Norwalk political notes: Appointments

Republican State Central Committee member Kelly Straniti speaks with Darnell Crosland at the Norwalk Republican Town Committee meeting in July. Mayor Harry Rilling has appointed her to the Police and Traffic Commissions.

NORWALK, Conn. — Some Norwalk political notes:

  • Rilling’s fourth go round on appointments nets one change: Straniti to Police Commission
  • Igneri to Redevelopment
  • Rilling ‘went to dinner’


Rilling starts fourth term by appointing Straniti to Police Commission

A new Norwalk Mayor starts his or her term by appointing volunteers to serve on the Police Commission, the Fire Commission, the Traffic Authority and the Board of Estimate and Taxation. The Mayor also appoints a Corporation Counsel.

Mayor Harry Rilling has appointed Kelly Straniti to the Police Commission and the Traffic Authority. All other posts remain the same for now.

Straniti, a Republican, replaces Charlie Yost, who Rilling first appointed in 2013. ­In a Tweet, Straniti said she is “Very excited about this opportunity to be of service in my community.”

Straniti ran for Mayor in 2015, as Rilling’s first opponent for reelection.  She is a Republican State Central Committee member and was formerly on the Zoning Commission and the Common Council. A paralegal, she works in real estate.

A Mayor appoints three people to four-year terms on the BET. The terms of Artie Kassimis, James Page and Jim Feigenbaum expire Saturday.

“No changes yet to the BET but we have to review the districts where the members live. We can only have two members from any one district,” Rilling wrote Saturday.

Three BET members have terms that expire on Nov. 30, 2021: Ed Camacho, James Frayer and Troy Jellerette. Rilling also serves on the BET. Feigenbaum, Frayer and Rilling all live in District E, according to the City’s website.



Council to vote on Igneri appointment to Redevelopment

A sweet sendoff for departing Common Council members on Nov. 12 featured Rilling saying that now he has more people he can appoint to Boards and Commissions.

That didn’t take long: Rilling is appointing former Council President John Igneri to the Redevelopment Agency.

Igneri just finished eight years on the Council. He was Council President in 2016-17 and has led the Public Works Committee for the last four years.


Rilling left BoE, swore in Council and…?

Rilling left the packed community room Tuesday after swearing in new Board of Education members and did not return, missing the NAACP anger directed at Board member Mike Barbis.

He had gone upstairs to swear in new Council members, in an organizational meeting that is typically very short.

“I went to the Common Council meeting and then went to get dinner,” Rilling said in an email.

He declined further comment.

One comment

Peter Torrano November 25, 2019 at 9:28 am

Congratulations, Kelly. And congratulations to the City of Norwalk. The citizens and police department will be well served.

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