Norwalk Zoning notes: ‘Getting through’ a Tyvek decision; grand list prediction and reelections

The Tyvek-covered artwork at 21 Isaac St. on Tuesday. The artwork is across the street from “POKO,” the Tyvek-covered stalled construction of Wall Street Place phase I.

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NORWALK, Conn. – Some Planning and Zoning news for you:

  • Wrinn mulls mural covered in Tyvek
  • Kleppin gives preliminary indication of new grand list
  • P&Z Commissions’ ‘new’officers: déjà vu


Wrinn ‘thinking about’ Tyvek covering Milligan mural

Real estate broker Jason Milligan has covered up the “wall art” at 21 Isaac St. with Tyvek, and the Norwalk Planning and Zoning Department is considering whether that’s o.k.

Milligan’s mural was cited by Deputy Zoning Inspector John Hayducky after Jackie Lightfield filed a complaint which noted that the mural contains business names.  Zoning regulations say that business names in such artwork constitute signage, or advertising, and are therefore not allowed.

The violation notice sent to Milligan also noted that the mural exceeds 50 percent of the wall surface.

“Alleged ‘Mural’ that was issued a zoning violation is now covered with Tvyek, Norwalk’s preferred material,” Milligan wrote to NancyOnNorwalk on Tuesday.  The stalled Wall Street place development nearby is also covered with Tyvek.


Neither Hayducky nor Planning and Zoning Director Steven Kleppin responded to a NoN email Tuesday asking about the Tyvek.

“John Hayducky has ignored my incessant calls and emails,” Milligan wrote.

Kleppin at Tuesday’s POCD Committee meeting referred NancyOnNorwalk to Assistant Planning and Zoning Director Mike Wrinn.

Wrinn said he needs to think about it.

“I have to decide,” Wrinn said. “I think it’s one thing to have Tyvek on a building that has a building permit or is under construction. I think it’s quite another to have Tyvek on a building that doesn’t have a building permit or is not under construction.”

“We’ll get through that in the next couple of days,” Wrinn said.



Kleppin: You’ll be surprised

Kleppin at the Oct. 17 Zoning Commission offered an opinion on the developing property revaluation, a process used to revise the rate by which property taxes are assessed.

“The city is doing reval now,” Kleppin said. “The indications that we are hearing is that people will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome, despite what certain individuals who are not big fans of mine say about the not-growing grand list.”

On Tuesday, Kleppin said he had no further update.

The topic came up on Oct. 17 because a Commissioner had seen reader comments in NancyOnNorwalk alleging that the grand list is shrinking.



New Commission officers

Both the Planning Commission and the Zoning Commission recently held elections for new officers.

Planning Commissioner David Davidson was the only Commissioner present on Oct. 16 who did not support reelecting Fran DiMeglio has chairwoman.  In a repeat of Davidson’s efforts last year, he nominated Steve Ferguson to lead the group; minutes from last year show that Davidson and Ferguson voted for Ferguson and everyone else supported DiMeglio.  This year, Ferguson was absent, and received only Davidson’s vote.

Davidson commented that he did not ask Ferguson if he wanted to be chairman.

Davidson also nominated Brian Baxendale to be vice chairman, but Baxendale declined. Nora King was reelected vice chairwoman.

Mike Mushak was elected secretary.

The Zoning Commission election was even less dramatic.

Vice Chairman Lou Schulman, one of three Commissioners appointed to a nominating Committee, said the Committee had decided to maintain the status quo, with Nate Sumpter as Chairman, himself as Vice Chair and Michael Witherspoon as secretary.

There were no other nominations and the trio were reelected.

“Last year, we did say we would try to make some changes,” Schulman commented. “ … But I think we are all satisfied, you might even say happy, with the way the Commission is operating and getting our business done. We are all getting along collegially and there doesn’t seem to be any particular reason to change the officers.”


Ron Morris October 31, 2018 at 5:30 pm

Kleppin: You’ll be surprised

I sure hope its in favor of the single family homeowner for a change.

cc-rider October 31, 2018 at 7:43 pm

The Tyvek wallpaper over the mural is a hilarious response. Milligan is beating City Hall senseless with this stuff..

Jason Milligan October 31, 2018 at 10:11 pm

I can’t think of a department that does more to squash success or more to make the lives of business people miserable than the zoning department.

And for what? What does it do for the city of Norwalk?

It scares plenty of potential businesses away, drives others out of Norwalk or out of business, and it prevents many others from ever trying.

Big successful companies start small. We should make it easy for businesses to start. We should roll out the welcome mat.

Most people have no idea how terrible zoning is until they have to deal with them. The rules are suffocating and unbearable for most. It is amazing that Norwalk has as much business as it has.

Rick November 4, 2018 at 12:55 pm

They came to Quintrad ave to reval all the houses before the facility moves in. It was apparent we lost 100.000 on most homes much more in Shorefroont park when the faculty aka FIRETREE was to move in.

Its was a sly move by the city to send those out of towners in to do the reval knowing nothing about the three story elevator equipped facility under a federal contract for 20 plus diddlers and inmates on the street.

Yes trust kleppin trust Winn trust your zoning commission trust your mayor trust me we are not going down easy.

That assisted living facility going in or not has effected property value like it or not .

This whole heart wrenching fight for a better Wall st is a lesson not many got as they go to the polls Tuesday.

Its sad others not so nice as Jason and others working diplomatically to change city hall wishes cancer like thoughts to those who screwed the city taxpayers in many areas of the city systematically with construction bike paths and poor environmental planning and results.

It was only a weeks before the election we understood the city screwed everyone in South Norwalk on issues like Washington village , south main st water st quintard ave Manressa the mall flooding walk bridge Eversource and many more issues that never went away. If anything they have become worse.

Norwalk voters usually sustain memory loss at election time Nancy on Norwalk doesn’t ,easy searches show articles we have all forgotten about maybe highlighting one or two a week may just jar some memories or just a link . Its not just the issue but the hard facts attained in any and all articles makes this site more than the comments after each article its a fact check site on every article ever written.

This fight on Quintard ave, Wall st and even East Norwalk with its traffic and building problems can be found where? In most cases it isn’t one or two articles its a book with many chapters.

So right before the election go back and search any subject any candidate for those who vote blue or red Independent color is missing from my mental archives. Its time to push for the best candidate not the color of ones party.

Wall st will be a good lesson right now like most Norwalk battles its good fight where city hall is not the favorite .

What do you think the mall is thinking? A mural along the Danbury line enticing commuters into their mall? Be better than the tagging that will go on it the minute the back wall is done’ The city isn’t thinking like a city too many egos too many people in power not elected but appointed or hired to run interference .

with that rant comes a thank you to Jason let us know what stores you have we can patronize lets get the city down to Wall st who honestly have probably never been outside their car and let them see the mess the city has left behind let them see what has been done maybe a day so we can all meet everyone in this horrendous battle with a few who think they know what Norwalk needs.

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