Eversource plans Tuesday open house regarding transmission line relocation

NORWALK, Conn. – Eversource invites Norwalkers to come to City Hall on Tuesday to learn about their plans to relocate high-voltage transmission lines off the Walk Bridge.

The relocation of the two 115-kilovolt cables is mandated by the Connecticut Department of Transportation; Eversource plans to reroute the lines from the railroad tracks by burying them under the Norwalk Police headquarters parking lot, under Elizabeth Street, under the Norwalk River, under the Veterans Park visitors dock and then up Route 136 to the Fort Point Street railroad bridge, where the lines will then return above ground and continue down the railroad tracks.

The relocated lines will replace Walk Bridge catenaries.  The Common Council on Oct. 9 authorized Eversource to move forward with an application to the Army Corps of Engineers, part of the process of getting approval from the Connecticut Siting Council.

The open house is an opportunity for property owners to talk face to face with the engineers designing the project, Eversource Public Information Officer Frank Poirot said last week. Eversource Senior Project Manager Marsha Wellman described it as “a bit like an adult science fair,” as there are no presentations; anyone can drop in between 5 and 8 p.m., in City Hall.

The new route of the lines is roughly three-quarters of a mile, and was chosen to create reliability for the power grid, minimize impacts to residents and businesses, and for its reasonable cost, Wellman said.  It would begin at the police station parking lot because that’s the only vacant land that is available to take the line from the railroad tracks to the river, and the route is designed to hug the property lines at 70 and 90 Water Street because nothing can be built over the vaults that will house the cables.

The decision to go under the visitor’s dock came out of two years of discussions in Mayor Harry Rilling’s office, Wellman said, in which City officials requested a minimal impact to the park itself.

The lines would go 20 feet under the bottom of the Norwalk River, just above the bedrock, and 8 feet under the dock pilings.

A horizontal directional drill would be used to go under the river, in what is planned to be the last part of the project, in late 2019 and early 2020, Poirot said.

He also said roads would remain open while work is done. The cost of the project hasn’t been calculated yet, and “there are more partners sharing in the cost than it would be for a more traditional power sharing project.”

Eversource hopes to make its application to the Siting Council by the end of the year.


Rick November 12, 2018 at 10:55 am

Eversource is very sly how they are doing this , no open meeting to ask questions or to challenge them in open forum.

The police station parking lot has a deed restriction on it where hazardous waste remains on the lot some with a cap , as long as it has a permit to break ground from the DEEP its fine , the way a lot of us have read the document.

Those properties the lie goes by have questions on what Eversource has done to ensure no plume travels from the police station.

The flooding on water st has to be addressed by the Army corp correct?

SNEW needs to weigh in on their vault the article eludes to correct?

NRA agency has said many times the park also has contamination , one year the the the poles were dug temp power lines for the oyster fest samples were taken and contaminants were found i the excavated dirt so whats the deal bad enough not to clean up but clean enough to dig thru? The debris coming out of the tunnel goes where?

Cost on any project is usually esculated on hazardous waste removal ask Sheehan how much more on PCB disposal did Ryan park cost over the 2 million .

Its who you trust in this next big project in Norwalk details on what use to be on and near Elizabeth street shows foundries and chemical companies , this who live there should know all of this before any work should be done.

My surprise is the two commissions not wanting flooding the three buried hazardous waste cells in the river and the contaminated land at oyster shell park addressed first,

Log after the projects including the hazardous waste site where Rich is going to build on water st deemed by paperwork with the Ct deep needs to be cleaned up first is on any radar.

The land Spinnaker isn’t using where hazardous waste was found was nor feasible to build on because of the economy nothing said about the waste and what was found there a smoking gun is what some of us see, the mayor with his smoking mirrors and his DPW head not saying much doing her presentation says a lot.

Nancy writes about the vaults but in her video the city never said a word , nothing on any maps showing the three buried cells yet cant go that way thru the river and why not?

the water testing results from Shorefront park that were taken weekly then months over the two years would be nice to share as well , there are people who still fish out of the river once the sediment and the contamination that was found during the vets park dock work was said to have contamination along the banks . The city received fines for that job .Where were the no fishing signs for that job?

Its who gets what , an who is served first is the hinge pin on all work, certain things are overlooked when the city gets grants when it comes to the environment . This silt back up and dredging will come in a grant the bridge is needed too build up the river who is kidding who ?

Be nice after all these meetings the facts are laid on the table, all the special interest goes away so the environment is addresses the council members is the bobble heads agreeing to anything with cheese on it is what we see right now.

Exoperts not sitting at the table are nor lawyers or are they politically motivated they want a clean river a clean harbor a clean environment yet Duff Rilling Himes Murphy have given the commission not a dime to ensure any quality control , checks or balances or even a lab to do work in.

The day and Raymond st pollution was helped by the city with the lab here in the city Bloom correct? yet the Ct DEEP saw no reports spinnaker got his building Patrick got his and the sick residents from Washington Village got theirs.

Storm drain experts from the State were mislead , sanitary exerts with Ct DEEP were mislead by the city and the two commissions in Norwalk were locked out of any information on the cleanups in the area.

Most of all shellfish industry in Norwalk was kept in the dark while all of the cleanups and the smoking mirrors were placed for the NDA to play its shell game.,

The manifold system on Water st where all this work is going to happen have pictures out there yet not one was in any meeting Eversource had.Nancy help us out show us what we missed. Collection points were only a foot down yet the tanks for GE that held PCBS for years were on water st hard to imagine all the hazards are gone. It was never done in a way to reclaim the land.

Why not spell out whats been going on nothing but fact Mike before the spout blows pictures show , reports tell it all .

Rick November 12, 2018 at 11:02 am

27,000 dollars a mile for bike lanes 0 for testing and maintaining the environment, makes sense now doesn’t it?

Joe P. November 13, 2018 at 10:58 am

“The decision to go under the visitor’s dock came out of two years of discussions in Mayor Harry Rilling’s office, Wellman said, in which City officials requested a minimal impact to the park itself.”

For over 2 years multiple city commissions (Harbor Management Commission, Shellfish Commission and Third Taxing District) have objected to the “location” of these cables.

These objections repeatedly fell on deaf ears.


There also has NEVER been a public forum soliciting feedback on this line relocation plan.
This public “Open house” is too little, ,too late.

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