy works incredibly hard and needs a Night Out.

Some night!  Cool jazz by Mike Camacho’s group.  Wood-fired pizza plus a raw bar.  Stuff for kids.  Nancy expects a lot of fun.  You’re invited.

Sea breezes.  Summer stars.  Free parking (Nancy will help if you haven’t got a sticker).  And if you can spare it, a suggested donation of $25, since NancyOnNorwalk depends on reader support.

No need to RSVP; just mark your calendar.
See you there.

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Victor Cavallo August 13, 2018 at 2:19 pm

It would be cool if those who went to Woodstock bring some memorabilia for show-and-tell. I still have my tickets.

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