Norwalk, Darien fortunate to have Terrie Wood

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Our community is so fortunate to have Terrie Wood as our State Representative for the 141st District – Norwalk and Darien. Her ability to work across the aisle, be open minded, balanced and thoughtful in creating state policies to truly represent all of her constituents is what makes her such an effective leader.

Connecticut’s current state of crisis requires responsible politicians like Terrie. Her focus on common sense solutions is the type of leadership that will help stabilize our economy and create an environment for growth in our state. Terrie also understands our communities and the evolving needs for improved education, healthcare, transportation and environmental policies which will ensure a better future for all of us and our children.

Let’s help fix Connecticut by voting for Terrie Wood on Nov. 6th.

Adrienne Kelly


Piberman October 14, 2018 at 2:13 pm

Norwalk does have a few Legislators who have the professional backgrounds to be effective supporters of economic and financial reform in Hartford. Terry Wood, Gail Lavielle and Fred Wilms stand out. Together they have a record of understanding the issues and proposing the requisite remedies to remove CT from the nation’s most mismanaged State in the nation. Each merits our support because of their record and demonstrated abilities as respects Legislators.

Mike Mushak October 15, 2018 at 4:38 pm

Terrie Wood, along with other local GOP legislators like Fred Wilms and Gail Lavielle, fell right in line behind the far right fringe of her party, including the anti-gay RNC, in voting against the highly qualified and distinguished Andrew McDonald who would have been America’s first gay State Supreme Court Chief Justice.

Their reasons in voting against him were dubious at best, as they grasped at straws to find reasons why they couldn’t vote for him. We all knew why. It was pure ugly right wing party politics, directed by the Trump campaign pandering to evangelicals and fringe right wing groups who are anti-gay and didn’t want a gay Supreme Court Chief Justice. God forbid.

As a result of that ugly battle that I’m sure they wish we would forget about (but we never will, promise) I have lost all trust in any GOP politician in CT to protect our basic human rights in this ugly Trump era when entire segments of our population including sexual assault victims, Latino and Muslim immigrants, LGBTQ folks including transgender soldiers serving their country, and black folks demanding social justice are scapegoated and ridiculed by Trump as local GOP politicians like Terrie Wood remain silent.

That is why most LGBTQ voters I know are outraged and rejecting the morally corrupt Republican Party and voting for Democrats this year. We can’t trust any Republican to stand up and defend CT residents against the ugly nationwide assault on truth and the press and decency and science and civil rights and voting rights and on and on.

Have you heard Terrie Wood, Fred Wilms, and Gail Lavielle denounce Trump and his regressive policies? I haven’t either. Their silence is taken as approval.

Vote Democrat this year to send a message that Trump defenders and enablers won’t be tolerated in CT.

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