Things I’ve noticed

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Have you noticed…

…that since IBM bought the Weather Channel the weather has become really lousy?

…that many of the hidden untrustables came out of hiding with long white beards and scraggly hair looking like David Letterman?

…that all of us who used to play Bridge, try it again and think we still know the game?

…that most of us who love Florida in winter go down and never see the ocean (unless we also love turtles)?

…that the drive to Florida used to be a piece of cake with the family and saved a couple of grand in travel cost and now you sleep two days after flying down if you don’t catch the flu?

…that making love is still the #1 choice of activity in bed if you can just stay awake for 20 minutes?

…that when I visit the town which I lived in for 25 years and it’s only 20 miles away, my rapt attention to the GPS is required to find anything?

…that my ears work just fine if I change the batteries once a week?


Mel Waskow

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