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(Diane Keefe)
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I couldn’t help but send this along in response to all the commenters criticizing Norwalk’s courage in taking in the kids who arrive in our school system looking for opportunity just like many of our grandparents and great grand parents did before the US government criminalized fleeing one’s home country because of poverty, violence and famine. My grand parents came from Ireland in the late 1800’s and made a life for their kids, grand kids and now great grand kids. We need each new wave of motivated democracy seekers.

Whatever happened to the “Give me your tired, your poor…” type of liberty we offered in my childhood?

Numerous members of Wilton Quaker Meeting have worked with the immigrant families who were allowed to legally receive asylum under the Obama and Trump administrations. The flow of legal immigrants has turned into a trickle here in CT because of the Trump shift in immigration policies. We need to educate the young people in our communities regardless of their immigration status.

Diane Keefe

“War is not inherent in human beings. We learn war and we learn peace. The culture of peace is something which is learned just as violence is learned and war culture is learned. ” Elise Boulding


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  1. Milton

    So what has changed from the 1800’s when your grandparents arrived from Ireland and now? Could it be all the entitlement programs? When your grandparents came, did they get off the boat and sign up for welfare? Did they head down to the ER for some free healthcare? Did they sign up for food stamps?

    You can have a society with generous entitlement benefits or you can have a society with easy immigration policies. But you cannot have both and survive for long.

    So which do you want? Open borders or generous entitlements?

  2. David McCarthy

    Odd. I haven’t heard anyone talk about kids being turned away, and certainly nothing about war or peace. What I’ve heard is people talking about an absentee mayor who left a city in the hands of a New Haven political plant and failed to plan for any of these kids. Big difference.

  3. Al Bore

    What ever happened to come here legally not illegally? Do people not understand what it’s all about, no one wants to keep people from coming into our country legally we want to keep them out when they come here illegally. ” My grand parents came from Ireland in the late 1800’s and made a life for their kids, grand kids and now great grand kids”. Diane were your grand parents here legally or illegally? Did they become legal citizens? Norwalk taxpayers pay the bill since nothing is free. We can’t pick and choose which laws to follow and which ones not to. Common sense use it.

  4. Sean Higgins

    Thank you, Diane. You are a treasure.

  5. carol

    legally or no benefits,we need to educate,feed,dress and medically care for those that are here LEGALLY.
    where are the other towns in taking in these illegals???

  6. Tysen Canevari

    Diane, you need to get outside of the Quaker meeting and enter the real world. Do you think it is fair that Jim Himes and Blumenthal want to give the illegals crossing the border free health care and education? Those of us that work for a living have to pay for it handsomely if you aren’t fortunate enough to have an employer that provides it. Do we let the people that rob the bank just walk out of the bank or do we arrest them? We have laws here and you can’t decide which ones apply to you. My grandparents landed at Ellis Island at came here legally and worked hard to learn English and assimilate themselves to the American culture. This sanctuary city and state nonsense is not financially able to take care of itself. Maybe at the Quaker meeting you can talk about helping the homeless at the many shelters. Now thats productive.

  7. Milton

    Carol – Why don’t you start by asking your elected officials if they are voting for bills that turn CT into a sanctuary state and create a magnet. If you don’t want to pay for them, don’t vote for the politicians who support the magnet.

    Why don’t you ask Himes what he is doing to secure the border and enforce our federal immigration laws?


  8. David Bayne

    Wiltoners are happy to help immigrants find Norwalk housing and enroll in Norwalk schools. They’re very helpful people.

  9. Kathleen Montgomery

    Tysen, you would benefit from attending a Quaker meeting.

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