A conversation with an anti-masker

(Paul Cantor)
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While on a walk today my wife and I were startled to run into the guy shown above on the left standing next to a sign asking people to call Gov. Lamont.

“Whose side are you on,” he asked.  “Our side or their side?”

“Your side?  Their side?” we replied.

“Yeh, the side of dem idiots who want to mask your kids?  Or the side of Delta and us other variants that want to teach them how to stop breathing?”

“Their side, of course,” we said.

“Don’t you know if your kids wear masks, they will no longer be able to have kids of their own,” he asked.

“No, but if they get Covid and die how many kids are they going to have then?”

“None,” he answered.  “None is good.”

Clearly, at this point we were having difficulty following his logic.

“None is good?”

“Of course,” he replied.  “None is good.  My job, our job, is to wipe out you humans.  You are overpopulating the planet.  And living much too long.  So, you are a burden to your kids.  We want to relieve them of that burden by killing all of you.”

And then he screamed so loudly that they could hear him all the way down in Mar-A-Lago:

“Look, if you don’t want to take my advice visit social media or listen to Fox News!”

“Sorry,” we said, “we prefer to rely on the American Academy of Pediatricians’ advice that kids should wear masks because masks save lives.   That advice is based on data and science.  Go here  to learn more.

Paul Cantor



21 responses to “A conversation with an anti-masker”

  1. John O’Neill

    Get the Vaccine — That being said I recommend the above writer give up satire or whatever the above is. The fact is the CDC and the Federal Gov’t have handled this pandemic as one would expect a bloated bureaucracy would. Confusion, Finger Pointing and Covering one’s ass. I believe Lefties and Righties are both guilty. Connecticut got lucky – In my opinion, If Lamont followed the advice of Duffites and Looneys our vaccine rollout would’ve been a disaster.

  2. Bryan Meek

    What bothers me about the masks, which I don’t mind wearing is the scientific data about how ineffective they are compared to the n95 masks, which are still on limited distribution for health professionals, understandably.

    What makes no sense is that 18 months and $5 trillion later, there hasn’t been any push or motivation to make these available to the general public without causing supply chain issues. It’s a total failure of leadership, regardless of the political affiliations involved.

  3. James

    You can’t help people who don’t want the vaccine, until they end up in the hospital begging for help, at which point it becomes the poor nurses problem

  4. Sue Haynie

    All educators should be required to get the vaccine or be given an alternative way to work. Kids in school shouldn’t have to wear masks to protect the adults in the system who haven’t been vaccinated.

    The CDC is not the world’s only science authority on this subject. Below is info from Europe about what their science has said re. masks, kids and school.

    In Europe “Safely reopening your school | 5 lessons we can learn from Europe”: “Interestingly, Europe also hasn’t adopted a policy that face coverings be worn in schools. Neither Danish pupils or teachers wear face masks. Dorte Lange, vice president of the Danish Union of Teachers, says this lack of personal protection hasn’t been an issue as the strategy following medical advice has been to: Focus on social distancing, Keep pupils in isolated groups, emphasise hygiene” They also recommend ‘protective bubbles’ of cohorts of kids’; ‘Hand hygiene’; ‘Staggered starts and breaks’; ‘One-way systems’ Masking is done in communal settings in upper grades. https://elliswhittam.com/blog/school-safety-lessons-learned-from-europe/

  5. David Osler

    As far as a mask things just remember the government has done absolutely nothing and I don’t mean just ours I mean every single Western government African and South American has done nothing to ensure a supply of a n95 masks or to research better mask techniques they have done research and work on ventilators as well as vaccines but absolutely nothing on the breathing masks one of the reasons why I don’t think we need to wear them you’re probably going to get sick if you get exposed either way might as well get it over with and at least they have ventilators now

  6. Khouri

    I feel articles like this merely stir up controversy or ignite fears without conveying any real meaningful insights. That said, informed readers with common sense can read between the lines and determine the best path to follow.

  7. Khouri

    Also,,, I enjoy this forum for many of the local and interesting articles very much… it seems lately or sporadically to be heavily political at times. I hope it maintains the positive balance!

  8. JB

    @Bryan….regarding the ineffectiveness of masks….not a scientist but I am a teacher and the incidence of flu, stomach bug and strep was virtually non-existent this year so the masks are stopping some stuff.

  9. CT-Patriot

    Maybe listen to the JAMA Pediatrics report on hypercapnia effects with children wearing masks.

    As for vaccines, studies show risks from the new Mnra style.

    74% of Cape Cod Covid-19 cases were fully vaccinated.

    Study Cited by CDC to Push New Mask Guidance was Rejected by Peer Review and Based on Vaccine Not Used in US

    Let’s stop the hysterical….work on therapeutic measures as Covid will be with us a LONG time like the flu or common cold.

  10. Jalna Jaeger

    The CDC Is recommending N95 masks, or a surgical mask with a cloth mask over it. Kids can’t get the vaccine, so they need to be careful.

