Meet District A Dems; learn about state issues

The election is Nov. 5.

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk politicos have organized events to encourage your participants in community affairs.

That includes one happening today.

  • First Taxing District Dems meeting public today at library
  • Dathan schedules transportation forum, Tuesday in New Canaan
  • Lavielle and Wood holding business advisory forums Wednesday and Thursday



Democrats at library

First Taxing District Commissioner Marija Bryant and Treasuer Jalin Sead, who are seeking reelection, are hosting a meet and greet from 2 to 4 p.m. today, Saturday Oct. 19, in the Blue Teapot Café, on the first floor of the Norwalk Public Library, located at 1 Belden Ave.

It’s possible that District A Council candidates David Heuvelmann and Kadeem Roberts, who are unopposed, will also be there, along with Board of Education candidate Godfrey Azima and Mayor Harry Rilling.

“Get to know more about First Taxing District and the First Taxing District Water Department – as well as what the Board of Commissioners does and why we are hoping to earn your vote!” Bryant and Sead wrote. “So come, sit down with us, talk, and enjoy some great pastry.  It’s free. No donation. No heavy speechifying – well, not a lot, anyway.”


Statewide transportation issues on tap

State Rep. Lucy Dathan (D-142) plans to co-host a transportation forum with State Sen. Will Haskell and State Sen. Alex Bergstein from 7 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 22, at the New Canaan Town Hall town meeting room, located at 77 Main St. in New Canaan.

Dathan represents New Canaan and part of Norwalk, in the district formerly represented by Fred Wilms, and before him, Larry Cafero.

“The lawmakers will be available to discuss statewide transportation issues and allow the public to learn about and give their input on proposals to fund needed maintenance and improvements of CT’s transportation infrastructure,” a press release said.



Business-oriented discussion planned

Business forums scheduled for mid-week are “an opportunity for you to learn more about the new laws passed during the 2019 regular session affecting the business community across Connecticut,” a press release said.

State Reps. Gail Lavielle (R-143), Terri Wood (R-141) and Tom O’Dea (R-125) are hosting the forums:

  • From 8 to 9 a.m. Wednesday Oct. 23 in the community room at Norwalk City Hall, located at 125 East Ave.
  • From 8 to 9 a.m. Thursday Oct. 24 in the Wilton Library Rimer Room, located at 137 Ridgefield Road in Wilton


“We will discuss this year’s changes in taxes, fees, and policies such as the state’s rapidly increasing minimum wage, the new quasi-state-run paid family and medical leave program, and the modifications to the pass-through entity tax that will increase the tax liability of small businesses by about $50 million,” Lavielle wrote.

Lavielle represents Wilton and parts of Norwalk and Westport. Wood represents Darien and part of Norwalk.

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