Norwalk election notes: Lavielle and Wilms nab Independent support; Himes-Arora town hall planned

(Norwalk Branch NAACP)

The election is Nov. 6.

NORWALK, Conn. – Here’s a roundup of Norwalk election news:

  • NAACP plans Himes/Arora town hall
  • Wilms endorsed by Independent Party
  • Lavielle endorsed by Independent Party


NAACP, Divine Nine, present town hall

U.S. Rep. Jim Himes (D-Greenwich) and his Republican opponent in the fall election, Harry Arora, are set to meet Wednesday in Norwalk for a town hall organized by the Norwalk Branch NAACP and The Divine Nine.

The event runs from 6 to 9 p.m., Wednesday, Aug. 29 in the City Hall community room.  Himes will present from 6 to 6:45 p.m. and Arora will present from 7 to 7:45 p.m.

Organizers hope the town hall will address health care equity, education equity, voting rights, civil/human rights, economic equity and financial security, Medicare and Medicaid, prescription drug costs, women’s rights, planned parenthood, immigration and DACA, gun control measures, educational reforms and school funding, a flier sent by Norwalk Branch NAACP President Brenda Penn-Williams said.

“There are nine historically Black Greek letter organizations (BGLOs) that make up the National Pan‐Hellenic Council. Collectively, these organizations are referred to as ‘The Divine Nine,’” the release said.



Wilms endorsed

State Rep. Fred Wilms (R-142) has been endorsed by the Independent Party of Connecticut, meaning his name will appear on the ballot on both the Republican and Independent lines.

State Rep. Fred Wilms (R-142).

“I was honored to receive the Republican nomination in May. However because Connecticut’s crisis transcends political labels, I sought out the Independent endorsement as well. We all need to work together,” Wilms said in a press release.

Wilms was first elected as State Rep. Larry Cafero’s successor in 2014.  He was reelected in 2016. He previously served 15 years in Norwalk government, including on the Common Council, Water Pollution Control Authority and Zoning Board of Appeals.  He also served as the Board of Estimate and Taxation (BET) Chairman from 2005 to 2013.

He is quoted in the press release as saying:

“Connecticut is in the midst of a huge economic and fiscal crisis.  GE is gone. Our economy has shrunk 8 percent. We have a hostile business environment, high taxes, massive unfunded liabilities and a $5 billion budget deficit for 2019 – 2020. With my strong finance background I bring a fresh perspective to saving our State.

“We need to get our economy growing again. The best creators of new jobs are small businesses. Small businesses do not see the State as their friend. We need to lower business taxes, reform unemployment and workers compensation costs and scrap job-killing mandates. As a Senior Vice President at Webster Bank, I work with small businesses in the Norwalk and New Canaan areas. I experience their frustrations every working day.”


Wilms is quoted as saying: “We also need to get our fiscal house in order. We should scrap the estate tax, reform the income tax, confront the unsustainable state employee pension and benefits costs, outsource the horrible Department of Motor Vehicles and transfer social services to the more effective not-for-profit sector.”

He said, “As important as the issues are, nothing beats serving the personal needs of my constituents. My office has worked to reinstate people’s health care insurances and restore medicine prescriptions that had been cut off. We have helped homeowners save money on their monthly electric bills. As your State Legislator, I will always look for new ways to help.”

Wilms is being challenged for reelection by Democrat Lucy Dathan of New Canaan.


Lavielle picks up Independent Party endorsement

Also receiving an Independent Party endorsement is State Rep. Gail Lavielle (R-143).

State Rep. Gail Lavielle (R-143).

Lavielle will appear on both the Republican and Independent ballot lines.

“I am very pleased to have received the endorsement of the Independent Party, which I believe reflects my approach of considering every issue on its merits, working with people of all political affiliations to get things done, and representing my constituents, who hold a broad spectrum of viewpoints, first and foremost,” Lavielle is quoted as saying in a press release. “I am honored that independent-minded people see the value of my work in representing our district. Connecticut’s persistent fiscal crisis and serious economic issues transcend politics and demand clear and objective thinking, honest working relationships, and transparency for the state’s residents.

Lavielle has represented Wilton and parts of Westport and Norwalk as State Representative since 2011.

