Some Norwalk photos pop up

Participating in Saturday’s ribbon cutting are, from left, Cathy and Don DeCesare, who donated funds to purchase books for the bookmobile; Vicki Oatis, Children’s Librarian; Chris Bradley, Library Executive Director; Alex Knopp, Library Board President; Mayor Harry Rilling; and Lucia Rilling. (Photo by Dawn Kravalik.)

NORWALK, Conn. — The Norwalk Public Library’s new Mobile PopUp Library vehicle was christened Saturday with a ribbon cutting, Norwalk Public Library Board of Trustees Chairman Alex Knopp said.

“About the size of a tiny delivery van, the PopUp Library is a fully electric low-speed vehicle that is specially customized to transport and display library materials,” Norwalk Public Library Director Christine Bradley wrote on Sept. 13, 2018. “Visitors can browse and check out a selection of materials, get a library card, and enjoy a storytime. A low-speed vehicle, (25 mph) has an exceptional ‘green’ rating, is a fraction of the cost of a standard bookmobile, and can be driven by any licensed driver. Unlike a standard bookmobile, it can be managed by one person. It’s charged by a standard 110 volt outlet and is street legal, so it can be driven to a location and parked on the grass or sidewalk.”

(Photo by Dawn Kravalik.)

Knopp, former Norwalk Mayor, submitted these photos. The Common Council unanimously authorized the use of $75,000 of capital budget funds to purchase the vehicle just over a year ago.

The vehicle will allow the Library to “enhance its youth outreach capability during the summer months in support of the Board of Education’s emphasis on mitigating the ‘Summer Slide’ and the Mayor’s office initiative on expanding STEM activities in city-sponsored summer programming,” then- Chief Financial Officer Bob Barron wrote at the time.

Two library capital projects were closed to offset the expenditure.


Alex Knopp November 24, 2019 at 7:00 am

Thank you Nancy for sharing this good news from the Norwalk Public Library. The terrific panel illustration on the rear of the bookmobile was conceived and drawn by artist Maya Santangelo.

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