Norwalk election notes: Morris endorses Simms; D’Amelio and Flynn promote campaigns via Facebook

Common Council member Travis Simms (D-District B), right, speaks to voters in May in the South Norwalk Community Center. Listening from left are Second Taxing District Commission Chairperson David Westmoreland and District B Democratic leader Darlene Young.

The election is Nov. 6. A Democratic primary is Tuesday.

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NORWALK, Conn. – Here’s a roundup of election items:

  • Morris endorses Simms in Dem primary with Hosten
  • D’Amelio ‘vows to stand up for Norwalk and Darien’ in nonpartisan way, blasts Duff on Facebook
  • Flynn reaches voters online
  • Crosland makes video pitch

Morris: Vote for Simms

State Rep. Bruce Morris (D-140) has endorsed Common Council member Travis Simms (D-District B) to replace him in the State House of Representatives.  Simms, a SoNo native, is running against Human Relations Commissioner Colin Hosten in a Tuesday primary which will determine the Democratically endorsed candidate in the race to replace Morris, who is not running for re-election.

“Morris is encouraging local Democrats voting at Columbus, Nathanial Ely and Kendall schools to cast their vote for Simms,” a press release said.

The announcement is a turnaround for Morris, who in May said he was hoping for a write-in candidate.

“My biggest concern has always been that when I leave I want to make the move to someone who is competent, capable, and able,” Morris said in May.  “I’m not going to say I’m so certain that that is the case right now. I am super-concerned when it comes to both candidates.”

“During my twelve years representing some of the most vulnerable citizens in Norwalk, we have made significant steps forward,” Morris is quoted as saying in the release. “Today, more than ever, we need these voices to continue to elevate Connecticut’s capital in Hartford. There’s no question that Travis represents the perseverance of our community and can be a new kind of champion fighting on behalf of Norwalk.”

Simms is a former World Boxing Association super welterweight champ. Morris is retiring.

“Simms, a four-term City Councilman and endorsed candidate, is up for the challenge in representing his hometown in Hartford,” the press release said.

“I’m thankful for Representative Morris’ support and the 140th district will always be grateful for his service,” Simms is quoted as saying in the release. “With that, there are still many demands for improvement in our neighborhoods. My time on the Council has given me important insight into the relationship of our state and local governments. I’m passionate about giving back to the community and am looking forward to continuing to do my part on behalf of the people.”

Asked for comment about Morris’s endorsement, Hosten said in an e-mail to NancyOnNorwalk: “All I can say is that at this point, my campaign has knocked on almost 3,000 Democrat doors in the 140th District, and the one phrase we’ve heard most consistently is, ‘We need change.’”

The winner of the Democratic primary will face Republican John Flynn in the Nov. 6 election.  District 140 is overwhelmingly Democratic.


D’Amelio promises to serve people over party

Republican District 25 State Senate candidate Marc D’Amelio vowed to stand up for Norwalk and Darien “NO MATTER THE PARTY OR POSITION IN OPPOSITION,” a Thursday press release said.

The release highlighted this Thursday Facebook post:

“When elected, I will stand up to Democrats, Republicans and the President if I disagree with policies that are not in the best interest of the majority of the people I represent. With that stated, we need elected officials that look past political party and can find common ground without special interests guiding their decisions. My party gets me a seat at the table, but my character and the people I represent will lead my choices.”


D’Amelio blasts Duff on Facebook

D’Amelio recently blasted his opponent, State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-25) in a Tuesday Facebook post accusing Duff of taking credit for work done by others:

“Last week Bob posted the attached image of Norwalk High School being painted. He took credit for it when he wrote about the “months he spent going over color schemes and designs”…are you serious? Two years ago, as president of the NHS Parents Club, I put together a rebranding of Norwalk High School in conjunction with a fellow parent and graphic designer Rick Mapes. Rick and I came up with the color scheme and concept in about 30 minutes. This concept was presented to various Facebook parents groups and Superintendent Adamowski to rave reviews. The rebranding included a professional logo package, repainting of the school in a green and gray color scheme, college style courtyard, updated football uniforms and a total renovation of the gymnasium. All of these original posts are shown here.

“I am not pointing this out to obtain credit, but I do think there is a severe issue with the Senate Majority Leader taking copyrighted creative concepts, posting them and representing that the ideas are his own.

