A Norwalk photo #107

(Paul Cantor)

NORWALK, Conn. — Paul Cantor took this photo of a COVID-19 vaccination station Sunday at Calf Pasture Beach. “Only about seven people showed up for vaccinations today,” he wrote. “But they are available along with the sun, and the Sound, clams and oysters.”


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  1. George P

    Available to give you negative side effects and unknown effects on your fertility more like…

  2. Paul Cantor

    In response to George P’s comment that the Covid-19 vaccine has “unknown effects on fertility” it should be pointed out:
    1. Death has a well-known effect on your fertility.
    2. Contracting Covid-19 dramatically increases your chance of dying.
    3. Contracting Covid-19 dramatically increases the likelihood you will become a spreader and hence increase the the chances others will die.
    4. Getting vaccinated dramatically decreases the chances you will contract Covid-19.
    Consequently, the overwhelming point of view of scientists and health officials is that with few exceptions everyone should get vaccinated.


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