A Norwalk photo #100

Artists’ Market, Thursday on Main Street. Merchandise, except for the Escher prints, are on sale at half price.

NORWALK, Conn. — Artists’ Market, located at 163 Main St., is closing after 50 years in Norwalk. Owner Jeffrey Price says its last day will be May 22.

“I love what I do and we are proud of what we’ve accomplished, but I want to be able to transition to whatever comes next while my gallery is still successful and Esta and I are healthy enough to climb a few mountains and do some exploring,” Price said in an email to his customers. “For 50 years we have served this community, and we’ve been rewarded with so many friendships for which we will be forever grateful. Thank you!”


2 responses to “A Norwalk photo #100”

  1. Barbara Meyer-Mitchell

    Oh dear!!!

  2. Shari Brennan

    We will miss the Artist Market.
    Have been going there since they were on Rte. 7 many years ago.
    Jeff has had many wonderful lectures on Escher. Always helpful with framing and choosing prints etc. For our home.
    Bought our first Bragg there.
    Best to you and your wife. Enjoy your next adventures.

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