Norwalk, police officers sued over alleged 2012 beating

Updated 11:55 a.m. July 19 to include link to lawsuit filed by Cody Greene.

NORWALK, Conn. – A Norwalk man who claims he was severely beaten on July 18, 2012, by four Norwalk police officers has filed suit against the city of Norwalk and the four officers seeking $10 million in compensatory damages, punitive damages and attorney’s fees.

The officers named in the suit are Steven Luciano, Felipe Taborda, Adam Mulkern and Julio Rodriguez.

In his suit, Cody Greene claims a litany of injuries suffered in the incident, including several facial fractures including to the jaw, nose and eye socket, an eye injury, nerve damage, brain hemorrhage and brain injury. Greene is claiming residual effects that include post-traumatic stress disorder, stuttering disorder, hearing disorder, post traumatic headaches, impaired balance and gait, post traumatic insomnia, facial numbness, and deficits in attention, concentration, word finding, detailed orientation and short-term memory.

Read the full suit filing here: Greene-complaint

The suit states the incident occurred about 8:30 p.m. July 18, 2012, when Greene went to  visit a friend at 16 School St.. Greene was knocking on his friend’s apartment door when, the suit states, a black vehicle with tinted windows pulled up next to him and the four officers, all dressed in black, got out and surrounded him and began asking him questions. The men did not identify themselves as police officers, “nor were the individual Defendants wearing and/or displaying any clothing or badging that identified them as such,” the suit states.

When one of the officers attempted to search Greene, the suit states, Greene became fearful and ran, with the officers in pursuit. One of the officers drew his gun, another tased Greene, who fell to the ground. That is when, the suit alleges, the beating ensued.

Th suit claims that, “at no point in time did the Plaintiff resist or strike any of the individual Defendants.”

The suit claims Greene was transported to Norwalk Hospital via ambulance, placed in a medically induced coma, placed in intensive care, and remained in the hospital for four days.

Norwalk Police Chief issued this statement Friday:

“The lawsuit is not unexpected based upon the initial posturing of Attorney (Philip) Russell in this case. However I am confident that our Assistant Corporation Counsel will vigorously defend the officers who our investigation found had acted within the law and within department policy. It should also be noted that this investigation was hampered by Attorney Russell’s decision to not allow his client to be interviewed nor would he allow the release of any medical records in the case.”

Mayor Harry Rilling, who spent 17 years as Norwalk’s police chief, would not comment because of the pending lawsuit.


12 responses to “Norwalk, police officers sued over alleged 2012 beating”

  1. Mr Norwalk Ct

    Yet more abuse at the hands of the Norwalk Police Department Special Services Division.

  2. Bill

    If this guy ran from police, he deserved a beating. I’m guessing this guy wasn’t doing much in his life before he resisted arrest, and now wants to make millions for evading arrest and fighting police offices.

  3. One and Done

    Did Harry push for a settlement yet?

  4. rburnett

    You should ask him directly Dave

  5. Concerned Elder

    Cody Green’s lawsuit is available at https://www.hightail.com/download/ZUczV0p3TXY4Q1JvZE1UQw

    It provides a chilling account of the events of July 18, 2012. Everyone should read this.

    Editor’s note: We have added a link to thee suit to our story. The omission was an oversight.

  6. Meredith

    Hey Bill,

    You shoud not make such assumptions. Cody is a United States Marine, college gradute, Brother to 3 siblings & Son of a CT State Trooper. Therefore he is doing something with his life. One would guess that after being tased he was rendered defenseless and NO ONE deserves a beating when defensless!! Further, the dark vehicle with tinted windows, being surrounded by four men that did NOT identify themselves as officers… I am pretty sure anyone with half a brain would have ran for their lives simply for fear of being jumped.

  7. TG

    So, immediately following Off. Mulkern’s attempt to pat down Greene, Greene became fearful of the position he’d be put in and ran. In other words, I’m about to be busted for possession and I’m afraid of being caught, not afraid to be patted down.

  8. MB

    They found no evidence of drugs on him or in him. In fact all charges against him were dropped, no evidence, at all. They did not identify themselves officers at any point during this horrific incident!

  9. WOW just WOW

    I just finished reading the suit and all I can say is the Norwalk Police Department is a disgrace. What I find frightening is the fact that the internal investigation found that these officers did nothing wrong. This screams for the need for a civilian review board. In any reputable police department these officers would have been fired and arrested.

    1. Mark Chapman

      Editor’s note: I would caution readers to remember that the attached document was written by the plaintiff’s legal representatives whose job it is to make things sound as bad as possible. The defendants’ response will come later, and will likely paint a completely different picture.

  10. WOW just WOW

    Yes Mark that is true. However in addition to the legal document you also have the pictures of the defendant after the beating and list of injuries that the victim sustained at the hands of the Norwalk police Department to back up the claims . This is unacceptable under any circumstance. It is not the job of the police to dish out punishment.

    1. Mark Chapman

      @WOW just WOW

      I certainly agree with the last part. If, in fact, the rest is proven. But there are major questions (and I have no dog in this fight): Did the alleged victim tell the truth about the police never ID’ing themselves? Did he really never resist? If he is a Marine and son of a state trooper, could he not “make” these guys as cops? My guess is there could be, as is so often the case, elements of truth on both sides. We like the truth, wherever it leads.

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