Norwalk mayoral candidates report fundraising totals

From left, Democratic incumbent Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling, unaffiliated Mayoral candidate Lisa Brinton and Republican Mayoral hopeful Darnell Crosland.

The election is Nov. 5.

NORWALK, Conn. — Mayor Harry Rilling had raised nearly $94,000 for his reelection campaign war chest as of June 30.

Unaffiliated competitor Lisa Brinton clocked in with more than $15,000 for her fundraising efforts as of the 30th, while Republican Mayoral hopeful Darnell Crosland has not claimed any fundraising activity yet.

Those are second quarter results; campaign financial disclosures were due Wednesday, which is when all three campaigns submitted their paperwork to the Town Clerk’s office. Rilling’s campaign in a press release characterizes the fundraising total as $100,177, factoring in in-kind contributions, while the Brinton camp claims to have raised more than $20,000.

Rilling is a Democrat seeking a fourth two-year term. Brinton and Crosland are vying for the Republican endorsement; Republicans will endorse candidates on July 22.

Rilling had collected $93,647.61 in monetary donations on June 30, with $44,475 just in this quarter. There were 18 donations of $1,000, the maximum allowed, between April 1 and June 30. Six are those are from developers, three are from individuals associated with Shop Rite maintenance, and four are from people associated with Workforce Partners, a real estate firm listing 15 Norwalk apartment buildings in its portfolio. Employees of City Carting, the city’s waste and recycling hauler, donated $3,875 in the quarter, and the company itself purchased a $250 ad in a Rilling campaign book.

Brinton had raised $15,095.83 on June 30, with $5,105 between April 1 and June 30. She had no $1,000 donations this time around.

Brinton received 31 donations of $100 or less; Rilling received 56 donations of $100 or less. The Rilling campaign said it has gained financial support from more than 365 persons and small businesses in Norwalk and beyond to date. NancyOnNorwalk counts about 110 people who have donated to Brinton this year. Developer Michael DiScala donated to both campaigns in the quarter: Rilling received $1,000 and Brinton received $200.

Crosland filed a State Elections Enforcement Commission (SEEC) form 21, certifying that he has not raised money nor made or incurred expenditures in excess of $1,000. Town Clerk Rick McQuaid said this meant that Crosland could have contributed money to his own campaign, less than $1,000, and was not required to itemize a report.

Crosland filed his papers to run for Mayor on May 28. At the time he was in Vietnam as part of an overseas business trip.

Rilling, in a statement, said, “I continue to be thankful to the many Norwalk residents and small businesses who have chosen to contribute to this year’s campaign.  New families and businesses continue to move to Norwalk because of our great quality of life, our strong school system and our many amenities from parks and museums to the downtown entertainment district. I hope to win the support of Norwalk residents once again to continue the positive direction our community is headed. We have grown our grand list, ushered in new economic development and made historic investments improve our school system.”

“We are very pleased with our grassroots fundraising efforts, which remains focused on serving the voters of Norwalk,” Brinton is quoted as saying in her press release.

“I’m impressed with Lisa’s efforts so far to bring needed change to Norwalk’s government,” campaign treasurer Bryan Meek, a Republican Board of Education member, is quoted as saying. “Her fundraising totals this quarter, in light of her being consumed with finishing a Master’s in Public Policy and Administration at American University as well as attending the Women Campaign School at Yale demonstrates her commitment to this goal.  I’m looking forward to her securing the Independent and {Republican Town Committee} nominations this month and with it the natural flow of funds from Norwalk voters who will find her plans to serve the people with a 21st century government refreshing.”

Crosland released this statement:

“The campaign is going great.  We are super excited about the progress we have made, and we have put together a strong ground game.  We like our opponents have friends and family always willing to ‘donate’ to our campaign, but unlike our opponents, are not looking for donations, we are looking for ‘investors’. Our campaign is dedicated to fixing the problems that exist in this great city, and when we ask people to write checks we want to assure them that they are investing not in our campaign but in their future.  That’s why we have approached the last six (6) weeks since filing our campaign papers as an exploratory campaign within a campaign.  And that’s also why we have filed a Form 21 at this point, and have continued to reach out to the people of Norwalk and have been listening to their concerns.

“The Bible tells us at times we must be still and listen, and then we will know how to proceed.  We have tons of people wanting to financially invest in the Crosland For Mayor Campaign and the next quarter and those to follow will show tremendous numbers.  We are very confident on the direction of this campaign.  Our slogan is ‘Let’s Fix It,’ and while the others are standing on their so-called record, and some are talking about hopes and dreams of their own, we are the only campaign asking the people of Norwalk, ‘what’s broken in their lives, and what it is that we can fix to make life in Norwalk better for them.’

“People have been calling us telling us little things like the lights on East Avenue takes too long to change at night, to which we have responded, ‘Let’s Fix It.’  We have taken the last six weeks to focus on listening to the people as opposed to raising money.  The best investment we can make in the people is to listen to what’s broken in their lives as opposed to selling them our hopes and dreams.

“Because of this approach, over the weeks to come we are confident that they will invest in themselves by cutting checks to our campaign which will be the voice of all of the people of Norwalk.”


