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You rely on NancyOnNorwalk to bring you vital news about your City.  NancyOnNorwalk relies on your support for more than 80% of our budget.

If you’ve already given, thank you!

Here are comments some of you have sent along with your gift:


•         You provide a very valuable service for our community, Nancy – keep up the great work!

•         An informed electorate is a great foundation for democracy. I’m sure there are many that would prefer to keep the populous fat, dumb and happy. Keep up the good work!

•         Thanks for a most valuable forum for Norwalkers.

•         Investigative journalism is part of the bedrock of our Democracy.  As Jefferson once said “The price of Democracy is eternal vigilance”!

•         I read NON’s headlines every morning and especially appreciated the coverage of the recent election with its synopsis of candidate platforms.

•         Thank you for the work you do. Information like this allows us to be better citizens


If you haven’t given yet, your support is urgently needed to continue reporting on Norwalk education, land use, and government.  Stories of PACs, POKO, and politics.  Videos, too.

Without you, these stories will go untold.

What started as an ‘experiment’ six years ago has evolved into a crucial news source for you, and for Norwalk.

Now your support is needed to continue Nancy’s reporting.

The first $1,000 of your gift will be doubled by NewsMatch, a national program made possible with support from Institute for Non-Profit News, the Knight Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, and the Gates Family Foundation.

National foundations will support Norwalk news, if you do.

Will you help?

Please take the opportunity to maximize your investment in local journalism.  Without you, Norwalk’s stories will go untold.

Donate today and help us reach our goal of $50,000.



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