2018-19 SBAC test results released

State test results for the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium were released Monday, according to the CTMirror.org.

Above is the 5-year-trend for Norwalk, as shown in the Mirror’s interactive graphic. Below are Norwalk’s 2018-19 English Language Arts Scores.

English and Writing Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium results for Norwalk, released Monday.

Finally, here are the math results.

Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium math results for Norwalk, released Monday.


To see the Mirror’s interactive graphic and look up the information yourself, click here.


Eric September 11, 2019 at 11:50 am

“Improving the quality of public education is extremely challenging.” – #3/1,000 understatements of the century.

The good news is the trends are moving in the right direction. Math test results have noticeably improved.

The other takeaway from this is that the current administration has let 5 entire years pass with less than 50% of their students reaching grade-level in English and Math.

For half a decade, our local education hasn’t even been able to do half of its students justice. That isn’t sad; it’s tragic.

These children are being robbed of better futures.

How can you have true improvement in outcomes when there is little real accountability for the department of education?

This performance is shameful, it’s arrogant, it’s exasperating.

I admire educators that go above and beyond to touch the lives of younger generations and invest in their students’ futures. When they face the sclerosis and incompetence of their administrators coupled with the demoralizing cynicism, laziness and disinterest of their lackluster peers, it is miraculous that some teachers continue to strive for greatness in education. God bless good teachers.

By the same hand, may He punish the underachievers who betray their wards and drain the precious surpluses of our society with their lethargic and ineffective approach to such a noble and essential endeavor.

I like to believe in Karma, but what does it take to get voters to require some real, groundbreaking change? How is our city budget’s largest line-item such an underachieving chump of a school system?

So kudos for being less bad than you were 5 years ago, guys. And a serious salute to the many fine educators who have to put up with the rich tapestry of nincompoops on the day to day.

steve September 11, 2019 at 2:41 pm

My experience as an educator in another school system and parent of two children in our school system is that the teachers in the Norwalk system are incredibly devoted. I know many of them that come into the building two hours before school and leave two hours after school. They try to help each and every student who seeks help. It’s simplistic to “blame the lethargic teachers, administrators etc..” when the problem lies far deeper than how hard people work. This is a societal issue–not due to a couple of nincompoops, lazy-union workers or insufficient tax dollars, Darien, New Canaan and Westport have higher test scores-> that’s not because they have a harder working teachers and a more efficient system.

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