24 hours to support your local news site!

You can keep Nancy reporting on Norwalk with a gift today.

It’s simple. Without NancyOnNorwalk, local stories go untold.


POKO. FireTree. A new school in South Norwalk. Oak Hills. Missing money at City Hall.


These are the hyperlocal issues that impact us – and that will go underreported without a news source like NancyOnNorwalk.


Today, thanks to Fairfield County Community Foundation’s Giving Day, your donations can win extra support for your local news site.


If 50 or more readers give, NoN qualifies for a bonus prize.  If we get the most donors between 2 and 3 p.m., NoN wins a prize.  Your gift keeps Nancy’s light shining on your hometown, bringing you the stories that matter most.


Every donor counts and every gift matters.  Please support your local news site with a donation now.




The NoN Board of Directors

Bob Welsh, Chair

Nancy Chapman, Secretary

Gerry Werner, Treasurer

Eric Chapman

John Levin

Steve Mann

Claire Schoen


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One response to “24 hours to support your local news site!”

  1. Claire Schoen

    First, thanks to everyone who has donated so far!

    It’s 2:47 and we only need 10 more donors to get to the 50+ level, which qualifies us for a bonus prize.

    If you are reading this and haven’t donated yet — what are you waiting for?! Every donor counts in this effort.

    And again, thanks for the support!

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