Norwalk election roundup: Dems split in 140; Republicans hold presser on tolls

From left, District 140 state representative candidate Colin Hosten and Common Council member Eloisa Melendez (D-District A) at the grand opening of his campaign headquarters at 23 South Main St. (Contributed)

Updated, 5:57 a.m.: Copy edits

The election is Nov. 6. A Democratic primary is Tuesday.

NORWALK, Conn. —Here’s a roundup of election-related items:

  • Simms’ Council colleagues endorse his opponent for state rep
  • Sead claims Norwalk DTC isn’t promoting Simms
  • Republican candidates Page and D’Amelio oppose Malloy’s toll study
  • League of Women Voters shares election info



Melendez, Yerinides endorse Hosten over Simms

Common Council members Eloisa Melendez and Chris Yerinides, both District A Democrats, have endorsed Colin Hosten to become the Democratic-endorsed candidate for state representative in District 140.

From left, Common Council member Chris Yerinides (D-District A) and Colin Hosten, at the May 18 landing ceremony for the Young Astronauts Program at Columbus Magnet School. (Contributed)

Hosten, a newcomer to politics, is challenging Council member Travis Simms (D-District B), who won the endorsement at the Democratic caucus, in the Aug. 14 primary.  The candidates are seeking the seat currently held by Rep. Bruce Morris (D-14o), who is not running for re-election.  District 140 is heavily Democratic.

Melendez has served with Simms for five years. Yerinides is new to the Council, having won election last fall.

A press release explained:

“’I’ve enjoyed an open and honest dialogue with Colin,’ Yerindes said on Monday. ‘I know I’ll be able to relay my constituent issues to him and have them addressed appropriately at the state level.’

“Melendez said that she was most impressed with Hosten’s work ethic. ‘I don’t think anyone has been campaigning harder in this race,’ she added. ‘We need more of that energy and dedication in Hartford. We need a Democrat who will do the work.’

“’I’m humbled by this show of support from Chris and Eloisa,’ Hosten said. ‘It’s a reminder that we make more progress by working together than by building walls between people. I hope to be a strong advocate for all of Norwalk if I am elected as State Representative.’”

State legislative districts are different from municipal districts.

“Approximately one-third of the 140th House District falls within Municipal District A,” the press release states, going on to explain that most of it is in District B and a small amount is in District E.

Hosten, a Village Creek resident, is in District E. The caucus was held in District B.

Hosten has been endorsed by the Working Families Party, Run for Success and Planned Parenthood, and is a Gun Sense Candidate of Distinction from Moms Demand Action.

Simms did not respond to an email asking about the endorsements.


Sead slams Rilling, DTC, for not supporting Simms

The Norwalk Democratic Town Committee is supporting all of its endorsed candidates except Simms, former Democratic Common Council candidate Jalin Sead said in a Facebook post.

“I find it extremely strange that I’ve received multiple emails from the Norwalk Democratic Town Committee, supporting all of its Endorsed Candidates, either asking for money, or my time, the one Endorsed Candidate I have not received an email about is Travis Simms. The must be too busy trying to help the guy who lost the caucus… WAKE UP NORWALK VOTE TRAVIS SIMMS AUGUST 14!!!”

Asked about this via email, Sead slammed Mayor Harry Rilling and the DTC:

“I am very unhappy with the DTC and the Mayor on this issue. I think this election shows how unfair they have been. What has caused my frustration is my personal experiences with the leadership of the DTC and the Mayor.

“When I ran for Common Council in 2015 I met with the Mayor at Penny’s Diner, with Rhonda Teel, Nicol Ayers, and Mrs. Carolyn Fuller; at that meeting the mayor told us to stay focus, and he said that he would stay out of the primary because it would be unethical to support candidates before a Primary. I understood that, that seemed fair. However in this election cycle, The Mayor Endorsed Colin before a Caucus had taken place.

“A year ago when Kadeem Roberts was running for Common Council, I suggested that District A allow all candidates an opportunity to simply speak to the district. Ms. King and Mr. Camacho said that it wouldn’t be appropriate because the DTC has their Endorsed candidates, and the challenger is basically going against the DTCs endorsement. But, now you have the Chair of the DTC, the CoChair of the DTC, and many high ranking Democratic Elected officials supporting a challenging candidate.

“Technically speaking you can say the DTC as a whole has not been supporting a candidate. HOWEVER, if you have the Chair, CoChair, Mayor, and other supporting a candidate it sends a message of support from the entire party to the public.

