A new Norwalk resolution in support of Freedom of the Press

Nancy's recorder 010
Watch out! That little red light at the top means it’s on. The red dot on the record button is just paint, it’s no help.

By Diane C2

NORWALK, Conn. — Resolution “sponsored by Diane C2”:

WHEREAS Ms. Chapman’s recorder was in plain sight in the usual spot on the ledge at the press table; and

WHEREAS members of the press use tape recorders throughout the meeting; and

WHEREAS the tape recorders may pick up conversations of audience members; and

WHEREAS the press routinely leave their recorders on even when they temporarily leave the room; and

WHEREAS the only time they remove the recorder is if the meeting goes into executive session or adjourns; and

WHEREAS the meeting was in recess only, and not executive session; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED that Mayor Richard A. Moccia accidentally recorded his own conversation………


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  1. BARIN

    I’m still stunned from the nonsense/madness at the council meeting that one week in January, assigned seating (except for Ms. Chapman of course), video recording; no wonder Mr. Bondi got tired, the circus went on too long.

  2. Diane C2

    @BARIN: Council meetings broadcast on Channel 79 these days are like a bunch of TV networks rolled into one: Comedy Central, Lifetime, Court TV, SOAP, Fox & CNN News, Cartoon Network, SciFi, and VH1……feel free to add more!

  3. BARIN

    Put a tent over it and charge admission, the city can use the revenue!Thanks for the laugh Diane.


    Come to think, any reporter in the room could easily have observed, and reported, that the mayor and the two union leaders had a conversation during the recess. As long as there were no direct quotes, there would be no problem. The real story was the three of them talking to each other, not what was said. If Nancy had written such a story, with no quotes, and had not emailed the mayor and told him she had the recording, there would not have been an issue. For some unexplained reason, the recording of that meeting is missing from the online archive of council meetings. Wonder what it captured.

  5. BARIN

    UH OH, there goes the transparency again, out the window.

  6. Diane C2

    Nancy! I just noticed the pic and caption accompanying my “resoution” – ROFLMAO!!!!

    “We’re here all week folks – tip your waitresses…”

  7. BARIN

    Great sense of humor Ms. Chapman, way to go!

  8. Joe Espo

    This would be a hoot if it weren’t so sad – for the credibility of this blog, that is. As for DC2 – credibility is a lost cause which is why this won’t see the light of day. All this wasted energy could be better used to solve problems that affect children and the most vulnerable instead of serving personal political and vengeful agendas

  9. Diane C2

    @Joe Espo – just wondering: do you have any sense of humor? Any at all? And please explain what political and vengeful agenda you think I may have.

    And know this: the five minutes it took me to write that clever tongue-in-cheek poke at the issue is far less than the hours I spend weekly with the hungry, the lonely, the drifters and the confused (and that’s just the Common Council – ba-dum ching!)

    Actually, Mr. Espo, not that it is your business to know, but I spend plenty of time serving the vulnerable and needy (young and old). Could I spend more time? Yes. Always….
    To paraphrase the Talmud “we are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are we free to abandon it”

  10. Joe Espo

    The wonders of Wikipedia. Whoda thunk a nice Italian lady like you would be a Talmudic scholar. For the sake of transparency and full-disclosure, what you’re “paraphrasing” is prefaced my this: “Do justly, now. Love mercy, now. Walk humbly, now.” Emphasis on the last. I have never had the privilege of debating with someone who co-opts the Talmud into a manifesto of revolution.

  11. Diane C2

    I have no manifesto of revolution, I wonder why you might think I am Italian and what on earth that has to do with anything, but more importantly, read the beginning of the passage, which I think is:
    “Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief. Do justly…..”

    Some are willing to simply sit back, overwhelmed, and utlimately do nothing.

    For the record, most humbly and with great embarrassment, I am scholar of absolutely nothing, and for that am solely to blame, and not all the good and patient teachers who did their best to scholar me…

  12. Tim T

    Joe Espo
    Please tell me that you have been drinking?

  13. Diane C2

    Tim T, that is insult to drinkers everywhere…..ROFL

  14. Joe Espo

    Perhaps I’m wrong about your identity. I did notice that you sound much more coherent than some other person who identified as “Diane” and who’s mentally defective rants were legion on yourct.com when that blog was relevant.

  15. Diane C2

    That’s me! I’m famous! OMG I have followers since way back in ancient yourct time! They like me, they really really like me!
    Hey, wait a darned minute there. What exactly do you mean by “mentally defective rants”? I ranted some of my best material over there, and if you recall, I always announced that a “rant” was forthcoming, warning friend and foe alike.
    Joe, why don’t you be a good boy and play nice here. If you’d like to discuss the issues at hand, I’m all ears. If you just want to criticize little old Italian ladies, maybe find another spot. I was here first…..capisce?

  16. BARIN

    I’m all ears for the issues too Diane. You have a great sense of humor, it keeps the conversation lightand fluffy.
    Wait a minute, maybe Diane is really Nancy. I’m gonna need some proof, has anyone seen them in the same room/post at the same time?

  17. Diane C2

    BARIN: ROFL – hey, thanks for compliment. Wish I was half as funny or smart as Nancy, so alas we are not same person. But remember, as my Dad likes to say “we are all sisters”. Well, he doesn’t say “we” when he says it….he says “they”..at least I think he does….oh my.

  18. BARIN

    Diane your welcome, thanks for clearing that up. You can certainly hold your own.

  19. Anna Duleep

    @Barin: Yes, I’ve seen both ladies in the same room at the same time!

    Councilwoman Anna Duleep

  20. BARIN

    Thank you Anna. Wait, is this really Anna?

  21. AGREED: Everyone discussing “Freedom of the Press” has a fabulous sense of humor.
    QUERIED: Nancy has a fabulous site already. Must we make it “better” by contributing to the silly season that already is rampant in the letters column of another “local publication” regarding such subjects as the castration of the American conservative by capping his firfearms emissions, the takeover of the world by tyrannical Obama, the terrorist liberal agenda, etc., ad nauseum??? Nancy’s new voice is a cry in the wilderness for first rate, unbiased journalism.
    RESOLVED: Let’s get serious. Clever and cute are not good substitutes for good reporting and thoughtful opinion.

  22. Diane C2

    @Rod – a little levity is required from time to time, as the “serious” issues are many and often complex- almost overwhelming. Rather than succumb to a defeatist attitude, I take a humor break. Laughter is the best medicine – that’s a good thing, because some of the Norwalk headlines these days can give a nice Italian lady like me agita….

  23. BARIN

    I’m confused, are you saying there has been no thoughtful opinions stated in posts here? I respectfully disagree, not only thoughtful opinions are heard, but the answers to many questions regarding transparency have been answered.
    Did I miss something, the serious issues are discussed, just with a little humor, lighten up a little.
    I do agree that the unbiased reporting is great for transparency in Norwalk politics, an informed voter is important for all of us.
    This forum Nancy has given us is working just fine from my seat at the table.

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