Norwalk releases revaluation information

Norwalk Chief Financial Officer Bob Barron talks about the city’s 2018-19 budget, Feb. 22 in Concert Hall. (File photo)

Correction, 10 p.m., Dec. 15: Bob Barron is Chief Financial Officer. Correction, Nov. 16: Press release sent by Donna King, headline adjusted; Updated, 7:18 a.m.: Copy edits

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk property owners should be receiving their preliminary notice of new appraisals mid-next week, according to a City Hall press release.

“Property information maintained by the Assessor’s Office has a major impact on the valuation of property. Owners should review the records for their property at the start of each revaluation period,” the release sent by City Clerk Donna King said.

State Statutes mandate that Connecticut municipalities revalue property every five years, and the Assessor’s Office is in the final stages of the City’s Oct. 1 revaluation, the release said.  The final assessed values that are determined will be the foundation for real estate taxes for Fiscal Years 2019-2020 through 2023-2024.

A public information session is planned for Tuesday. Key dates in the process:

  • Monday, Nov. 19: notice of preliminary values will be mailed
  • Tuesday, Nov. 20: Revaluation process overview presentation
  • Wednesday, Nov. 21: Informal appeal hearing scheduling begins
  • Dec. 5 to 29: Informal appeal hearings with Tyler Technologies
  • Jan. 31: 2018 Grand List is finalized
  • Feb. 1 to Feb. 20: Board of Assessment Appeals scheduling
  • Feb. 1 to May 15: State and local elderly homeowners assessment exemption credit application period
  • Feb. 1 to Sept. 30: Additional veterans assessment exemption application period
  • Feb. 8: Last day for mailing final assessment notices
  • March 1 to March 19: Board of Assessment Appeals hearings
  • April 30: Board of Assessment Appeals deadline to complete duties
  • May 6: Mill rates are announced
  • June 10: Tax bills are mailed
  • July 1: First tax payment due



“Revaluation is the process by which the Assessor estimates the market value for all real estate in the City. Connecticut General Statutes permit assessors to use the assistance of Connecticut certified revaluation companies to complete revaluations,” the release said. “For the 2018 Revaluation, the City of Norwalk has contracted with Tyler Technologies, Inc. (Tyler) to assist with the appraisal of Norwalk’s real property. Tyler is the nation’s only national mass appraisal company and has been appraising properties since 1938. Tyler is a Delaware corporation, having its principal offices at One Tyler Way, Moraine, Ohio 45439.”

Tyler “verified building sketches with proprietary software and satellite images and conducted a final exterior review of property characteristics and values for all real property,” the release said.  Full interior inspections were attempted for selected Norwalk real property, and for all sold properties.

“Tyler assigned an experienced team with extensive appraisal experience working on revaluation projects, including waterfront appraisals. Appraisal projects in Connecticut of similar scope, successfully completed by Tyler, include Greenwich, Darien, Stratford and Hartford,” the release said.  The team used Vision Government Solutions, Inc. Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) software was used.

Norwalk Assessors and Tyler will present an overview of the 2018 Revaluation process at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday in Concert Hall, the release said. This will instruct property owners on how they can participate in the revaluation process, in a presentation that is “not geared toward the value of individual property or specific property issues.”

Property owners should start receiving notices Wednesday, notifications of market value estimates and property assessed values, that will be used in conjunction with the mill rate to determine property taxes due July 1 and Jan. 1, 2020, the release said. Notices offer telephone numbers and website addresses for scheduling informal reviews of the preliminary values.

“The hearings are by appointment only,” the release said. “Dates, times and rooms reserved for informal reviews are on the city’s website www.norwalkct.org. Owners may review their property information, and those of neighboring properties on the City’s website, and on public access terminals located in the Assessor’s Office. The Informal Review Hearings are opportunities for property owners to address concerns that are specific to their properties.”

Tyler personnel will begin informal appeals reviews on Dec. 5 in City Hall, the release said.

“Tyler’s staff will be working on selected days Monday through Saturday, generally, between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM,” the release said. “The hearings will be limited to 15 minutes per property. Documentation supporting the property owner’s claimed value may be submitted at the hearing. “

Further questions can be directed to the Assessor’s Office in person or at (203) 854-7888.



Rick November 15, 2018 at 2:58 pm

The city hired a company to do Quintard ave , and shorefront park after a federal half way house was given the ok by Harry and his team. No one mentioned to these poor guys our houses had lost a lot some up to $100,000 so for those who are fighting a assisted living home beware your property is under attack by both the city and the company who is going to get a permit no matter what you do to fight.

This is suppose to be a link to all counselors send complaints to them all using one email addy can anyone confirm the city website is accurate?

Its time they all understand we have had it time to do something other than complain about the news .

[email protected]

Piberman November 15, 2018 at 3:45 pm

With a stagnant Grand List for nearly a decade and declining property values throughout CT, especially in the Gold Coast, as the well heeled exit we know the Reval will not bring good news. Especially with more renters putting the City financing burden on the remaining homeowners. As long as City Hall refuses to demand its high paid Union friendly staff reduce City outlays demonstratng good management we know our future – even higher punitive property taxes, renters displacing homeowners,declining property values and few residents ever retiring here.

If only “CT’s Greatest City” would live up to its name. That requires “professional mgmt. in City Hall.

Patrick Cooper November 15, 2018 at 5:48 pm

If “investigative” reporting still lives, when this process is complete the taxpayers of Norwalk should know not only the top line numbers, but also the detail – specifically all the top 20-50 increases/decreases in real dollars of both residential & commercial properties. Further, there should be notes on any commercial property that is/was receiving city tax credits or abatements.

Quintard might make the decrease list, for sure.

Norwalk should set in escrow all of losses due to Liz Suchy right now.

Jo-Anne Horvath November 27, 2018 at 7:36 am

I believe the sentence “… the mill rate to determine property taxes due July 1 and Jan. 1, 2020”, should be corrected to “…the mill rate to determine property taxes due July 1 and Jan. 1, 2019” in the paragraph starting “Property owners should start receiving notices Wednesday”
Jo-Anne Horvath

robert nyilas November 27, 2018 at 8:50 am

Just a point- As of the end of 2017 we had over 800 municipal workers making over $100,000 a year.
Who knows what 2018 will be. What is this increase in real estate taxes for? We got what we wanted in the elections, do you think things will change? umm!

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