“When is Norwalk going to wake up and understand that Bob Duff only cares about Bob Duff? He will do anything for a photo opp and to be in the limelight but is either unwilling or incapable of doing any actual heavy lifting. He will do anything to sell out Norwalk and Connecticut for political gain and I refuse to let it continue.”


NancyOnNorwalk attended a Board of Education Facilities Committee meeting last year, where D’Amelio was one of several parents enthusiastically offering alternatives for the Norwalk High School exterior. He also talked about rebranding the school.

D’Amelio’s post generated many comments, with Darline Perpignan writing: “Stealing people’s concepts and getting credit for other people’s work is a real passion for Duff. Expose him every time.”

“Last year I was unfriended by {Duff} because I said something he didn’t like I guess. I thought politicians were supposed to listen to their constituents? No loss there, lol!” another woman wrote.

The anger crossed from D’Amelio’s page to Duff’s, with Republican District D Chairman John Romano replying to the NHS announcement by writing, “Thats actually great news, imagine if you had fought harder in Hartford for school funds how much sooner this project would have been done.”

“Bob does so much for his constituents. If you have a problem with any thing to do with the State government ( and even others) he always does what he can to get you help. He and his aide Dean have helped me many times. He doesn’t go around bragging about it and just acts. He is very honest and I am proud to call him my Senator,” a woman replied.

Romano went on to accuse Duff of helping him years ago “with an Industry related issue which had much support in the Senate and was a consumer friendly bill related to safety. Then years later tried to reverse the license that was issued for political reasons, but he was defeated and the license remained in place by a bi-partisan vote.”

“John, when you make an accurate statement I’ll respond. Otherwise, this is factually wrong,” Duff replied.

You can find the conversation, which continued, here.


Flynn promotes message

Flynn has 210 people following his Facebook page, and 207 who have liked the page.

The most recent post is a registration form in Spanish.

“I am running for Bruce Morris’s seat. Bruce retired. Please tell me what he has done for you? That is a valuable seat. No one will work harder to get it and keep it,” Flynn wrote, one hour earlier.

Just two hours before that, Flynn posted an image of a check. He wrote:

“This is a cashed stolen check for $245,024.09 from 8/9/2000, 18 years ago today. An investigation by the Norwalk Detective Bureau began 18 years ago. They can’t give us a Police report because “it would interfere with the pending investigation.” The investigation was reopened in 2003, 2005, and 2008. There are 1200 more cashed stolen checks and no response. A lawyer cashed stolen checks and claimed to be Greenwich Global’s Attorney. The lawyer claimed the stolen property was protected by the Attorney-Client privilege. The lawyer was never engaged or retained or charged with the crime. The lawyer worked for the bank where the check was deposited. “The Check is dated August 9, 2000. Thankfully it doesn’t happen often but what would you do if someone claimed to be your attorney and you didn’t know them? They could sell your home without your knowledge. Its called identity theft. Identity theft occurs every three seconds in America. It is fraud; there is no statute of limitations on fraud.

“The investigation is still pending.

“I approve this message. Paid for by Flynn2018. In April 2017, the Detective testified that he never looked at the 900 page evidence file. FST CV 14-5014296 on Jud.ct.gov. He did not recognize the evidence that he collected himself. The evidence was logged, stamped and why did he collect a salary?

“Last Month my 82 year old father had his computer hacked, his identity stolen; the Police said call Experian. We need tougher laws on identity theft. It happens every 3 seconds.

“Send me to Hartford. I am running for State Rep in the 140. If you don’t send me to Hartford, good luck. The next time you deposit money at the Bank, the lawyer for the bank might steal it. It happens.”


Earlier posts refer to neighbors with health issues, with Flynn writing:

“Six houses in a row have incidents of asthma. In the house on my right, the mother and son have asthma. The next house has a 38 year old with asthma. Two houses to the left, the owner has raspatory problem. The next house has a two and a half year-old with asthma. We are three blocks from Meadow Street. We are down wind.

“Many in the neighborhood have knowledge of similar problems. We need to document what is happening. There are long term effects of particulate dust with silicon. If you know anyone with an inhaler living in the 140, I believe there is a cluster. The piles of stone dust have been visible and uncovered since 2013 in Ariel photographs.”

Crosland promotes campaign

Democratic Probate Judge candidate Darnell Crosland, who is seeking to defeat Democratic Party-endorsed candidate Doug Stern in Tuesday’s primary, on Wednesday released this video:

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