“Irresponsible financial management and a habit of making promises that our state cannot afford have jeopardized our state’s economy, but if everyone in the General Assembly rises above politics and special interests to confront the issues, we can reverse the trend,” Lavielle is quoted as saying. “We must dramatically change the way state government is managed, and put the people of Connecticut first. At the same time, we must work equally hard to preserve Connecticut’s values of respect for the individual. While residents of all ages and backgrounds are fearful of not being able to have a future here, it is respect for each of them that obligates those of us serving in CT’s government to ensure them that future by restoring our state’s finances and economy. This is my focus, and an obligation that I take very much to heart.”


“We believe Gail will be an independent-minded voice in the state legislature seeking an accessible and responsible state government that works for all residents,” Michael Duff, State Chairman of the Connecticut Independent Party is quoted in the release as saying. “Her views on government spending, taxes, overall budget reform and the dire need for economic growth reflect our goals. We enthusiastically endorse Gail’s candidacy, and look forward to her victory in November.”

Democrat Stephanie Thomas of Norwalk is challenging Lavielle.


Mike Mushak August 28, 2018 at 6:26 am

I own a small business here in Norwalk and have no idea what Fred Wilms is talking about when he says we have “job-killing” policies that frustrate small businesses here in CT.

On the contrary, I find it pretty easy to run a business here. When I had s business in NY, I found that frustrating at times, especially the workman’s comp, but not here. Regulations seem reasonable enough to protect public health and safety, and the taxes we pay are expected costs of doing business that exist everywhere. I know lots of business owners as well and the subject never comes up as to how “frustrated” we all are about CT.

Republicans seem to enjoy trashing CT at every turn, which is something I find frustrating as some folks actually start to believe all the relentless negative propaganda from the GOP!

U.S. Blues August 28, 2018 at 11:01 am

@mike mushak, the only propaganda I see is yours rejoicing that small business owners not frustrated by what is going on in CT by out the door Malloy. Rejoicing by the fact that CT is on the VERY bottom of economics in the whole US?

Yeah? That’s propaganda. Your vague reference to small business owner friends is very questionable.

John j. Flynn August 28, 2018 at 8:28 pm

I also obtained the independent party endorsement for the 140, who just happens have the Republican endorsement.

I am running against Colin Hosten, citizen of Trinidad, a non-us citizens and Travis and Tarvis Simms, who are campaigning as Travis; they are identical twins with a very questionable past. How can you can campaign at 2 different Schools at the same time??? One is a candidate; the other and impostor. Double the pleasure, double the fun. John J. Flynn I approve this message.

Steve Mann August 29, 2018 at 7:48 am

@Mike, maybe some folks actually just open their eyes and see the reality of what’s gone on in Connecticut? I was going to say, “if it looks like a duck, and sounds like a duck…………” but decided to refrain with respect to the quacks who have been running the state.

Rick August 29, 2018 at 9:59 am

Im glad I’m not a Democrat with a business and have customers in Shorefront park where Firetree is involved. The Democrats have bit the hand that feeds them’

I suggest now to my Democratic friends next election if you don’t want to change parties which i can respect simply don’t vote for Harry and the cronies that surround him.

Job killing mayor is more like it, sue the drug companies was the headlines with the Danbury mayor , anyone tell Harry one of those companies is located in the Merritt building and has decided Norwalk is no longer a friendly city?

Colin wants to go after the guns anyone tell him Wichester guns is also at the Merritt? Olin is not a food oil Norwalk has a lot of history with guns and ammo who would of ever thought they were Norwalks enemy number one?


Cant have it both ways Democrats hurt those who support you hurt those who employ and not be job killers ?

at least a policy is the first step to resolve its obvious Norwalk Demo {…} prefer the A scorched-earth policy after every election Dan the man and Harry the Houdini has shown us the best side of the Party.

Someone is losing the battle of wits im afraid to say, know the past like a good Norwalker and you win credibility.

Gail by the way I met at a hazardous waste day sleeves rolled up dirt on her hands, never thought she was a state rep.

To bad the other team didn’t care about the earth, in Norwalk the environment is for sale.

Edited to remove an insult, a violation of the comment policy. https://www.nancyonnorwalk.com/comment-guidelines/

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