“These are just my personal views and experiences. I have been reached out to by the Mayor and others, and Ms. King mentioned in one article that I haven’t reached out to the Mayor. My reasoning for that is because, I am tired of meeting or speaking with people, and being told one thing in private, but something completely different being done in public.”


Melendez, who has endorsed Simms, was recently elected NDTC vice chairwoman.

Neither DTC Chairman Ed Camacho nor Rilling replied to NancyOnNorwalk emails asking for a response to Sead’s comments.

Camacho answered Sead’s post on Facebook: “Jalin, the NDTC remains neutral with respect to candidates involved in primaries. We have taken no official position with respect to any candidates for constitutional office or state representative in which there is an announced primary. That would be inappropriate. Of course, individual members of the NDTC are free to support the candidate they believe possesses the requisite skills and temperament to get the job done. I hope that clarifies any misunderstandings.”


Page, D’Amelio support special session to stop toll study

Norwalk Republicans met Monday to support a special session aimed at stopping Gov. Dannel Malloy from spending $10 million to study the feasibility of tolls in Connecticut.

From left, State Rep. Terri Wood (R-141), State Rep. Fred Wilms (R-142), State Rep. Gail Lavielle (R-143), Frank Page and Marc D’Amelio. (Contributed)

State Senate candidate Marc D’Amelio and State Representative candidate Frank Page were the focus of the Republican presser in Constitution Park, with State Representatives Gail Lavielle (R-143), Fred Wilms (R-142) and Terrie Wood (R-141) there to support the sentiment, a press release said.

Malloy issued an executive order last month directing the Connecticut Department of Transportation to plan to implement tolls and study the impacts of such a plan.  The State Bond Commission authorized Malloy’s request to borrow $10 million for the study.

“Currently, all 71 House Republicans have submitted signed petitions calling for a special session to address the toll study,” the release said. “At least five Democratic members of the House would be required to sign petitions in order for the chamber to come back into special session.”

D’Amelio is seeking to unseat State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-25), while Page is taking on State Rep. Chris Perone (D-137). Page and D’Amelio have previously announced their opposition to the toll study.

“If I represented Norwalk in the legislature today, I would absolutely sign this petition to request a Special Session so they could prevent the expenditure of taxpayer money on studying tolls,” Page is quoted as saying in Monday’s release.  “Our ‘future ex-governor’ Malloy called this $10 million a ‘drop in the bucket’ for the state, but he is talking about tax money paid by hard-working families in the 137th district. Norwalkers don’t need a study to tell us that tolls would make life in Connecticut even more unaffordable. I challenge my opponent – the ‘Transportation Czar’ – to sign this petition, too.”

“When I speak with people on the campaign trail, people are aware the state is in a fiscal crisis, and they all can’t understand why an entity in the middle of a fiscal crisis would want to take on even more debt,” D’Amelio is quoted as saying. “As someone running to represent Norwalk, whose schools are routinely underfunded and require additional resources, stopping wasteful spending by the legislature is an urgent matter. I think residents in the 25th senate district deserve to know where Sen. Bob Duff stands on this issue.”

Neither Duff nor Perone responded to a NancyOnNorwalk email relaying Page and D’Amelio’s comments.



Sample ballots available; dates and deadlines

Sample ballots are available for the Aug. 14 primary, the League of Women Voters of Norwalk said Monday in an email blast, providing a link to the city website.

The league also shared these important dates and deadlines, from the city’s website:


Municipal primary election:  Tuesday, Aug. 14.  Democratic primary and Republican primary

Absentee ballots for the primary election are available from the Town Clerk. You’ve missed the deadline to switch major parties and vote in the primary, as it was May 14.

If you’re unaffiliated, you can still vote in one of the primaries by joining a major party by noon Aug. 13 – Monday.

2018 State/Federal general election: Nov. 6th
Registration can be done in person, by mail, or on-line.
The last day to register to vote is Oct. 30. Mail to the Registrar’s Office (Room 122, Norwalk City Hall, Norwalk CT, 06851), or register in person by hand-delivery to the Registrars office, the DMV, or voter-registration agency; or register on-line, based on your Connecticut Drivers’ License, using the Secretary of the State’s website.

The Registrar’s office will be open until 8 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 30. If your rights “as to age, citizenship, or residence mature” after Oct. 30, you may apply up to noon Nov. 5.

