Norwalk notes: Lisa for Mayor, SoNo Collection ‘secret’

The SoNo Collection, as built on June 12.

NORWALK, Conn. — Some newsy Norwalk items for you:

  • Goldstein still supports Brinton; what of Cahn?
  • Brinton heads to campaign school
  • Two more for The SoNo Collection


Brinton’s ‘non-traditional campaign’ team

When Lisa Brinton ran for Mayor two years ago as an unaffiliated candidate, District A Republican James Cahn served as her campaign manager, as a volunteer, and District C Dem-turned-unaffiliated voter Deb Goldstein was her treasurer.

Neither are on the campaign this year.

“I am not her campaign manager,” Cahn wrote in March. “I’ve been really busy with my business and with fund raising for All Saints Catholic School. I wish everyone running for Mayor the very best of luck.”

Goldstein is a Third Taxing District Commissioner.  According to a comment she posted on NoN, she’s currently unaffiliated but would welcome cross-endorsement from Norwalk’s Democratic Party in her drive for reelection this fall.

Why is Republican BoE member Bryan Meek treasurer for Brinton this time around instead of Goldstein?

“It’s very simple,” Goldstein wrote Thursday. “This year I am a candidate. I need to focus on my own campaign, and could not commit the kind of time being Treasurer would have required. I absolutely support Lisa and contribute to her campaign in a more flexible capacity as time permits.”

“We have a campaign team and coordinators for various campaign functions,” Brinton wrote Friday. “I have a dozen plus volunteers. I have a Treasurer. We’re running a non-traditional campaign 🙂 Although I am door knocking.”

Brinton is one of three Mayoral candidates; Democratic Mayor Harry Rilling is seeking reelection and former Norwalk Branch NAACP President Darnell Crosland has changed his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican.  Both Brinton and Crosland seek the Republican endorsement.

She came in second two years ago as an unaffiliated candidate, ahead of Republican candidate Andy Conroy.

Asked how many doors she’s knocked on, she replied, “I’ve lost 5 pounds!”



Boola boola Brinton 

Brinton’s going to be out of town all week.

“I have been accepted into the Women’s Campaign School at Yale, and will be attending the in residence program M-F beginning Monday morning,” she wrote Friday.

The unaffiliated mayoral contender said she hopes to learn how to run a smarter campaign as a female candidate.  There are no other women from Norwalk attending, she said.

“The Women’s Campaign School at Yale has one mission: increase the number and influence of women in elected and appointed office in the United States and around the globe. We are a nonpartisan, issue-neutral political campaign-training program,” the program’s website states.

Tuition is $1,800.

“For two decades WCS Yale has launched hundreds of women into the world of political campaigns,” the website states. “Our students have used their Campaign School skills to run for office, from the school board to the US Senate. They’re managing campaigns for candidates from City Council to President. And they’re advancing their careers in public service from social work to Chief of Staff.”



SoNo Collection has a secret

Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works are set to rent space in The SoNo Collection, the mall under construction on West Avenue.

The SoNo Collection, as built on June 5. Yard House is expected to move into this ground floor space on the corner of West Avenue and North Water Street.

The pair have submitted applications for “tenant fit-ups” to the Planning and Zoning Department, seeking approval to modify the space they plan to rent in the mall. These are the only two applications to come in since the last time NancyOnNorwalk checked, on May 28.

Both are on the bottom floor of retail. No applications have been submitted for the middle floor of retail, which is the structure’s third story. Brookfield Properties representatives declined to comment.

Bath & Body Works is set to rent 3,334 gross square feet and Victoria’s Secret is renting 7,506 square feet, according to the applications.

The SoNo Collection North Water Street overpass, as built on June 5.

The applications on file with P&Z on Tuesday add up to 116,696 square feet. Adding that to the 302,000 square feet assigned to anchor stores Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s, then 58.3% of the total 717,000 square feet is accounted for as retail. If you subtract 180,000 square feet as concourse/public realm space from the total 717,000 square feet, then 77.9% of the mall is rented out, as represented in applications to P&Z.

The mall is expected to open in October.






Piberman June 17, 2019 at 7:44 am

Westport has kept property taxes unchanged for 5 years now through competent governance. Will any candidate for Norwalk Mayor suggest the same ? Danbury spends 30% less per capita providing City services than Norwalk. Will any candidate for Norwalk Mayor suggest the same ? Or is Norwalk always destined to be a high cost/high tax City ?

AL June 17, 2019 at 10:11 am

SoNo is DOA. Typically, a development built with borrowed money, will fail and we all will get to share the pain. It will take time but the handwriting is very clear on the bricks and mortar.

John Levin June 17, 2019 at 10:39 am

I believe Councilperson Eloisa Melendez attended Yale’s WCS a few years ago. Is that right? Any others?

Ed June 17, 2019 at 4:39 pm

I’m still not sure what the mall developers were thinking. I still see a lot of empty space in South Norwalk and Waypointe. Where is the demand for all that additional retail/shopping space?

Michael Foley June 18, 2019 at 9:07 pm

We have a mall that will be opening soon. Which ever side of the debate you were on it doesn’t matter anymore . We all should be hoping it succeeds. I am.

Barbara Meyer-Mitchell June 19, 2019 at 8:39 am

John Levin, Darlene Young and I attended the YWCS one day intensive in 2017.

Nikia June 27, 2019 at 4:30 pm

I’m really disappointed with the lineup. I thought this was supposed to be a high end mall and envisioned something like The Westchester but much cooler. I thought we’d see stores like Tory Burch, Free People, Anthropologie, Sam Edelman, etc. and restaurants like Tao, True Food Kitchen, Charlie Palmer… Instead we have Chico’s , Abercrombie, and Yardhouse. I really hope they get it together and bring tenants which will make this mall a destination in Fairfield county, not just basic ones which can be found in every basic mall in America.

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