Rilling for Mayor


  • Oscar Imbrogno of Stamford, ShopRite maintenance
  • Isabelle Imbrogno of Stamford
  • Bernardo Gomez, construction
  • Michael DiScala, developer
  • Gabriel Jaramillo, ShopRite maintenance
  • Gordon Daring of Manchester, Vanasse Hangen Brustlin Inc. engineer
  • Ed Camacho (year to date), Democratic Town Committee Chair
  • Albeiro Serna of Trumbull, ShopRite maintenance
  • Carl Kuehner, BLT, developer
  • George Frank of Westport, developer
  • Emmy Sasaki of Stamford, F.D. Rich, a developer
  • Samuel Fuller of Darien, Fuller Development
  • Colleen Fraccola of Jensen Beach, Fla., office administration consultant
  • Alan Cosby of Greenwich, real estate
  • Efstathios Giannoutsos of Wilton, Norwalk Orthodontics
  • Edward Gormbley of New York City, Workforce Partners investor
  • Michael Scherer of Westport, Workforce Partners
  • Anthony Farina of Amityville, N.Y., City Carting management
  • David Weiss of Riverside, 64 Solar partner
  • Paxton Kinol, Belpointe Capitol managing director
  • Clay Fowler of Pound Ridge N.Y. (year to date)




  • Allan Kleban of Wilton, KBE Building Corp
  • Kevin Walton of Stratford, City Carting VP of Operations



  • Paul Antinozzi of Woodbridge, architect (year to date)
  • James Manafort of Plainville, Manafort Brothers
  • Kevin Conroy
  • Patrick Lee of Boston, Trinity Financial
  • Chris Gavrieldis
  • Frank Massaregli of Scarsdale, City Carting
  • Paula Antonucci of North Haven
  • Hariklia Gavrielidis
  • Charles Brown of Coppelli, Texas, VCC
  • Jonathon Brady
  • Bruce Beinfield (year to date), architect and developer
  • Michael Tewey of Stamford, City Carting VP
  • Thomas Slattery, City Carting general manager
  • Jim Giuliano of West Hartford
  • Brandon Lacoff of Greenwich, Belpointe Capital, a developer



  • Adam Blank (year to date)



  • Donna King (year to date)




  • Caren Glickson




  • Jud Aley (year to date)



  • Eric Bernheim of Weston, attorney, Halloran & Sage



  • John Erdmann III
  • William Silver f Milford, architect Silver Petrucelli
  • Linda Johnson of Wilton, realtor
  • Paul Carenza of Chesire, Reflex Lighting o CT salesman
  • David Patrick of Bloomfield, Downes Construction
  • Arthur Goldblatt
  • Diana Colcord of Guilford, Downes Construction
  • Richard Brescia
  • Patsy Brescia
  • Brian Bailey
  • Timothy Onderko of Hamden, Langan Engineering civil engineer
  • Douglas Adams of Fairfield, HBC executive
  • David Gable, owner of Hocon Gas



  • Leonard Rosati Sr of Shelton, Tri-State Brick of CT



  • Bill Ireland (year to date)
  • Michele Bryant of Roosevelt, N.Y., City Carting
  • John Greco of New Canaan, City Carting
  • Lois Flynn (year to date)


  • Bobby Burgess (year to date)



  • Gary Oberst (year to date)



  • John Lesko
  • Michael Walsh of Farmington, Consulting Engineering Services
  • Janet Evelyn (year to date)
  • Demetrios Sotiropoulos



  • Galen Wells (year to date)



  • Joe Renfroe of Wilton, City Carting VP



  • Beth Siegelbaum (year to date)
  • Michael Witherspoon (year to date)
  • Laoise King
  • Diane Lauricella (year to date)
  • Robert Bryant (year to date)
  • Marc Alan
  • Diane Jellerette
  • Marija Bryant (year to date)
  • Richard Tavella
  • Nicholas Kantor
  • Liam King of Long Island City
  • Deborah King of Long Island City
  • Margaret Frank
  • David LeBlanc of Wilton, City Carting
  • Brian Baxendale
  • David Welchman of Stamford, Workforce Partners
  • Michael DiMeglio of Margate City, N.J.



  • Patricia Tinto (year to date)



  • Sophia Gevas




  • Mary Bellavia of Stamford (year to date)



  • Charles Nystrom (year to date)



  • Josh Morgan
  • Colin Hosten (year to date)
  • George Tsiranides



  • Eric Montgomery (year to date)
  • Darlene Young (year to date)
  • Kadeem Roberts (year to date)
  • Bruce Kimmel (year to date)




  • Eloisa Melendez (year to date)





  • Broderick Sawyer
  • John Altieri
  • Fran Collier-Clemmons
  • Irene Dixon
  • Howard Dixon
  • Fanny Osorio (year to date)
  • Martin O’Marra
  • James Herbert of Bethel
  • Oscar Destruge
  • Michael Parenteau
  • Kenneth Bovi



