A Norwalk photo #109

The pond next to Rowayton Elementary School.

NORWALK, Conn. — The duckweed in the pond next to Rowayton Elementary School has grown exponentially since the Norwalk Department of Public works repaired the dam as required by the State, according to the Sixth Taxing District.

The dam work was completed in 2019.

“While the Pond is owned by the City of Norwalk, and not the Sixth Taxing District, the City does not currently have any funds budgeted for any work there,” the Sixth Taxing District said in an email blast. “… We looked at a range of options (including introducing carp) and an aerator was deemed the best solution (other than dredging which is a very costly undertaking).”

6TD sought funds and got bids but “this was a bigger endeavor than realized as we need to bring electricity to the site (solar power would not generate enough energy to run the aerator),” the news blast said. “It has taken months to get the electrical connection and now the aerator will not be delivered until August because of delays in the supply chain. The duck weed will be skimmed off at the time of installation so the aerator can function and to prevent future growth. We may have to do additional surface skimming once the aerator is operating to keep it clean only this year. Next season we should not have any duck weed since the aerator will be working from early next spring.”


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  1. DryAsABone

    Just use chemicals. They are harmless and will clear it up without breaking the bank. Also, they have long track record of being safe.

  2. Gail Candlin

    Many ponds in Norwalk are mess, but baseball parks seem to be the priority. Woods pond and Fourteen acre are now covered in weed and green, have been for several years.

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