Wall Street Neighborhood Association is apolitical

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In a NancyOnNorwalk story about the Wall Street Redevelopment Plan, Jason Milligan was quoted as saying:

“An entire neighborhood association formed in opposition to the plan and the determination of the area as blighted.”

As a board member of the Wall Street Neighborhood Association I must state for the record that this is factually incorrect.

The WSNA was formed for the purpose stated on our website www.WallStreetCT.org — “Promoting Arts, Business, and Community Activity in the Wall Street neighborhood.”

To be clear, while some of our members are passionate, politically opinionated people, many of whom would take exception to the mischaracterization of Wall Street as a blighted slum, it must be made clear that WSNA is not a political organization. Any political opinion stated by one member may not represent the opinions of the whole.

Our membership, being a broad and diverse mix of business owners, property owners, business leaders, as well as local artists, musicians, residents, and members of other local civic organizations, is not bound by any one political movement, party, position, or ideology.

What we do have in common is a shared vision for the future of Wall Street, and a clear understanding that the future of our neighborhood is up to all of us working together to make things better.

This may be summed up by the tag line that has become synonymous with Wall Street, that is the sign off for every newsletter we send out: “It takes a village to raise a neighborhood.”

Thank you Nancy for your own passion for Norwalk.


Marc Alan


Jason Milligan March 9, 2019 at 9:17 am

I fully support the Wall Street Neighborhood Association. I am involved with the group, but I do not speak for it.

In fact, I have agreed to never speak for the group as part of my involvement. The group is much bigger than me and my issues.

I also agree that my quote was a mischaracterization of how and why the WSNA was formed.

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