A lighter look: Branjolina, Bennifer … Woccia?

Norwalk Common Council Minority Leader David Watts (D-District A), left, and Republican Mayor Richard Moccia are getting along rather well, it seems.
Norwalk Common Council Minority Leader David Watts (D-District A), left, and Republican Mayor Richard Moccia are getting along rather well, it seems.

By Nancy Chapman and Mark Chapman

NORWALK, Conn. – Bromance is in the air.

Should we call it Moatts? Woccia? Waccia?

How about it, Norwalk? A NancyOnNorwalk poll?

It has been on display lately in the Common Council chambers. The odd couple – Republican Mayor Richard Moccia and Councilman David Watts (D-District A) – seem ready to break into a waltz.

What happened to all the histrionics – the verbal pokes and jabs that Norwalk political observers had become so accustomed to seeing and hearing?

Here we have the first NancyOnNorwalk poll: Has Norwalk’s world turned upside down?

It was just over a year ago when Watts greatly offended Moccia with a rap video about his decision to buy a brand new SUV to replace the city-provided hybrid as the Norwalk Mayormobile. That touched off an escalating series of incidents that included more videos, rallies, letters and a rather fiery YouTube speech strangely devoid of video.

Fast forward: There was a prolonged discussion May 14 about renaming Morgan Place – not an argument, but a civil discussion:

“I understand Mr. Watts concern,” Moccia said as he moved the council to a vote. How very conciliatory!

This week, Moccia took pains to toss Watts bouquets – twice – while expressing his opinion about Washington Village.

“Mr. Watts pointed out something that I hadn’t thought about,” Moccia said. “We’re talking about dollars, we’re talking cents, we’re talking about plans, we forgot about the people. The kids. That’s our obligation to make sure the families.”

No one else said that? Well, yes, OK, they did.

Nick Kydes (R-District C) : “(The project will) allow the people who currently living there to live in housing that is modern and comfortable to live in. The conditions there currently are not.”

Doug Hempstead (R- At Large): “It’s about neighborhoods. It’s about the people in it.”

Warren Peña (D- At Large): “When you take a look at the living quarters, I think most of us would have a problem.”

Moccia also referred to Watts’ speech as he brushed off the hesitations about the Washington Village plan.

“As Mr. Watts said again, there is no plan that is perfect,” he said.

The mayor didn’t refer to anyone else as he bashed the many things that have been said against the plan.

Then there was that thing with the city seal and the hand-holding, grins-all-around photo where the pair were joined by Hempstead. Bipartisanship on the order of Obama-Christie!

Norwalk Common Council 032712 057
Remember this? Those were the days.

And Watts was careful to give Moccia his due regarding the trash collection snafu that drew dozens of angry taxpayer phone calls.

“The mayor was very firm,” Watts said of the way Moccia dealt with the issue.

Watts had happened to be in City Hall on seal business, he said, when the mayor decided to go down and visit the DPW.

So what’s up with the new bromance?

It’s The Hour’s fault, right? They called for civility. It appears the politicians listened. How dull.

Then again, it is election season. Maybe Watts decided to step aside and let the guys daring to take on the mayor in the election have the spotlight. And Norwalk’s mayor is a consummate politician who knows well the value of the appearance of bipartisanship.

Moatts? Woccia? Waccia? We don’t have the poll plug-in plugged in yet, so cast your votes in the comments section!

Just remember, as you answer – be civil, please!


6 responses to “A lighter look: Branjolina, Bennifer … Woccia?”

  1. LWitherspoon

    It’s also notable that Mr. Watts has not used his multiple anonymous accounts posted here recently in support of himself . Who can forget “rickibobbi” and my personal favorite “Bea Jones,” among many others.
    “Ms. Jones” at one point suggested that Mr. Watts was interested in serving on the state legislature. Perhaps he realized that his behavior on Council and on these pages was not the path to getting elected there, or anywhere.

  2. NorwalkVoter

    This has been going on for a while. … Who knows what will follow this next week. No predicting. The Mayor should watch out.
    This comment has been edited to conform with our comments policy.

  3. SB

    Watts is such an embarassment. Dear David-please do NOT run again!

  4. Kathleen Watts

    My husband is a hard working dedicated public servant. I know that David stood by Nancy when others wanted nothing to do with her. He also led the fight against privatization and carries the message of the working poor. My husband has gone 12 rounds with Mr. Moccia and you folks know that. What is wrong with a little civility? Municipal government has to function and trashing a volunteer is not the way to do it. If you can do a better job file the papers and run for office.

    Sorry SB, I disagree with you 100 percent.

    Go Dave!

  5. 0ldtimer

    Watts is a strong advocate for causes important to him and the folks that elected him. Moccia frequently opposes Watts’ position. Both are smart enough to know that all that arguing turns people off when it looks personal. The seal for the council chamber was not an issue to disagree on, so both took advantage of the chance to look good. Watts will be around long after we are rid of moccia and could develop into a real force in state politics.

  6. rburnett

    Notice how the story indicates Moccia ignored positive comments from people in his own party to tout the comment made by Watts. Something smells fishy alright.

    Politics!! No wonder the only people with a lower credibility rating than reporters are politicians. You can have them.

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