A Norwalk photo #113

(Fernando Ulloa Jr.)

NORWALK, Conn. — Fernando Ulloa Jr. said he took this photo Monday at Calf Pasture Beach. The water was calm and, “The only ‘waves’ or ripples were created by a swimmer emerging from the water.”


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  1. EaNo Neighbor

    What a gorgeous photo! It would be great if we could use it for Norwalk tourism or on our city website. I love the tip of the pier on the left frame that gives you a point of reference. This beautiful photo captures that feeling you get every time you’re walking at Calf Pasture when it’s quiet, and you’re looking out at our beautiful coastline and islands. You could be anywhere in the world, at any high-priced resort, but you’re right here in our little city.

  2. Fernando Ulloa, Jr.

    Dear EaNo Neighbor:

    Those are great ideas you’ve mentioned! Your description would be perfect on a website promoting Norwalk tourism.

    Thank you,
    Fernando Ulloa, Jr.

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