  • Judith Cobin



  • Derick Demarche
  • Peter Brown of Stamford



  • Andres Bermudez Hallstrom
  • Jacquen Jordon-Byron
  • Pamela George of Stratford
  • David Heuvelman
  • Emily Banks of Hartford
  • Tina Duryea
  • Ronald Banks
  • Lewis Clark
  • Sandra Billings



  • Daniel Obuchowski
  • Tabor Hamilton




  • Heidi Godleski
  • Moina Noor



Contributions from Committees

  • Uniformed Professional Fire Fighters Association of CT PAC $1,500


Purchase of advertising, $250

  • Cacace Tush & Santagata, Stamford
  • Interior Building Contractors, Chesire
  • Capital Equities, LLC
  • 10 Mott Ave LLC
  • C.E, South Main Avenue LLC
  • Deering Construction
  • Southern CT Eye Care P.C.
  • Vanasse Hangen Brustlin
  • Mentor Consulting Group
  • Garavel Auto Group
  • Rizzo Companies
  • Diageo
  • Norwalk Concessions LLC
  • Redniss & Mead
  • New York Bakery
  • City Carting
  • The Management Group
  • A. Pappajohn Co.
  • Safety Management Systems, Inc.
  • Drivers Unlimited Inc.
  • McMahon Ford, LLC
  • Safavieh Atlantic LLC
  • Spinnaker Real Estate Partners LLC
  • A.D. Caruso Plumbing & Heating LLC


In kind donations

  • Mike Oz, $957
  • Stanley Seligson, $1,000
  • Carole Seligson, $1,000


Lisa for Norwalk


  • Isabelle Hargrove (year to date)


  • David McCarthy of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (year to date)



  • David Katz
  • Jody Sattler
  • Donna Smirniotopoulos
  • Sue Haynie (year to date)
  • Jody Neaderland



  • Kevin DiMauro



  • Michael DiScala
  • Helene Barlilicci
  • Lauren Rosato of Southport


  • Deborah Goldstein



  • Lynne Pratt
  • Josephine Deupree
  • Lucia Fiaschetti
  • Erika Luthy
  • Kathleen Moore-Cole
  • Juanita Olguin
    Anthony D’Andrea
  • Kevin DiMauro
  • Nancy Romberg of Stamford
  • Janet Muro
  • Mindy Houck
  • Joseph Beggan
  • Kerry McFarrin



  • James Kahmann



  • Maggie Trujillo
  • Karen Finn
  • Karine Jeanneret
  • Thomas Finn
  • Charles Bisceglie
  • Tyson Canevari
  • Joanne Van Steen
  • Helen Skipper
  • Amy Pavia
  • Lawrence Lusio
  • Lucia Fiaschetti




  • Meghen Gaff
  • Sarah Waters
  • Jim Anderson
  • Tamara Cronin
  • Maria Jose Sandy Schmitt



  • Luisa D’Allacco
  • Diana Paladino-Christopher


Sue Haynie July 11, 2019 at 6:27 am

Lisa has my vote.

Norwalk needs a Mayor with energy!

Norwalk needs someone who fights for Norwalk in Hartford, who fights for Norwalk taxpayers, who fights to Improve Norwalk’s quality of life, someone who fights for fiscal restraint, fights for accountability.

Norwalk needs someone who, unlike Rilling, isn’t afraid to answer questions w/out first asking a $150K++ Assistant to the Mayor or Communication staff for the OK.

Norwalk needs someone, unlike Rilling, who has energy to be Mayor without being propped up by other people, someone who makes more than a few meetings, someone who is seen and heard, someone who does more than photo-ops, someone who STOPS bending over backwards to Hartford, who will stand up to Democratic leadership in Hartford that keeps selling Norwalk out. Norwalk needs someone who sees Norwalk as more than a 2nd pension, and the mayoralty as a part time job.

Norwalk needs a Leader. Norwalk needs Lisa.

CAROL July 11, 2019 at 9:37 am

interesting if you take away the developers and city carting-rilling is not doing that well.
conflict of interest????

Ed July 11, 2019 at 11:02 am

So Rilling gets most of his support from outside of the city specifically from construction companies, developers, and realtors. Someone should put this fact in advertisement–maybe with a nice looking pie chart.

John ONeill July 11, 2019 at 11:24 am

A few quick observations: 1) Glad to see City Carting’s business must be doing well, despite the changes in the recycling paper/plastic business — They really seem to like Rilling. That said, garbage/recycling collection has been terrific since City started handling a few years ago. 2)Is there a Firefighter’s contract coming up or are they this generous to Rilling every year?? 3) Those ShopRite maintenance guys love Harry — It’s nice to be loved. Interesting though, don’t you think?

Debora Goldstein July 11, 2019 at 12:59 pm

Someone needs to advise the lawyer in this race about the law. This is the second article about Darnell in which his statements indicate he may not fully understand it. In a past article, he announced the name(s) of persons he intended to hire if elected. A candidate may not promise anyone a job if elected. And some past legal challenges on this indicate that public announcements in news reports constitute a promise.

Now he indicates he is running an exploratory campaign within his campaign. Exploratory campaigns are for candidates who haven’t announced which office they are seeking. He needs to understand that soliciting funds and receiving pledges of same are reportable items, even if he hasn’t accepted any funds yet.

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