Connecticut primary sets fall lineup

Republican Connecticut gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski. (Christine Stuart, CT News Junkie)

The election is Nov. 6.

NORWALK, Conn. – Statewide results are in, with Republican Bob Stefanowski set to square off against Democrat Ned Lamont in the race for governor.

CTNewsJunkie reports this as a surprise, quoting Stefanowski as saying the campaign had been underestimated from the start.

Stefanowski hadn’t voted in 16 years and was registered as a Democrat months before switching back to Republican and announcing his run for governor, CTNewsJunkie reports.

Lamont immediately upon winning suggested that Connecticut needs to regionalize its services, CTNewsJunkie reports.

The Connecticut Secretary of State reports these results:


Democratic race for Governor

  • Ned Lamont 165,375 votes, or 81.12%
  • Joe Ganim, 38,496, or 18.88%



Republican race for Governor

  • Bob Stefanowski, 40,597 votes, 29.31 percent
  • Mark Boughton, 29,358 votes, 21.20 percent
  • David Stemerman, 25,439, 18.37 percent
  • Timothy Herbst, 24,388 votes, 17.61 percent
  • Steve Obsitnik, 18,701 votes, 13.51 percent


Democratic race for Lt. Governor

  • Susan Bysiewicz, 124,718 votes, 62.03 percent
  • Eva Bermuda Zimmerman, 76,335 votes, 37.97 percent


Republican race for Lt. Governor

  • Joe Markley, 63,590 votes, 47.41 percent
  • Erin Stewart, 44,000 votes, 32.8 percent
  • Jayme Stevenson, 26,546 votes, 19.79 percent


Republican race for U.S. Senator

  • Matthew Corey, 97,023 votes, 76.60 percent
  • Dominic Rapini, 29,498 votes, 23.31 percent


Republican race for Treasurer

  • Thad Gray, 71,624 votes, 55.88 percent
  • Art Linares, 56,549 votes, 44.12 percent


Democratic race for Treasurer

  • Shawn Wooden, 111,135 votes, 56.67 percent
  • Dita Bhargava, 84,963 votes, 43.33 percent


Democratic race for Attorney General

  • William Tong, 114,441 votes, 57.34 percent
  • Chris Mattei, 51,522 votes, 25.82 percent
  • Paul Doyle, 33,617 votes, 16.84 percent


Republican race for Comptroller

  • Kurt Miller, 66,881 votes, 52.56 percent
  • Mark Greenburg, 60,365 votes, 47.44 percent


Republican race for Attorney General

  • Sue Hatfield, 102,864 votes, 79.33 percent
  • John Shaban, 26,800 votes, 20.67 percent


Al Bore August 15, 2018 at 8:17 am

Why is that so many democrats go out to vote while republicans seem to sit home then complain after it’s too late. Get out and vote now more than ever!

Rick August 15, 2018 at 12:11 pm

Your right Al , the news we are seeing out of New HAVEN this morning suggests drugs should be the issue that most running and in office are not thinking about , The count of overdoses hover around 16 right now in one park all suspected from the same source .

Poor economics the state is in chaos so maybe the Republicans will get involved its not a party issue its a state issue that has no signs of letting up.

Not for nothing when has our current reps and city hall been proactive in fighting this epidemic ? Giving out Narcan the city boasts but what about prevention? Its time to hire more enforcement and triple the fight at the homeless level.

lets all show support for think about the victims today most of theses politicians are running around talking victory while New Haven is still picking up victims off the street.

Norwalk is suing drug manufacturers but what about this K2 stuff that is suspected today whats Norwalk going to do Now? Our proactive lawyers in Norwalk have always missed the point.

V August 15, 2018 at 2:14 pm

Rick – many good points except these people using the illegal drugs are NOT VICTIMS. They make a choice. That choice is to continue to get high. That is not a victim dude.

Rick August 15, 2018 at 3:20 pm

Your right V drugs dont make them victims but they are in Ct take away the drugs they are victims in a State where jobs like the mall went to everyone but Norwalkers. All the sheet rock is done by a company from Springfield mass all the employees are from Mass. More on that later.

The 60 minute media in Norwalk highlighted three people from Norwalk that had jobs at the new high rise on Raymond.

They say if you were late on rent in Washington village you were not selected to work for Trinity financial.Great city incentive Colin should be all over that with his buddy Harry.

People in Washington village have been intimidated by the city complain and your out not all are fully subsidized they work some 40 hours.Mold rats and water in the cellar was known to exist complain and fear of reprisal is strong right now for the 300 left in the village.

Every been to the green in New Haven? Anyone?

This last primary how much did you here about white or blue collar addiction , homeless and drug epidemics.

WE were told on Quintard ave people are victims with substance abuse city decided not to fight the halfway house they are considered victims of society but the ones on the green in New Haven are what just losers. (not directed towards you V)

Certain city democrats have o go outside of South Norwalk to get support they worn out their welcome here.

a side note the drug in New haven was so dangerous and not your typical stuff Narcan and Naloxone isn’t working now what? and the count is 30 and climbing .

Taxpayers are now the victims we will pay for this day if most were homeless.

We need to react stop making everyone the victim and put the blame on our politicians .

I still in part V agree with you , that would of stopped the halfway house but its too late people who make bad choices are now covered by the law.

Rick August 15, 2018 at 7:52 pm

count is 45 in 24 hours one has been arrested but still 45 people for what ever reason decide it was a good day to get high .

You would think with the election we would hear outrage even from the losers.

Joe August 19, 2018 at 1:46 pm

Ct News Junkie is “surprised” at Stefanowski win?

She’s once again drinking her own Kool-Aid like she and the left media did in the 2016 general.

Stef’s early TV ads were right out of the Trump playbook. Stef ran around the press and the GOP good ol’boy establishment.

I think both parties are getting their clocks cleaned and it’s about time. We had a ball with this primary and more good stuff to come!

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