A testimonial in favor of Colin Hosten for District 140 State Rep.

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I’m Scott Brown (not to be confused with the Ambassador to New Zealand), and I approve this Colin.

I’m eschewing political affiliation, here. I only want to build on an assumption that there are particular causes on which people from all walks of life and places will unite. In this case, that unifying cause is that we all yearn to be politically represented with empathy, as humans, with varied morals and values, residing and working together in a shared community.

Colin is one of the most impartial, principled, and forgiving people I’ve ever known. I regularly ask him for advice, and his leadership by example helps me to see how empathy is the truest and most noble form of what it means to be human. He’s been honest and critical when I make mistakes; I’ve been honest and critical when he makes his own, and we’ve both learned and are better for it. It speaks for itself that I acknowledge and respect his strength of character, as do our other friends, his students, his family. And I have seen Colin consistently extend that same character outside of his personal circles to every single person from the varying cultures, races, and financial backgrounds that he’s encountered along the way.

But please don’t take my word for it. His now-numerous political endorsements (CT Police and Fire Union, CT Against Gun Violence, CT Education Association, to name a few) speak to his stellar candidacy as a new age representative, one who will continue to empathize, to be principled, and to lead by example.

I know my words here are a mere drop in the political ocean, but you folks in the CT 140th District are all in the same boat. I took the time out of my day to write this simply because I’d want the captain of my boat acting impartially, transparently, and leading my community into the clearest waters.

Colin may just be my friend, but he is your State Representative.

Scott Brown

Washington Heights/Manhattan


Rick November 4, 2018 at 1:29 am

thank you Scott for taking the time to endorse.

Colin and I disagree with moving a park playground miles away where no public transportation exists.

The major problem is the route to get there has few sidewalks or none for safe passage . To be more concerned a woman was hit where the park is relocated to where no sidewalks exists a few weeks ago by a car.

He saw no problems with the swap of land tho never thinking about safety of the children having to go there.

Now the land swap will leave us in South Norwalk one park short another park has had a PCB remediation job done exhausting most funds for a new one with no clear date for that park to reopen.

Whats more concerning the new park hasn’t been built or even surveyed yet he cant understand why we opposed the swap he doesn’t really know the city. Nothing in this city moves very fast we have no money.

Colin is not a team player when it came to fighting polluters that abut his hamlet leaving the rest of fending for ourselves.

The mayor has embraced him over another candidate that cares about the kids the elderly and the ones who have misplaced from new construction and knows the city like the back of his hand.

I say all of this knowing what Colin hasn’t done not what he has said to inviting new residents without telling them what they have moved into.

Scott you are here please read how our city is run read the articles and see how our city is run by the existing crew here in Norwalk and those in the Statehouse its a circus.

We don’t need anymore rookies we need someone who knows the city and its needs at the state house. We need experience and someone not beholding to our mayor or our polluters.

We have halfway house opening in the neighborhood an not once did he show any skill to help those in need to fight this facility from opening in the middle of a middle class melting pot of families with children .

The city the state has no regulations on facilities like this opening not once did he reach out and ask if he could help like the other two candidates who literally camped out on my front porch and fought to the bitter end.

Thank you for the words I actually like the guy myself but not to represent me, before he learns about the back stabbing politicians we already host he needs to come clean and figure out what it is he is running for and not from.

Piberman November 4, 2018 at 6:18 pm

If Democrats have devastated CT’s economy and finances over the past 8 years will electing yet another CT Democrat improve our chances of reform ? Especially when CT Democrats always give their votes to their Party.

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