Nor’easter expected Saturday

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A Nor’easter storm is forecasted to track close enough to our area to bring drenching rain and gusty winds during this weekend. Even though the upcoming nor’easter is not likely to rank among the worst it will still pack a punch. With the storm this weekend, the majority of the region will receive rain and not snow. However, winds along the coast could be strong enough for a brief time to be of concern.

This storm may bring 1-2 inches of rain and may cause flooding in urban and poor drainage areas but this storm is not expected to be the heavy rainmakers of previous storms. Norwalk’s DPW crews are working throughout the city to check and clear storm drains. Residents are encouraged to clear leaves and debris from storm drains close to their homes as well. Residents are also reminded to not drive through flooded roads and intersections.

Since the storm will be strengthening as it moves northeastward spanning Saturday and Sunday, winds will pick up on the coast. Wind speeds may have gusts of 40-60 mph. Residents are also encouraged to bring in Halloween and yard decorations. For a time, winds are likely to become strong enough to cause sporadic power outages along the coast. Many trees still have leaves on them, and the ground is soggy from excessive rainfall in recent months. The trees are top heavy and easily toppled.

Power outages and trees damage is possible with this storm so families should be prepared and are reminded to notify their power company to report outages. Don’t assume they know you have an outage.

A period of rough surf and above-normal tides is likely as the storm moves northward along the coast. Minor coastal flooding is likely during one or two high tide cycles this weekend.

Michele DeLuca

Deputy Director, Emergency Management

Norwalk Fire Dept- Office of Emergency Management


V October 25, 2018 at 1:59 pm

Will local politicians denounce this storm as it relates to what else but – Stormy Daniels and of course her relationship with the guy in the white house? If you don’t then obviously you are filled with stormism.

Rick October 26, 2018 at 4:20 am

You would think the fire department would be able to pump out a cellar once in like most fire departments in some cases keeping the owner in their home

That new army truck should be able to pluck anyone out of stalled cars

The city need to understand flooding is not a spectator sport when you have people trapped in cars.

Guess water street flooding into Sono is no big deal anymore Spinnaker made sure his was above the flood zone

Michele DeLuca should get a raise maybe we can get a better release like where a shelter may be or a web site detailing more measures to take in flooding areas.

Its a shame the fire dept has a spokesperson like this..but in defense she probably has water bottles in Spanish.

What a lame Norwalk Deputy Director of Emergency Management notice I dont see much in community outreach do you?

Where does the city come up with these titles and the people that hold them?

Debora Goldstein October 26, 2018 at 1:10 pm

Is DPW releasing their routes/schedule for “clearing drains around the City”?

This would be less of an issue if we got more yard waste pickups.

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