A Non-Norwalk photo #1

OMG, 7 inches of snow.

I’m out of practice with snow! I was at my Mother’s house last week when a freak storm came through and when I had to move my car I went out there a bit underprepared.

Nice of Mother Nature to send that latest little jolt because the contrast from last week to this week will be all that more freaky: as you read this, I should be on m way to Hawaii. I should have already been there! But there was a glitch with the airplane and we got shifted to a departure just past midnight.


I was scheduled to visit a friend in Maui in March 2020 and was literally days away from getting there when the pandemic shut everything down. Bitter disappointment! So I’ve had a credit for an airplane trip and I had to use it by May 31. This is the week! I’m on her “introduction to Maui tour.”



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