Larry Cafero for Probate Judge

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I am a lifelong resident of Norwalk and have practiced law in our City for the past 38 years.  I first met Larry Cafero approximately 36 years ago when he was admitted to the bar.  During this time I have had the pleasure and good fortune to come to know Larry both personally and professionally.  I have had the opportunity to work with Larry and to observe his demeanor and his approach to legal matters and controversies.  Larry addresses each matter with an open mind and an absolute willingness to listen to all parties. I have never seen him prejudge a matter or bring any bias or animus to a case.  These traits have served him well as a practicing attorney, a legislator, a mediator, and a Process Hearing Officer for the Norwalk Public Schools.  Everyone who has dealt with Larry knows that they have been treated fairly and with respect.

Larry could have decided to concentrate solely on his private law practice.  Instead he chose to devote much of his valuable time to public service.  He enjoyed a stellar career in the State legislature and was one of those rare politicians who was truly well liked by people of all political persuasions.  He was willing to cross the political aisle in order to get the job done and, as a result, was very successful.  The City of Norwalk was always the beneficiary of Larry’s many successes in the General Assembly.

Additionally, Larry has always been a good friend to many of our local charities and non-profit organizations.  He always finds the time to lend a hand and never declines a request to act as the Master of Ceremony at fund raising events, a role at which he truly excels.

The Norwalk-Wilton Probate Court has had the extraordinary good fortune to have had a succession of great Probate Judges including our current Judge, Anthony DePanfilis.  Thankfully these judges have had what I believe to be the essential attributes necessary for this position: intelligence, an even judicial temperament developed over years of successful legal practice, a strong family background, and the compassion necessary to assist individuals and families in what may be their darkest hours.

I can think of no one more qualified or well suited to assume this enormous responsibility than Larry Cafero and I urge you to vote for him for Judge of Probate.


John J. Bove



Piberman November 4, 2018 at 10:50 am

Long time residents know there has been no finer public servant than Attorney Larry Cafero who has positively touched the lives of virtually ever old timer and most City residents. We are fortunate to secure the distinguished service of another highly valued Probate Judge. There is a time to step away from politics. Now is that time and give a ringing endorsement to an extraordinary well qualified candidate who really does represent the very best of public service in Norwalk. And has done so for decades and decades.

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