Norwalk wins as Elekies beat Donkaphants

Norwalk Democratic and Republican Town Committee members pose for a photo, Saturday at Calf Pasture Beach. (Harold Cobin)

NORWALK, Conn. — The Elekies beat the Donkaphants 16-6 Saturday in Norwalk’s first political charity softball game.

About 35 people watched the game at Calf Pasture Beach, including representatives of Keystone House, beneficiary of the event. Teams were made up of members of the Republican and Democratic Town Committees, divided evenly on each side.

Video by Harold Cobin at end of story

Elekies coach and Norwalk Republican Town Committee Chairman Mark Suda, left, and Donkaphants and Norwalk Democratic Town Committee Chairman Ed Camacho, center right, wait for a coin to land before the start of Saturday’s softball game at Calf Pasture Beach.

The seven-inning game ended when Republican Common Council candidate Darnell Crosland hit a line drive straight at Democratic Mayor Harry Rilling, who caught it at third base.

“The two town committees decided to come together to show that while politics can cause divides among many and has become increasingly partisan, on the local level, the parties can put aside our differences, put our community first and have fun while doing it”, Republican Town Committee Chairman Mark Suda was quoted as saying in a press release advertising the game.

“Rather than being the Democrats and Republicans playing against each other, we are blending the teams so we are working together as teams with each other Democratic Town Committee Chairman Ed Camacho was quoted as saying.

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