Also Note: Connecticut law allows for Election Day Registration (EDR), so if you have not registered to vote by the above cut-off dates, it is still possible to come into City Hall on Election Day — between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. Nov. 6 – to register and vote. You must have a valid I.D. and with current proof of Norwalk residency (30 days or less) — and vote at City Hall.

There is no EDR either at regular polling places, or for the primary.
Absentee ballots for the general election will be available from the Town Clerk beginning Oct. 5.



League warns: Primary is not at West Rocks

“For those of you who typically vote at West Rock Middle School, please be aware that the location for the Primary has been moved to All Saints School due to construction at West Rocks,” the League warned.

The school is unavailable due to ongoing remediation work, Democratic Registrar Stuart Wells said recently.  Wells noted that the presence of asbestos and PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyl) means there are strict regulations that have to be followed.

“Although the work is being done in parts of the school far from the gym, the whole school is closed,” Wells wrote. “The rules relating to this type of work make it completely illegal for children under 18 to enter the building and 17 year-olds, who will be 18 by Election Day (November 6), are allowed to vote in the primary. Consequently the building cannot be used, even though it might have been possible to get permission for adults over 18 to enter. Additionally, while there would be minimal possibility of exposure to asbestos during the brief time it takes to vote, our poll workers are another matter. They work a 16-hour day.”

The location change is just for the primary, not the general election. District 142C votes at West Rocks, according to a map on the City’s website.

“All Saints is basically next door to West Rocks, so there should be little or no inconvenience to voters,” Wells wrote.


Rick August 7, 2018 at 12:08 pm

Colin was thrown into this election ask the facts he and Duff has ignored or doesn’t know and won’t listen too.


facts come from where?

I simply asked the facts from the EPA, Ct DEEP, Coast Guard, Army Corp and


be made public

spell out what Colin has in regards to communications on pcbs and contaminants in Village creek on file. Go look at deprived Vegetation along the banks of village creek don’t take my word for it.

I was told by a village creek guru not to make waves with the polluters on meadow st they gave donations to manressa for the big wheel study.

Shame on Village creek for ignoring facts our community has sickness our kids are sick money over compassion doesn’t work just look at what they have ignored.

Democrats not all but most have failed the Kennedy party in Norwalk.

from Colin

This is a topic that motivates me on a very personal level, as someone who lives near the industrial zones in South Norwalk. Minority communities especially always seem to be fighting to keep our kids healthy when it comes to air and noise pollution, as well as toxic runoff into Long Island Sound.

WOW! no clue and a Norwalk Democrat.

We reached out when several agencies were in the city in fact all those from above and what we got from Village creek was nothing I have the emails.

we are all Norwalks minority in South Norwalk trust me its a melting pot here in South Norwalk we all bleed red, we all see red we may have to vote red to have a voice.

john flynn August 7, 2018 at 9:27 pm

I am the republican candidate for the 140 running against the winner of the August 14th primary. Colin Hosten’s idea of fixing problems is tough talk to Common Counsel Members and Travis Simms is pleased with the social injustice in the 140. He was born here. What about the 40% of the District that speaks only Spanish?

The RTC thinks I am too controversial. I have news for you. I am perfectly suited for the role State Representative I have an MBA, experience as an investment banker, and ample legal experience. I have met 49 people with asthma in the 140 from cement crushing facilities surrounding residential areas. The piles are hundreds of feet long. The law says there needs to be an impact study for particulate matter? I have published 10 major concerns and solutions. I have 20. The Hour interviewed me and never published the story. The proposed Walk Bridge may devastate local businesses because the small city-run projects have been mishandled like Wall Street and Ryan Park. Meadow, Bouton, Manressa, Firetree, and Neon, are issues that demonstrate incompetence and favoritism. What about Zion and the French Baptist Church? They are the next victims.

Travis Simms has never helped anyone. If you think he can help you I believe you are sadly mistaken. This November election, is quite critical. Can a school teacher or boxer save you. Maybe a carpenter, plumber, accountant, electrician, painter, biotech analyst, locksmith, engineer can. I believe a modern day renaissance man is needed. I fix things for a living. I fix rooves. I fix chimneys. Let me try to fix the 140. I have a vested interest. I have kids in College and Norwalk high school.

I invited both Democratic challengers of the 140 to debate. The issues they support are common counsel responsibilities. Neither fully agreed. Housing policies and funding the schools is important, but in the 140 there are basic human needs unmet.

