Norwalk’s 2018 in review: Stories that got you talking

Protestors line an East Avenue sidewalk on Nov. 9 as a Norwalk Police officer watches. The rally at Norwalk’s Town Green, and the police response to counter protesters, inspired 56 reader comments.

NORWALK, Conn. – Reader comments are an important feature of the new web journalism.  As of Thursday afternoon, there have been 56,068 NancyOnNorwalk reader responses, going back to 2012.

What inspired you to comment this year?  Here are the Norwalk stories that got tongues wagging in 2018:




























And, the top 10:


  1. 56 comments: Counter protest to Norwalk rally prompts heavy police presence
  2. 55 comments: D’Amelio will bring change to Hartford
  3. 53 comments: Duff, D’Amelio, debate issues in Norwalk City Hall
  4. 49 comments: Norwalk looks to ban plastic bags
  5. 44 comments: Rilling defends Sumpter after clash at Norwalk Zoning meeting
  6. 44 comments: Duff’s PAC fund is $84K, D’Amelio pledges no PAC
  7. 42 comments: Wilms, Dathan, take their case to Norwalk and New Canaan voters
  8. 42 comments: Central Norwalk roundup: Move to stop DiScala plan; a Wall Street train ‘stop’
  9. 41 comments:  Opinion: Standing with Hearst in a ‘united defense of the First Amendment’
  10. 41 comments: West Norwalk Zoning approval draws resistance


NancyOnNorwalk Board Chair Bob Welsh here, with a special thank you to everyone who commented on a story this year.  Nancy’s watchdog reporting is the beginning of the story.  Your comments move the story forward, and often shape future coverage.  

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John Levin December 29, 2018 at 9:53 am

This is pretty impressive. I think these statistics burnish the claim that NancyOnNorwalk, and its readership, serve our town as a virtual town square. Great job, everyone. Thank you. And Bob Welsh, thank you for moderating the comments, and enforcing the official comment policy, which unfortunately is needed occasionally. You and Nancy have maintained the civility of the site and made our ‘town square’ a welcoming place for all.

Rick December 29, 2018 at 11:50 am

Your right John and sometimes facts that surface are not what you expect.Nancy has years of experience something hard to duplicate for anyone who chooses the trade.

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