League of Women Voters of Connecticut says YES to two election ballot questions

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To the Editor:

On Election Day, November 6, Connecticut voters will weigh in on two proposed amendments to our State Constitution when they cast their ballots. The League of Women Voters urges Connecticut voters to vote YES vote on both. Here’s why.

Ballot question #1 – Lockbox amendment.  A YES vote will permit the state’s Special Transportation Fund to be used only for transportation purposes. This amendment will prevent future governors or lawmakers from raiding the Special Transportation Fund for purposes other than transportation-related improvements.

Ballot question #2—Public Lands Protection.  A YES vote adds new rules for transferring or selling state property, like parks, forests, beaches, or other public lands.  This amendment will require public hearings, specific targeted legislation, and a two-thirds supermajority vote by your legislators to approve certain transfers of public property. A YES vote will help preserve Connecticut’s treasured public lands, protect our state’s quality of life, and provide greater transparency in government decisions. Open and transparent government is a bedrock principle of the League of Women Voters. State lawmakers from both major parties have supported this change.

LWVCT recommends a YES vote on both ballot questions.   For background information, see the LWVCT website at www.lwvct.org .


Carol Reimers, President




John J. Flynn November 9, 2018 at 2:45 am

All my nieces and sisters lost. The League refused to debate in the 140 where all the issues in Norwlak are. I begged Norwalk to Vote for Hosten over Travesty Simms. Simms said a “Vote for Flynn is a Vote for Trump” actually a Vote for Flynn was a Vote for ethics. A Vote for Flynn was a Vote for Norwalk. Norwalk lost. I won in my poll. I will tell you who lost. Every estate in Norwlak lost, Cafaro is 1,000 times better than Stern.

I will tell you who lost, everyone who goes through DCF. Hatfield was 1,000,000 times better than Tong. Humanity lost.

Corruption won and ethics lost. Travesty Simms won a seat that a narcissist can’t possible understand. {…} I hope you publish this in the hope of turning the light on in a very dark place. Travis care about Travis only. Mike Tyson won and Holyfield lost. Holyfield had one deaf ear bitten off.

Edited to remove a statement which is potentially racist. https://www.nancyonnorwalk.com/comment-guidelines/

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