A Norwalk photo #23

NORWALK, Conn. – This photo was taken Monday on Mott Avenue – it’s a new parking sensor, one of 270 being installed this week, according to the City.

“The Norwalk Parking Authority (NPA) began a smart parking sensor program as a pilot in 2014, and installed 126 sensors throughout the South Norwalk and Wall Street areas. This technology delivers real-time parking availability and parking demand data accurately and reliably,” a press release said.

The work to expand the program is ahead of schedule, Norwalk Communications Manager Joshua Morgan said. The weather over the weekend was good so crews got a head start.

Parking spaces will be temporarily closed on:

  • Tuesday: West Avenue, “left side driving towards uptown”
  • Wednesday: East Wall Street, “on the right driving towards uptown area”
  • Wednesday: Hoyt Street
  • Thursday: Main Street, “on the right driving towards Wall Street”

The Parking Authority uses the data internally “to assist with parking policies, operations, and strategic planning,” the press release said. “The future goal is to integrate the sensors into popular wayfinding apps to provide real-time parking availability data directly to the public.”

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Alice October 22, 2019 at 7:53 am

Our tax dollars couldn’t have been used for something more important? What a WASTE! But not surprising. Liberals can find more ways to waste taxpayer money.

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