To the Candidates: Shaping a model city, Norwalk

Audrey Cozzarin leads a traffic safety meeting in June, the Norwalk Public Library.
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May I offer a reminder to all candidates—for Mayor, Board of Education, and Common Council—that among the biggest topics of concern for Norwalk residents and businesses are traffic and quality of life in Norwalk. These two areas have intersecting opportunities and I do expect that you ALL will seek to address these twin concerns.

Addressing traffic congestion will help school children whose parents feel their kids are unsafe walking or biking to school. Addressing aggressive driving behavior (speeding and other unsafe driving maneuvers are considered reactions to inadequate road engineering and societal stressors) through education, public relations, and enforcement would lower the general blood pressure of our city. Addressing infrastructure changes in a creative and forward-thinking way would begin to shape Norwalk as a safe pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly city. With a healthier, and I hope, happier, friendlier, and more engaged community.Candidates who win on Election Day, by making traffic and quality of life in Norwalk top priorities will naturally resolve many other issues regarding public health, schools, and safely getting around our city in order to enjoy its many attributes!

In closing, here is my sincere wish for Norwalk, a prayer I wrote and wish to share:


A Prayer for the People

of Fairfield County

May all people find quiet

to hear birdsong in surburbia

May all people drive a bit slower

to appreciate the beauty around us

May all people have respect for

and patience with other people

May all people find wisdom in nature

providing sanctuary for wildlife

May all people make choices

for the betterment of all


Audrey Cozzarin,

Leader, Norwalk Citizens Traffic Safety Committee


3 responses to “To the Candidates: Shaping a model city, Norwalk”

  1. Angela Carey

    Wonderful sentiments expressed Audrey! My hope is that our leaders will be inspired by your comments to lead and govern our city towards a positive direction and move us closer to a People Friendly City that is safer, kinder and hospitable to all! Angela

  2. Sherelle Harris

    Thank you, Ms. Cozzarin!

  3. Jo

    Thank you for this sprinkling of positivity, Audrey!

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