2019: Getting out the vote


Volunteers stand ready to greet voters, Tuesday morning at Marvin Elementary School. (Contributed)

Editor’s note: This story also includes a list of the candidates and other information. Updated at 1:50 p.m., current turnout numbers. 

The election is Nov. 5.

NORWALK, Conn. — Norwalk’s voter turnout is higher this year than it was in 2017, as of noon.

Norwalk Democratic Registrar Stuart Wells reports that 6,218 people had voted citywide, as compared to 5,845 in 2017.

Voter turnout is particularly up in East Norwalk and Rowayton:

  • Marvin Elementary: 550 two years ago, 623 today
  • Nathan Hale Middle School: 782 two years ago, 908 today
  • Rowayton Elementary: 400 two years ago, 441 today


Also interesting:

  • Ponus Ridge Middle School: 488 two years ago, 573 today
  • Fox Run Elementary School: 689 two years ago, 669 today
  • Columbus Magnet School: 447 two years ago, 468 today
  • Nathaniel Ely: 73 two years ago, 81 today


St. Mary’s Church and Tracey Elementary have had a spike: turnout was lower than 2017 as of 10 a.m. but was higher at noon.  West Rocks Middle School was spot on at 10 a.m., with 662 today and the same number two years ago.  West Rocks had 1,104 ballots turned in at noon, and 1,054 at noon in 2017.

Democratic incumbent Mayor Harry Rilling is seeking a fourth term in this election and is being challenged by Republican-endorsed unaffiliated candidate Lisa Brinton. Two years ago it was a four-candidate Mayoral race, with Brinton challenging Rilling without a party endorsement.

The candidates are:


  • Harry Rilling (D) (incumbent)
  • Lisa Brinton (U, Republican endorsed)
  • Harry Rilling (Working Families Party) (incumbent)

Town Clerk:

  • Rick McQuaid (R, cross-endorsed) (incumbent)

Common Council, District A

  • Kadeem Roberts (D)
  • David Heuvelman (D)
  • Kadeem Roberts (Working Families Party)
  • David Heuvelman (Working Families Party)

Common Council, District B

  • Ernie Dumas (D) (incumbent)
  • Darlene Young (D) (incumbent)
  • Darlene Young (Working Families Party) (incumbent)

Common Council, District C

  • John Kydes (D) (incumbent)
  • George Theodoridis (D)
  • Michael Foley (R)
  • James Anderson (R)
  • John Kydes (Working Families Party) (incumbent)
  • George Theodoridis (Working Families Party) (D)

Common Council, District D

  • George Tsiranides (D) (incumbent)
  • James Page (D)
  • Tom Keegan (R)
  • Carl Dickens (R)
  • George Tsiranides (Working Families Party) (incumbent)
  • James Page (Working Families Party)

Common Council, District E

  • Tom Livingston (D) (incumbent)
  • Lisa Shanahan (D) (Working Families Party)
  • Peter Bondi (R)
  • Ron Paladino (R)
  • Tom Livingston (Working Families Party) (incumbent)
  • Lisa Shanahan (Working Families Party)

Common Council, At-Large

  • Greg Burnett (D) (incumbent)
  • Manny Langella (D)
  • Nick Sacchinelli (D) (incumbent)
  • Barbara Smyth (D) (incumbent)
  • Colin Hosten (D) (incumbent)
  • Patrick Murphy (R)
  • Richard Bonenfant (R)
  • Artie Kassimis (R)
  • Glenn Iannacone (R)
  • Darnell Crosland (R)
  • Greg Burnett (Working Families Party)  (incumbent)
  • Manny Langella (Working Families Party)
  • Nick Sacchinelli (Working Families Party)  (incumbent)
  • Barbara Smyth (Working Families Party)  (incumbent)
  • Colin Hosten (Working Families Party)  (incumbent)

Board of Education District A:

  • Godfrey Azima (D)
  • Alexandrea Kemeny (R)
  • Godfrey Azima (Working Families Party)

Board of Education District B:

  • Sherelle Harris (D)

Board of Education District C:

  • Diana Carpio (D)
  • Jason Christopher (R)
  • Diana Carpio (Working Families Party)

Board of Education District D:

  • Erica DePalma (D)
  • Bryan Meek (R) (incumbent)
  • Erica DePalma (Working Families Party)

Board of Education District E:

  • Mike Barbis (D) (incumbent)

City Sheriff

  • Robert Burgess (D) (incumbent)
  • Scott Vetare (R)

City Treasurer

  • Joseph Tamburri (D) (incumbent)
  • Jerry Petrini (R)


  • Andy Garfunkel (D) (incumbent)
  • Samuel Pride (D) (incumbent)
  • Kathryn Angela Martino (R) (incumbent)
  • Shannon O’Toole Giandurco (R)


  • Ernie Dumas (D) (incumbent)
  • Johnnie Mae Weldon (D) (incumbent)
  • Jalin Sead (D) (incumbent)
  • A. Samuel Disraelly (D) (incumbent)
  • Frank Mauro (R) (incumbent)
  • John Romano (R) (incumbent)
  • Ray Cooke (R)
  • Peter Bondi (R)

First Taxing District Commissioner

  • Marija Bryant (D) (incumbent)
  • Rosa Luciani (R)

First Taxing District Treasurer

  • Jalin Sead (D) (incumbent)

Second Taxing District Commissioner

  • Martha Wooten-Dumas (D) (incumbent)
  • Harold Bonnet (R) (incumbent)

Second Taxing District Treasurer

  • Darlene Young (D) (incumbent)

Third Taxing District Commissioner

  • Michele Sweeney (D)
  • Charles Yost (R)
  • Michele Sweeney (Working Families Party)
  • Deb Goldstein (petitioning candidate) (incumbent)

Third Taxing District Treasurer

  • Ed Holowinko (D)
  • Read Auerbach (R)

Sixth Taxing District Commissioner

  • Tamsen Langalis (incumbent) (cross-endorsed)

Sixth Taxing District Treasurer

  • Gilbert Kernan (R)


Looking for information? You can find all of NancyOnNorwalk’s 2019 election stories here. District D information is here. You can also watch videos of the candidates:


Wells on July 22 provided this breakdown of the Norwalk electorate:

  • 20,562 registered Democrats
  • 9,762 registered Republicans
  • 22,452 unaffiliated voters
  • 1,053 independent voters


One comment

Niz November 5, 2019 at 12:25 pm

I hope that no matter the outcomes we all realize that it is ENOUGH OF THE EXTREMIST BEHAVIORS!! And the winners start to listen to their residents / citizens, that our district council people & BOE folks do more than leave a flyer at my door, but actually attend meetings, engage the people to help the Mayor and Educators understand what is needed and what is not. For the betterment of out city, its people and most important the kids, our futures.

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