The next six years will be quite challenging because there is no environmental or transportation plan in force. The City does not enforce zoning regulation; IE Firetree Ltd. When they tear up form the Police Department to the Imax theater, and across the river, we will all have use respirators. Half those businesses will fail.

Talk about Tolls? we don’t need them. We don’t need to study about something we don’t need. Wasting money is what the Democrats do best. That bill was forced down the taxpayer’s throat.

I hope I don’t have to say I told you so, we have roots here and we want to stay. Tonight’s message on my Facebook Campaign John Flynn for State Representative is a must read. A woman living next door recently had he thyroid removed. Her son has asthma, there are others in the family with major concerns. My son has asthma . My ex wife had her thyroid removed and had cancer. These are the problems of the 140; contamination.

We are in a flood zone and the rain and wind carry the dust. The Air quality this week is the worst of the year. Go buy a respirator, don’t open your windows, and don’t inhale.

Reporters came to my house, took a story, and never published it. The City is in denial of the contamination. I gave the paper multiple real life threatening issues. The new paper is in denial.
The risk at Ryan Park are real; contamination, gas leak, flooding, rats, mold, and more. Yes people live there. The windows are boarded up, the air conditioners are on and the laundry is hanging.

Its woman and children first in the 140.
Thanks John J. Flynn 27 Quintard Norwlak Ct 06854.

My vision for Connecticut is controversial. Replace Himes, Duff, and Malloy with anyone. Even Democrats I don’t care. This state is in last place. The only State that is shrinking. Why? Policies, legislation, and enforcement

Nancy, I am available if you are striving to be fare and balanced. Simms and Hosten have gotten all the press and have no issues. Thanks Johnny.

On Facebook john Flynn for State Representative

Joe August 8, 2018 at 3:47 pm

Great Trump election results last night. Why is Trump winning more and more?

Rosie O’Donnel gave 10 times the amount of illegal campaign contributions that Dinesh De Souza did, but she doesn’t get arrested and sentenced to prison like he did.

She doesn’t even get criticized by the fake press.

It’s not right. It’s a double standard.

The swamp censors the right but lets Farrakan and that NYT {…} brat Jeung from the racist-sexist left, say anything they want. She even gets promoted. Promoted!

A person doesn’t have to be college educated or even GED to see the double standard and vote against it. It’s so obvious it’s ridiculous.

Not to mention Sen Murphy tweeting to abolish the 1st Amendment yesterday. That’s a vote getter.

Edited to remove a word that could be interpreted as denigrating an ethnicity.

Curious Voter August 9, 2018 at 2:15 pm

Will Mr. Simms caucus with fellow Dems if he wins and heads to Hartford?
By not caucusing with his fellow Dems here in Norwalk along with Ms.Bowman, they both relinquished there seats at the table. We voted for them so they could have a seat at the table in the first place.
This is a big decision for Norwalk residents, will whoever wins
be able to clearly articulate their positions that will have an impact on Norwalk?

Rick August 9, 2018 at 3:25 pm

here is some good news our statehouse Democrats didn’t hurt Norwalk this time they hurt someone else instead.

It wasn’t enough what we witnessed during the Mosque Quintard ave and many other places in the city where asking for help, creating laws and common sense was ignored no our men in BLUE just screwed Griswold instead.

A bill sponsored by state Sen. Heather Somers, R-Groton, whose district includes Griswold, would have required the 113-acre property where the training facility is currently proposed to go to instead become part of Pachaug State Forest, effectively moving the gun range somewhere else.

Gun range in my backyard just like rock crushers halfway houses and group homes.

The Senate voted on the bill on May 2. According to the legislature’s website, all 18 Democrats voted against the bill, and 18 Republicans voted in favor, then Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman broke the tie to send the measure to defeat.

The rest is history but clearly if these reps never cared about Norwalk why would they care about our forest in Griswold.

One more reason Norwalk Democrats should wake up this is why you sent these guys to Hartford to what think like morons ?

Lets here from the proud Norwalk democrats about their boys who simply voted a death blow to a state forest. Lets ask them what they were thinking of or better who they were thinking of.


I think maybe the republicans should reopen the power plant and take the eixits away from Norwalk on 95, by the time the democrats get through with Norwalk there wont be anything left to save,

Colin seriously you have to know whats gone on before you can at least represent me

How would you have voted Colin.

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