A Norwalk photo #110

Thursday, off East Avenue.

NORWALK, Conn. — A view of the Norwalk River, from the Harbor Loop Trail near Daskams Lane. Google calls this part of the river Ferry Point Reach; the esplanade becomes a dirt path in this area.


4 responses to “A Norwalk photo #110”

  1. John Levin

    Daskams Lane? huh.

    Query: what is the SHORTEST named street in Norwalk?

  2. Norwalk High Neighbor

    Lois, I think.

  3. Jeff

    Do Avenues A-E count? Or Day, Ely, Ivy, May, Oak, Rae, Tod, Yew are my other guesses. Don’t think they’re any 2 letter names?!

  4. longtimedem

    Mechanic Street. A 1/3 block entry to a parking lot. If you search the Tax Assessor’s database of Norwalk properties, there are zero properties with a Mechanic Street address. And yet, it exists.


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