Ugly snowfall nets NoN readers pretty photos

A D’Amelio for Senate campaign sign, Thursday on Westport Avenue.

NORWALK, Conn. – Snow changed plans Thursday and snarled Norwalk traffic in some areas.

For this reason, NancyOnNorwalk does not have a story about the Harbor Management Commission but rather an assortment of newsy photos. Enjoy!

The Commission was set to discuss the Walk Bridge with Connecticut Department of Transportation officials. The meeting was not advertised as cancelled but no one was present in the City Hall room it was scheduled for.

Snow was not predicted to mount up. Accuweather at 5 p.m. predicted 1-2 inches, followed by rain. Instead, the snow kept falling; at midnight, after the rain had begun, there were 3 inches of snow in central Norwalk.

Traffic was virtually stopped at 6 p.m. a the intersection of East Avenue and Route 1, with cars backed up south past Wall Street. Five cars were scattered across the Westport Avenue east-bound lane, blocking progress.

Westport Avenue conditions were poor, but side areas such as William Street had been plowed.

That’s because Route 1 is a state road, Norwalk Chief of Staff Laoise King confirmed.

“The State maintains state roads and highways (post road, 136, 53, rte 7, etc),” King said in an email. “This means they treat and plow during storms, but they also pave, manage traffic signals, sidewalks and curbs and all other maintenance issues. The city does the same for local roads.”

Construction workers lift a frame Thursday afternoon in the Danbury dockyard site. The Connecticut Department of Transportation is upgrading the dockyard, located between Oyster Shell Park and the site of The SoNo Collection, the mall Brookfield is building on West Avenue, as part of its Walk Bridge project.

Construction workers lift a frame Thursday afternoon in the Danbury dockyard site. Metro-North often uses the Walk Bridge, which spans the Norwalk River, to turn trains but this will be impossible once the state begins rebuilding the bridge. The upgraded dockyard will be used to “turn” – meaning reverse the direction of – trains coming off the New Haven Line during construction.

A crew works Tuesday on an opened-up part of West Avenue, adjacent to The SoNo Collection. Traffic was funneled down to one lane.

A crew works Tuesday on West Avenue, where a new crosswalk is going in adjacent to The SoNo Collection.

A crane, Nov. 7 in the Norwalk River, adjacent to the Maritime Aquarium, between the Stroffolino Bridge and the Walk Bridge.

The SoNo Collection, Nov. 7 from North Water Street.

The SoNo Collection, Nov. 7 from Oyster Shell Park.

Machinery in the Norwalk River, as seen Saturday from Veterans Park. (Rick Reardon)


James Cahn November 16, 2018 at 11:09 am

I fully support a daily fine for any and all political candidate yard signs that have not been retrieved or disposed of within 36 hours after the closing of polls.

The fact that they are left there for weeks after the elections are a real showcase of laziness.

Candidates who are desperate to have their signs anywhere they are able suddenly lose their urgency on Wednesday morning.

If you’re a candidate make and effort to retrieve your signs and if you see one still out, get out of your car and pick it up. If you’re a property owner, congratulations that your guy won or sorry they lost, either way, now the sign is trash. Throw it away.

Rick November 16, 2018 at 7:04 pm

James i take a can of spray paint and make tag sales signs out of them and give them away when friends forget the most important part of any sale. There always are so many Im still passing out Moccia signs .

Now that firetree is opening for sale signs seems to be the in sign of the times on our street, those we leave Duff and Rilling on one side to remind everyone who destroyed the neighborhood.

shame to throw them all out with the candidates everyone wants to recycle , yet the DPW never suggested they collect them for them to recycle blue bins at the DPW anybody? Not even at the gate to the transfer station buy they want cooperation ,

Then again you figure those who won would suggest recycle , now that they have won we won’t hear from them until the next election the way some of them operate.

That carne was the first test pile driver on the river for the bridge contractor , its a Middlesex crane, it was first according to the officials on site so Eversouce could begin the new line to the left of the crane the direct left of the crane. Now do we see what the commissions were saying about the city docks?

They say the in front of the crane is the new contractors yard for the bridge , like Lillian August didn’t know their world was going to be changed forever . Im no buying plans were not made years ago.

Its not what you know its who you know in Norwalk.

JOHN C ROMANO November 17, 2018 at 10:09 am

{…} I see Duff signs and Perone signs still out there. {…} As far as the Harbor commission meeting is concerned. The State DOT cancelled out late afternoon. Harbor and Harbor plan review were still going to meet. But the weather worsened and the meetings were called off at 5:45. By consensus.

Edited to remove ascribing of motives without proof. https://www.nancyonnorwalk.com/comment-guidelines/

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