  11. George P.

    @Bryan Meek
    is correct, couldn’t have said it better myself.

    @Sue Haynie
    “All educators should be required to get the vaccine”
    Who will take liability if there are side effects or complications down the road? No one is claiming liability… so I’ll pass on the vaxx, thank you. Mandatory injections, or threatening to take away your job if you don’t get the jab, is totalitarianism.

    As others have stated… the blue basic cloth masks do not protect against COVID-19 it says it right on the box. N95s I am not opposed to wearing.

    In regard to this opinion piece, I think it’s not only beating a dead horse, but an unthoughtful, biased piece that fails at poking holes in any of what anti masker and anti COVID-19 (non-FDA approved) vaxxers believe. Most people will wear a mask, but they want it to be effective at least. Most people are not opposed to ALL vaxx, just this specific vaxx with unknown side effects (it says in the documentation of the vaxx IT IS NOT KNOWN IF IT HAS AN IMPACT ON FERTILITY).

  12. Ct. V

    I’m disappointed the “moderated” NoN comment section includes a bunch of false anti-vaccine garbage.

  13. Piet Marks

    Masks are less expensive that funerals.

  14. Thomas Belmont

    Very juvenile and naïve arguments on both sides. Shame. I would be embarrassed in public confronting their ignorance.

  15. Victor Kruger

    So for the record I am not a rabid anti vaxxer
    I have had covid
    I have had both jabs
    I got very sick after the second jab
    And now some things have come to light that profoundly upset me
    1) I can still catch covid
    2) I can still pass covid to others
    3) I now have to wear a mask AGAIN
    4) they are talking about needing a booster shot
    What did I gain ?….. nothing … I’m still expected to do more to please big daddy government!!
    Now they are trying to push mandates … this is highly unconstitutional and goes against the Nuremberg convention of 1946
    So much for our body our choice ( or does that only apply to women who want to kill their unborn children…..hmmm)
    They want to mandate a vaccine that prominent democrats including Biden and Harris vowed never to take ( on television) that is still unapproved by the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies are exempt from being sued if you get sick or die from the vaccine….. very fishy … if municipalities and government mandates the vaccine they will get sued for forcing us to do it
    It appears that all we have left is the ILLUSION of freedom

  16. Ct. V

    @victor Good questions here. You raise some facts around what difference the vaccine makes. The big thing is that while you can still catch COVID post vaccine 1. Your chance of getting it is not eliminated but it is decreased by 90%+. 2. If you do get COVID your chance of being hospitalized or dying falls by between 95 and 99%. Think of it like the difference in getting into a car crash while standing on the bed of a pickup versus sitting in the front seat with a seat belt. You can get hurt in both situations, but one means you’ll most likely be ok. The other means you have a pretty good chance of serious issues.

    You also ask “why do we have to wear masks now?” Well, it mostly is to provide some level of protection to the unvaccinated (including people like my 4 and 6 year olds) in the case you do get a mild case post vaccination. I know it’s annoying, but if wearing a mask in the grocery store keeps me from passing COVID to someone who is already sick or to a little kid, it’s seems like a worthwhile trade off to me.

  17. Not so Non Partisan

    The courts recently ruled that an employer can mandate employee vax

    If major corporation can ( and are) mandate it to their employees as an employment requirement- so can any school district.

    Teachers- get vexed, or best of luck to you in your next career.

  18. Bryan Meek

    @CT V. Comparing cars and the decades and decades of crash safety data that exists is the same point others are trying to make. You and the “experts” simply do not have any meaningful set of longitudinal data to draw any conclusions. Yet here you are drawing conclusions. Let me guess, you were one of the folks washing down groceries.

  19. Paul Cantor

    “If we send children to school without masks, we increase their risk of acquiring Covid-19…Schools that do not require masks will have more coronavirus transmission…Until all children can get vaccinated, masks remain a well-researched solution for lowering the risk of getting Covid.” Dr. Kanecia Zimmerman, Duke University professor of pediatrics and Danny Benjamin Jr., distinguished professor of pediatrics in the Duke University Clinical Research Institute, “We Studied One Million Students. Universal Masking Works,” August 10, 2021, New York Times.

  20. Michael McGuire

    This is a worthwhile watching ~ 7 minutes long. It comes from a Dr. of Virology speaking at a school board regarding masking and vaccinations. You should watch it before YouTube takes it down.


  21. V. M.

    While I am pro-mask/pro-vax, it is a little upsetting that this article doesn’t provide any facts for/against masks. It’s also upsetting that things have gotten so polarized with “mask vs. no mask” debates that every conversation about it spirals into an argument. As a person who enjoys debate, I wish more people would at least listen to the other person’s point of view without resorting to name-calling or insults. The general idea of bipartisan American politics is to debate and compromise, not argue and ignore.

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